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Are you entranced by the beauty industry? How about doing a Beauty Course? Find out exactly what you will need to enrol in these fantastic courses.

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Facial Skincare Courses

Are you passionate about the beauty industry and adore skincare? Then it’s time to turn your passion into a career, keep on reading to learn more about our Facial Skincare Course.

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Make-Up Courses

Turn your love for beauty and make-up into a career. Conquer the beauty industry with your talent and kick-start your career with Make-Up Courses.

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Nail Care Courses

With Nail Care Courses you are given the opportunity to learn valuable professional skills. You do these courses from the comfort of your home via distance learning. Build your empire today.

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Would you like to express yourself in the art of beauty? You can with Beauty Courses. Not only is beauty a way to showcase your talents but it’s also an amazing career path. So if you would like to know more about what goes into being a beautician then you’ve come to the right place. 

Why Study Beauty Courses? 

Wondering why you study Beauty Courses? Well apart from having a love for the industry, beauty courses have a lot to offer. During your studies you will be given the opportunity to expand your knowledge and your skill-set. 

Growing Industry 

The beauty industry grows more and more each year. This is because it’s an industry with many different career opportunities. While studying, you’ll be taken through the different jobs you can specialise in. 

Practical Skills 

To be a beautician you will need practical skills. This includes make-up application, nail care, skin care and several others. That’s why enrolling in a course is important because without it, you won’t be able to get the skills you need. 

Non-stop Learning

At the start of your career you might only want to focus on make-up. Now this is completely okay because if you want to expand your skills at a later stage you can. This is because you can study beauty courses at any stage in your career.

What you Will Learn From our Courses 

Our variety of courses aim to give you the skills and knowledge needed for the beauty industry. The skills learnt in our courses will enable you to do the beauty practice you choose to focus on, as well as administrative duties. This will make you a well versed beauty professional. 

  • Entrepreneurship Skills  
  • Bookkeeping 
  • Technical Application 
  • Management 
A woman getting her eyebrows threaded by a beauty professional. Learn this technique with our Beauty Courses.

Types of Beauty Courses 

We have 5 incredible Beauty Courses you can do. Each focuses on different aspects of the beauty industry.  Dive in and find the course that best suits you. 

Nail Care: Explores different manicures, pedicures and nail art. You will also learn about cuticle care and maintaining healthy nails. 

Facial Skin Care: This consists of three courses all focused on facial skin care treatments. Here you will focus on different ways to help your clients with their facial skin care worries. 

Make-up: Learn about applying make-up and business etiquette. Start your course without a matric certificate. 

Salon Management: This course teaches you about business ownership. You will also dive into all aspects needed to run a successful business. 

Beauty Therapy: Consists of three courses, each increasing in difficulty. Learn about different beauty treatments and massage treatments. 

Beauty Course In South Africa 

In South Africa you will find many different institutions offering Beauty Courses. Therefore  you won’t have to worry about finding a beauty course. However you will have to find an institution perfect for you. So your main concern will be finding an institution that meets your academic needs. You can even find beauty courses with our partners at Matric College

Part-time Beauty Courses 

Why look for a part-time Beauty Course when you can study at your own pace with us? That’s right, at Skills Academy we allow our students to study as fast or as slow as they like. We are also a distance learning institution which means you don’t attend any classes. This makes it even better if you are working a full-time job. There are many benefits that come with studying with us.

A grey towel, vase of flowers, a mirror and a tray with soap and lotion and a toothbrush on it. These are just a few of the tools you will learn about in our Beauty Courses.

Characteristics Needed to be a Beauty Professional 

From the outside the job of a beautician looks easy and casual. However, beauticians have more responsibilities than people think. You are responsible for helping your clients feel confident. That’s why you will need certain characteristics. 

Good Time Management 

You will have busy days and quiet days. With good time management, you will be able to keep your schedule running smoothly and keep all your customers happy.   


Being on your feet all day is very tiring, that’s exactly what happens on a busy day. Having stamina is important so that you give the same quality of service to all your customers. 


As a professional beautician you will need to be discreet at all times and give your clients your full attention when required. That’s why you will need a high level of professionalism when dealing with clients. 

Beauty Course Duration 

Each of our courses has its own duration period. The average duration of our beauty courses is just 12 months. So you can start your career sooner rather than later. Remember, you study at your own pace so you don’t have to stick to the course duration. Simply speak to one of our course experts to find out more. 

Entry Requirements

With different courses you will find different entry requirements. Luckily, with us you don’t need matric to get started. All you need is the ability to read, write and understand English.  

How to Become a Beauty Professional?

To become a beauty professional is similar to many other professions. There are curtain steps you need to follow to start your career. Each step is set in place so that you can achieve your end goal of being a beauty professional. 

  • Study: a qualification or certification increases your credibility
  • Internship: gain the needed practical experience
  • Apply for vacancies: find a job 

Reveal Your Beauty Talents With us 

Our courses will help train your natural beauty talents and turn them into work ready skills. Simply contact one of our course experts and find out how you can enrol with us at any time. 

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Last Updated: August 21, 2020

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