Accredited Courses

Accredited courses have received authorisation from an official or professional body like the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Find out more below!

Business Management Courses

N6 Business Management Course

The N6 Business Management Course is the last course on your way to that 100% accredited Diploma in Business Management. Sign up today and start your career.

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N5 Business Management Course

The N5 Business Management course continues to explore the topics you have already covered. It also adds the basics of Public Relations and Sales Management.

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N4 Business Management Course

The N4 Business Management course gives you the basics of Business Management. This course includes a wide range of subjects with a wide range of skills.

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Educare Courses

N6 Educare Course

With this N6 Educare Course you will help to shape the minds, attitudes, thoughts and behaviours of the future leaders of our world.

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N5 Educare Course

This N5 Educare Course will help you to understand the thoughts and emotions of young children and how to communicate with them and their parents.

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N4 Educare Course

If you have a passion for the development of children and helping them grow then this N4 Educare Course best course for you.

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Financial Management Courses

N6 Financial Management Course

Once you have completed this Financial Management N6 and your 18 months of practical experience you will become incredibly employable. You will have many opportunities to find a job.

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N5 Financial Management

Companies want the best person for the job of managing their money. This Financial Management Course will help you with everything you have learned and help you become the best choice for a company.

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N4 Financial Management Course

Every company out there needs someone who can manage their money very well. This means that their is a great chance of finding work in this specific field.

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Human Resources Management Courses

N6 Human Resource Management Course

The N6 Human Resource Management Course is the final course in the Human Resource Management Programme. Once you complete this course you will receive your National Diploma.

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N5 Human Resource Management Course

The N5 Human Resource Management Courses will help teach you to coach, manage and bring out the best in the people around you who work at your company.

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N4 Human Resource Management Course

This course will teach you all of the basics of Human Resources. It will give you a wide range of skills from Entrepreneurship to Management Communication.

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Legal Secretary Courses

N6 Legal Secretary Course

The N6 Legal Secretary Course teaches you everything you need to know. By doing it you will be ready for an exciting world of working in a law firm.

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N5 Legal Secretary Course

The N5 Legal Secretary course explores everything you have learned in the N4 Legal Secretary in much greater detail and adds on a new subject: ‘Legal Practice’.

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N4 Legal Secretary Course

You will get the training you need to be the face of a law office. You’ll learn about subjects like Mercantile Law and Communication. This course will serve as your foundation.

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Management Assistant Courses

N6 Management Assistant Course

The National Certificate N6 Management Assistant is the last step before get your National Diploma. This course goes even deeper into each of your subjects.

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N5 Management Assistant Course

The N5 Management Assistant is the second certificate course on your path to getting your National Diploma. This course doesn’t add any new subjects.

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N4 Management Assistant Course

This course will teach you the basic skills you need to be successful as a Management Assistant. This course is the first stage to a fully accredited Management Assistant Diploma.

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Marketing Management Courses

N6 Marketing Management Course

National Diploma in Marketing Management. Once you finish this certificate you will need to do your 18 months of practical work and then the diploma will be yours.

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N5 Marketing Management Course

The N5 Marketing Management is the second step to getting your National Diploma in Marketing Management. In this certificate course, you will not only learn the basics.

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N4 Marketing Management Course

Start your Marketing Career with out N4 Markereting Management Course and be well on your way to a Diploma in Marketing Management. Start today!

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Accredited Courses

Have you gone on a college website and saw “Accredited Courses”? Did it leave you confused? It’s simple. If you want a recognised education then Accredited Courses are the way to go. They come with more opportunities. On top of that, they’re more affordable than degrees. Who wouldn’t want a good education in a short period?

What are Accredited Courses?

Accredited Courses are recognised courses. This means that they meet the set standards. The bodies that set these are usually the government. Or a group of professionals with a lot of knowledge of the subjects. That way, you can be sure you’re getting trusted education. Some of them are:

A yellow and purple banner in a shape of a pencil written "Love to Learn" pasted on a white retention wall. This signifies the importance of studying Accredited Courses for all your learning.

Why Choose to Study Accredited Courses?

Studying Accredited Courses is important. We can’t stress that enough. They’re also convenient. Sometimes you don’t have the time to go to universities. But, you want to have a good, quality education that will put your name on the map. The logical choice then becomes Accredited Courses.


These courses can give you a chance to be a part of important memberships. Such as the ICBA. You’ll have access to resources, information, and other things that can help in your career. Most of this information is not easy to find. But, the memberships make it easy. That way, you advance quicker in your career.

High Level of Skill and Knowledge

These courses are detailed in training. Other skills-based courses are about basic knowledge for work readiness. With accredited courses, you get all the training for a particular field. You can even use your qualifications to enrol for a degree.

Higher Chance of Being Employed

You have a high chance of finding a job sooner than someone with no accredited qualification. This is because employers will trust the quality of your education. To them, this proves that you have the skills needed for the job. We’re not promising a job immediately. But, your chances will double.

Our Accredited Courses

We want to give everyone a chance to get an education. We have made all these different kinds of courses so that we have something for everyone. 

The following courses are our accredited courses:

Business Management Courses

Business Management Courses are for those who want to manage a business. They have 3 levels:

  • N4 Business Management
  • N5 Business Management
  • N6 Business Management

Educare Courses

Our Educare Courses are for the tiny tots lovers. They give you the skills you need to understand children’s development. They are:

  • N4 Educare 
  • N5 Educare
  • N6 Educare

Financial Management Courses

Want to know how to grow business’s profits and manage its cash flow? We’ve created these courses with you in mind: 

  • N4 Financial Management 
  • N5 Financial Management
  • N6 Financial Management 

Human Resources Management Courses

Gain the skills and resources you need to help build the culture of a workplace. It’ll also give you the skills to help with the productivity of employees’. You have 3 courses to complete: 

  • N4 HR Management
  • N5 HR Management
  • N6 HR Management

Legal Secretary Courses

Want to be the face of a Law firm and help your seniors with upholding the law? These courses will give you all the skills you need to do your job effortlessly. They are:

  • N4 Legal Secretary
  • N5 Legal Secretary
  • N6 Legal Secretary

Management Assistant Courses

Management Courses will make you one of the best assistants in management. Your organisational skills will be polished beyond your imagination. Like all our NATED courses, this course has three levels:

  • N4 Management Assistant
  • N5 Management Assistant
  • N6 Management Assistant

Marketing Management Courses

Expand your knowledge of consumer relations. Learn how to use adverts to bring in more customers and keep the existing ones. You’ll be a great asset to any business. Its three levels are:

  • N4 Marketing Management 
  • N5 Marketing Management 
  • N6 Marketing Management

After you finish your N6, you will need to do 18 months of practical experience. Then you can receive your diploma.

CIMA Courses

CIMA Courses bring together your love of management and financial accounting. These courses are also globally recognised! This means is you’ll have lots of opportunities to network and grow your skills. We offer three levels of CIMA Courses:

  • Strategic Level
  • Managerial Level
  • Operational Level

Entry Requirements

All these courses need grade 12 for entry. If you do not have matric but have any other N4 qualification, you can enrol using it. It is equal to Grade 12. Otherwise, you have the option to apply for our matric courses and get your matric. 

Accredited vs Non-Accredited Courses

What is the difference between accredited and non-accredited courses? Non accredited courses are usually provider programmes. They give students specific skill set for a specific role. For example, if you want to be a call centre agent, you can take our Call Centre courses. Non accredited courses are:

  • Does not have professional bodies
  • Has a shorter duration than accredited courses
  • Cheaper than accredited courses
  • No exams

Even though these courses are not accredited, they play a big role in getting you a job or a promotion. 

Why Do Employers Prefer Accredited Qualifications?

Because accredited courses offer in-depth knowledge, recruiters prefer them over other courses. Employers want to be sure that the people they hire will be efficient. And the promise of efficiency comes with accredited courses. This is because accredited courses follow specific guidelines that are set for everyone. 

You will still get hired with non accredited courses. But, you need to research first to see if your career goal doesn’t  need accredited courses.  

Get the Stamp of Approval on Your Qualification

Getting an education is one of the most important milestones in life. Having one that is accredited can leave you feeling accomplished and proud. Want to experience this feeling? Get in touch with us today by: 

    • Completing our online contact form 
    • Call us for free at 0800 39 0027

Last Updated: August 24, 2020

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