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Stick to the plan and follow success. Our project management courses are the yellow brick road to your golden future.

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Short Course Certificate in Project Management

The Skills Academy Short Course Certificate in Project Management will give you all the basic skills and knowledge you need to become an effective Project Manager.

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Project Management Certificate Course

This certificate in Project Management is a more in-depth course than the short course. This certificate teaches you the basics and more advance skills and knowledge.

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Project Management Comprehensive Course

The Comprehensive Certificate in Project Management is our most in-depth Project Management course. This course gives you basic, intermediate and advanced skills.

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Ready to take on the project of your success? For people who like to take charge and lead with passion project management courses are an obvious choice. To succeed at anything you must plan, implement and see a project through correctly. All businesses rely on project management. So not only will you be doing what you love, but you will be entering a career path full of possibilities! 

Why you Should Study a Project Management Course

Do you think you’re a natural leader and always took charge of group assignments in school? Then enrolling for a project management course might fit all your needs. Obtaining a project management course will:

  • Give you an understanding of the business management aspect involved in projects.
  • You will gain managerial and leadership skills which will enable you to work in any type of sector.
  • Gain specialised project management skills that will help you manage projects successfully. 
  • Your skills will be useful everywhere in the world – giving you access to international opportunities. 

Our Project Management Courses

Want to know which courses are available to you? Here, at Skills Academy, our Project Management Courses are incredibly popular. This speaks volumes to the quality and credibility of our programs. We offer the following courses in Project Management: 

a team leader using the skills learnt in project management courses to plan a project.

Entry Requirements

Our project management courses are all provider programs. Provider programs are courses that are designed by the college itself. We value education and are striving to open the doors of learning to all. With our provider programs there are NO specific entry requirements. You can enrol regardless of your age or current qualification. There are no catches with us – anyone can study. 


The duration of your course will depend on what you enrol for. With our Project Management Short Course you will learn the basics in only four months! The more comprehensive the course gets the longer it will take. All our Project Management Courses can be completed within a year; even less if you work hard and pace yourself. Here, at Skills Academy, we encourage students to study at their own pace. So while your course might have a set duration, you can finish it as fast or slow as you like. 

Where can I Study Project Management Courses in South Africa?

Choosing where to study is just as important as choosing what to study. It is important that you choose the right institution that takes care of their students. These are some of your options: 

Location Bound Colleges

These are traditional colleges. All your learning will take place on campus and you will be expected to attend classes. With on-site colleges you will get the full college experience, but there are also setbacks.

  • Not much variety in courses 
  • Fees are often higher
  • Fixed Schedule

Distance Learning Colleges

Distance learning is similar to online but there are some key differences. With distance learning you never have to attend class – ever! Because of this your schedule will be more relaxed, giving you time to focus on other things, like work or hobbies. Here at Skills Academy we have almost perfected the distance learning experience and with us:

  • You get online support where you can engage with other students and tutors.
  • Study Material couriered to you.
  • No hidden costs- only pay for your course fees
  • A wide variety of courses. 

The Importance of Project Management 

Project Management seems easy until you try it. But project management focuses on everything from hiring staff to organising events are all a part of the job description. In order to do your job you must be creative, make difficult decisions and stay cool under pressure.

Saves Cost

Every project will incur some amount of costs. These costs are agreed upon in project scope and the project manager monitors it throughout the project. 

Encourages Teamwork 

A project cannot be carried out without a team. Project management uses strategies to ensure that  team members feel valued and respected. By using tasks and activities creatively everyone can be involved in the project. This leads to a culture of collaboration and creative problem solving. 

Manages Change

The environment of project management is all about change and people may be resistant to this. By using the skills taught in project management courses you will be able to manage change effectively.

Maximises Resources 

Resources are expensive. By using project management skills like project tracking and risk management, businesses will be able to manage resources effectively and economically. 

Establishes a Schedule and a Plan

Projects need to be completed within a set timeframe. This helps save costs. It is the project managers responsibility to set strategies in place to ensure that projects are handled within the set time. 

Manages Quality 

Most times projects are completed in-house for an organisation or for an external client. Your project results need to meet and if possible, go beyond certain quality standards.

Learning From Failure 

Not all projects are a success. Project Management ensures that certain lessons are learned from both the success and failure of projects. 

Project Management Certification

Certification in project management is a professional credential that can be obtained by a working project manager. It is important to note that this is not the same as completing a certificate or diploma at a college. To qualify for this you need to be working already. The types of certifications available to you are: 

  • Association for Project Management
  • CompTIA
  • International Project Management Association
  • Microsoft
  • Global Association for Quality Management

While certification can help a great deal with job security, it is important to note that you can still find work if you enrol and complete official training.

Skills Needed to Study Project Management 

For any job there needs to be a certain level of natural talent. To do project management you must like planning, organising and have great leadership skills. However, with the right training these skills can be taught.  

  • Great communication skills
  • Leadership
  • Strategic thinking 
  • Good at problem solving 
  • Time management 
  • Conflict management 
  • Being able to adapt well 
  • Flexibility

Other than qualifications employers also look for work experience. For many young people this seems like an impossible ask. How are you supposed to gain work experience and study? It’s easy – do both with Skills Academy. Our schedule is so flexible you will be able to work and study with ease. 

Execute the Perfect Project – Your Success 

It’s time to focus on a personal project – your success. Become the manager of your studies. Plan, organize and execute this project successfully with us right  by your side. Contact us today. 

Last Updated: August 24, 2020

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