Getting Into College Without Matric

Access higher education regardless of your current qualifications when you enrol into our skills based courses. Get the life you deserve and study further without matric.

More and more attending college is an important part to living the life you want. But, higher education can often be exclusive. This leaves a lot of people anxious about what the next step is. Getting Into College Without Matric does not have to be as difficult as you think it is. No matter your current qualifications, you can access education that works for you. 

Tips for Getting Into College

Applying for college is a scary process. It’s one of the first independent choices you’ll have to make after high school. To make things a little easier, apply the following tips. You’ll get an idea of which college will work for your specific goals. 


Research is so important. Luckily, researching a college has become much easier thanks to the internet. Some things you need to identify are:

This checklist will help you determine if a specific college works for you and your needs. 

Start Early

Don’t wait till the last minute before you apply for college. Start researching and sending applications early. If you do get a negative response, you’ll still have more than enough time to think of a plan B.  

Know Yourself

 If your dreams are to open a beauty salon it makes no sense for you to spend four years in a university working towards a degree. Knowing yourself and your goals is vital to making the choice on where you want to study. Make these choices based on your plan for the future and stick to it. 

Get Support From Friends and Family 

Your family and friends will always have your best interest at heart. Reach out to them and ask them if they know of any institutions that will work for you. Seeking advice will only make you more prepared for the journey ahead. 

Get Organised

Once you’ve gotten a sense of where you’d like to apply, get organised. Start making clear goals on the type of marks you need to get in order to qualify for admission and work towards it.  Keep track of the colleges you’ve applied to and any important deadlines. 

A student reading a book. Getting Into College Without Matric is no hassle when you enrol for our skills based courses.

Why Attending College is Important 

With all these things to keep in mind and work towards, you may be asking yourself if getting into college without matric is even worth it. But, higher education really allows you to view the world in a whole new light. 

Get Work Focused Training : In school your education is usually more focused on academics. In college, this is not the case. You get prepared for the working world and how to handle curveballs that will be thrown your way. 

Gain new Experiences: Your experiences in high school are very limited. You’re interacting with the same group of people everyday and this does not allow for much growth. Attending college opens your eyes to an array of people and experiences. 

Contribute to Culture of Learning: Unfortunately, the culture of learning in South Africa is not where it ought to be yet. Why not contribute to a more positive attitude towards education? You might even realise you have a knack for it. 

Improve Your CV: Finding work without a matric is very difficult. Most employers are looking for skilled workers. Get official training and make your CV stand out. 

Gain Important Life Skills: College requires you to manage your time, organise your goals and learn how to work smart. These are all life skills that will contribute to your success. 

I Don’t Have Matric – What are my Study Options? 

Despite what you’ve heard, it is completely possible to further your studies without matric. You just need to look at the option that best suits you. 

Distance Learning/Home Study Colleges

Distance learning has become a popular method of study. With this study method, all your learning takes place at home. Unlike traditional colleges the entry requirements are less strict, giving people from all walks of life the chance to study. At Skills Academy, we’ve mastered the distance learning experience and addressed all potential challenges that may occur. Here’s how we help you succeed:

Adult Matric 

This option is for those who really wish to obtain their matric certificate. It’s not too late. Simply enrol for our adult matric option. To enrol you must be 21 years and older and have your grade 9 qualification. We then provide you with study resources, tutors and assist you with registration for the end of year exams. 

A young man smiling with papers in his hands. Getting into college without matric is easy with our skills based courses.

Can I Attend an FET College Without Matric?

FET colleges, also known as TVET colleges, allow you to study without matric. You’ll learn valuable workplace skills and will be required to do practical training as well. If you opt for this you could work towards getting your NQF Level 4 equivalent. 

What is Equivalent to Matric?

We’re sure you’ve heard of this time many times. This simply means that the course is on the same educational level as matric.  Matric is a NQF 4 level, so these courses are also on that same level. Unlike matric, these courses are focused on honing your technical skills.  

Courses to Study Without Matric 

You may think your course options are limited because you don’t have your matric, but this is not the case. We offer a diverse range of courses you can study. They are:

All of these courses are highly credible and of a great standard. The best part is you need no prior qualifications to enrol. 

Open Entry Applications

We know life gets busy sometimes and that deadlines are hard to keep. This is why we have an open access policy. You can enrol into our courses at any time during the year. Our registration process is easy and no credit checks are done beforehand – ensuring that nothing stands in the way of you completing your studies. So what are you waiting for? There really is no better time than now. Getting Into College Without Matric has never been easier

Start Your Next Adventure With a College That Cares.

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Last Updated: 13 June 2022