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Find out how our study fees are broken down and how you can benefit from them. At Skills Academy we put you first and that’s why there are several payment methods perfect for you.

Study Fees are a big factor when deciding on the institution of your dreams. That’s why it’s important to know exactly how these fees are broken down. Along with the study fees look into what courses we offer you via distance learning. Find out what financial and educational benefits you have waiting for you. 

Skills Academy Payment Plans 

Our students are given an option of one of three payment plans. Each payment plan caters to the individual financial needs of our students. This allows you to feel less stressed and focus on your studies. 


If you are in the position to pay your tuition in cash, you can. In fact, you could pay off your entire course in one payment. This can be arranged by simply talking to our course experts. 

Monthly Installments 

Monthly installments means that you would make a direct monthly payment to the college. You would have to keep track of your account and dates of payments. This method requires you to be focused and responsible. 

Debit Order

Debit orders are a commonly used method of payment. It means that your bank account will be directly debited by us. Now keep in mind we operate with the highest level of privacy, in fact you set up the debit order so we won’t have access to your bank account. It’s time effective and safe. 

A young student with curly hair sitting at her desk with her laptop and textbook, she's smiling happily because she doesn't have to worry about her Study Fees

What You get for Your Tuition 

Knowing what you get for your study fees is the benefits of studying with us. There are no hidden fees or costs. We value our students and our services that’s why we go the extra mile to provide you with an excellent education. You get exactly what you pay for, from registration till graduation. 

Online Study Groups 

When registering with us you are placed into an online study group. Your group will consist of students who are studying the same course as you. These study groups will also have expert course tutors in them to help you along the way. 

Dedicated Lecturers 

Our lectures are just an email away. Great thing is, you will almost always get a response immediately. This is because your education is our number one priority. We will do whatever we can to help you. 

Study Materials Delivered 

Studying with us means no running around from bookshop to bookshop. Your study materials are delivered directly to you. This is done for your convenience and at no extra cost. 

Course Variety 

With us you have a wide range of distance learning courses to choose from. Great courses that will take you in almost any career. You can even choose between accredited and non-accredited courses. We even have short courses that give you a kick start to your career. 

Types of courses you can look forward to enjoying: 

Only Pay When you Study 

Only pay when you study and you save big. We are the only institution that has this system in place. So basically if you decide you need a break after four months of studying, you can take one. Once on your break you won’t have to worry about making payments. 

30 day Money Back Guarantee 

When you register with us, we give you a 30 day trial. It’s an opportunity for you to see if our method of learning suits you. If you aren’t satisfied with our services you will get your registration fee back. 

A young woman smiling happily on her graduation day because she doesn’t have to worry about her Study Fees.

How Much is it to Study in South Africa? 

The higher educational system has come a long way in South Africa. The cost of studying depends on a variety of factors. These factors range between a range of things. All institutions have different study fees and methods of learning. Have a look at a few of the things that contribute to your study fees.

Factors that contribute to Study Fees: 

  • Institution of choice 
  • Housing 
  • Transportation 
  • Study Materials 
  • Cost of living

Types Institutions 

There are many learning institutions to choose from. All within our beautiful country. Each institution has their own study fees and reasons for them. It is important to be highly informed on the extra costs you will experience with each institution. 

  • Distance Learning – No transportation costs, study materials are delivered 
  • Online Learning – No transportation costs 
  • FET and TVET Colleges –  Transportation costs, housing and textbook costs 

Can I Study for Free?

Studying for free can be complicated. Finding an accredited institution that offers legitimate free courses can be difficult and time consuming. Instead you can look into financial aid. There are bursaries, study loans and grants that you can apply for. 

Enrol in a College That Puts you First 

Interested to know how you can benefit as a student with us? Contact us today and speak to one of our course experts. Explore our benefits and courses right now. 

  • Contact us today on 0800 39 00 27 –  it’s free! 
  • Fill out our contact form for a call back.
Last Updated: November 2, 2020


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