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Please Note: If you have any problems regarding your personal account with us and would like to talk to our accounts team, then simply click on the button below and proceed with the instructions that follow.

Student Finance is a support department and is responsible for delivering accurate student account statements. Student Finance strives to give excellent service to all students, parents, sponsors, donors and external clients.

Payments of student accounts can be made at any FNB Branch. Online payments (e-payments) can also be made by debit and credit card. Electronic payments via your internet banking can be made directly into the Skills Academy bank account, by using your student number in the reference column.


Students must use the following bank account with the student number in the reference column:

Bank: First National Bank (FNB)

Branch Code: 25-06-55

Account Type: Business Cheque

Account Number: 62596478589

Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ


  1.  Cash upfront – We give up to 15% off if you pay your course upfront. Read more
  2.  Monthly Payment – Customized to suit your financial needs. Read more



Skills Academy has four options to pay your fees.

  1. Debit Order – Fill in the documents once, and you don’t have to worry about remembering to pay every month
  2. Bank direct deposits – Efficient
  3. Easy Pay – Pay at any of the big stores
  4. E-payments – Easy and payments at your fingertips

Pay Cash upfront

This is an option for students to pay the total course fee when they register. If you pay your total course fee in advance upon registration, you will get a 15% discount on the total course fee.

If you paid cash upfront and you run out of time to study, you will receive 3 months free extension to complete your studies.


Monthly Payment

The Monthly Payment Plan allows students to pay your fees in monthly installments. Skills Academy monthly payments are customized to suit students’ financial needs. Students must pay their monthly installments by the due date each month and pay all past due charges prior to the start of each month in order to continue receiving service from the Skills Academy.

For more information please contact our friendly consultants on 0800 39 00 27.


Skills Academy have four options, available to anyone anywhere in the world to pay your fees.

  1.   Debit Order – no worries about forgetting to make your monthly payment
  2.   Bank direct deposits – Efficient
  3.   Easy Pay – easy and available at all major shops
  4.   Transfer-payments – Easy and payments at your fingertips


Debit Order

Skills Academy has a debit order option available to our students and prospects. You can make recurring payments that are automatically deducted from your account which reduces admin, and stress.

Skills Academy offers a 5% discount on monthly installments when a student chooses to pay by debit order.

To register for debit orders, you simply need to sign an authorization form.

Download an authorization form here, and forward all signed forms to

Alternatively Call us Toll-Free on 0800 39 00 27 to find out how to set up you debit order today.


Bank Direct deposits

If our students wish to make bank deposits, they can visit any FNB branch or ATM and make a deposit into Skills Academy account. Banking details are as follows;

Bank: First National Bank (FNB)

Branch Code: 25-06-55

Account Type: Business Cheque

Account Number: 62596478589

Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

Please use your Student Number as a reference.


Easy Pay

Easy pay is a free service that facilitate payment of accounts through major retailers like Shoprite, Pick n Pay, Spar, Checkers and many others.

We have good news for you – Skills Academy has registered with EasyPay – a national payment service – so that you can pay your Skills Academy account conveniently, easily and safely! Read more here.

To be able to pay your fees through these retailers you need an Easy Pay number which is provided by Skills Academy.


Your easy pay number is also on your account statement. To request a statement click here.

You can pay from any one of the following pay-points:

  • Pick ‘n Pay Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Family Stores and selected Mini Markets nationwide
  • Shoprite, Checkers and Checkers Hyper stores nationwide
  • Lewis Stores
  • Lifestyle Living
  • Best Electric
  • Foodworld stores in the Western Cape
  • Saveworld stores in the Western Cape
  • Elite Cash ‘n Carry in the Western Cape
  • Selected Score stores
  • Selected Boxer Superstores
  • Selected Spar outlets
  • Best Electric stores
  • Lifestyle Living outlets
  • 24-hour M-KEM in Durban Road, Bellville

Ask to use easy pay and user your easy pay number to pay your fees.

Remember to use your student number as the payment reference

To request help click here.


Electronic Transfer-payments

EFT is one of the most convenient way of making payments anytime and anywhere in the world. It’s basically payments at your fingertips. Press a button and your fees are paid.

Call us Toll-Free on 0800 39 00 27 to find out how to set up your transfer.

Student Finance

Need Help with your student Account?

Please select one of the options below;

  1.   Help explain my account,
  2.   Request your account statement,
  3.   Need to know your next payment due,
  4.   Make a new payment arrangement,
  5.   Request Account agent to call you
  6.  Problem with anything related to your Student Account:

Alternatively, you can contact us on 021 100 0031.


Whatsapp our Finance Team

if you have an query, simply message any of our Student finance members and they will help you out.

Student Accounts:

(Rochelle) 0814831979

Other Finance services

  1. Extensions
  2. Reactivations


If students run out of time to study and need more study time, they can easily apply for a course extension and get more study time.  No penalties and no re-registration fee.

Keep paying your normal monthly fees and complete your studies.



If you run out of time, Skills Academy will extend your course study time. No hassle just keep, you keep paying your monthly fees for the extra time your will continue studying with us.



If you stopped  studying, due to any reason  and you need to resume your studies, you can easily apply for a course reactivation and get back to your studies.

Last Updated: February 20, 2019

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