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Are you passionate about the beauty industry and adore skincare? Then it’s time to turn your passion into a career, keep on reading to learn more about our Facial Skincare Course.

Available Courses

Facial Skincare: Short Course

Enhance the beauty of your clients by learning a wide array of skills in our Beauty Therapy Course. Study our course and become a qualified beauty expert in this thriving industry.

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Facial Skincare: Certificate Course

The Facial Skincare Proficiency Certificate is the 2nd level of our Facial Skincare Programme. Here you will also be able to learn a few skincare techniques.

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Facial Skincare: Comprehensive Course

The Facial Skincare Comprehensive Certificate is the highest level of our courses in our Facial Skin Care Programme. Here you will learn professional salon skills!

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What is Facial Skincare?

Like the name implies, facial skincare it is the act of caring for the skin and its overall appearance. Facial skincare is a series of indulgent beauty treatments that will improve the skin’s condition. These procedures can be done at home, or sometimes skincare specialists are needed to perform more advanced treatments. There are also many factors that may influence the condition of a person’s skin, and that may be the cause of them developing skin concerns over time. This is when clients usually seek professional advice at skincare specialist.

Why you Should Consider Completing one of our Facial Skincare Courses

There are a number of reasons our facial skincare courses may benefit you. If you’re considering making a career switch, or even have hopes of becoming self-employed, then you might want to explore this option.

Opportunities by the dozen

Those in the beauty industry have reason to be picky when it comes to jobs and titles, because there are many opportunities in different work environments. You can decide whether or not you want to explore them all, or you can specialise in a path that interests you and fine tune your skills.

Self-employment opportunities

The number one reason these facial skincare courses attract students is the opportunity for self-employment. More and more people are leaning towards starting their own business, and you can do the same after you’ve completed your course. 

Distance Learning

When it comes to going back to school, many are faced with a difficult dilemma. They have to choose between giving up on their dreams or quit their full-time jobs. When enrolling in one of our facial skincare courses, you don’t have to make that decision – you can do both.

Our Facial Skincare Courses will ensure that you learn all the skills that will leave your clients with healthy, glowing skin.

What are the Entry Requirements?

Did you know that Facial Skincare is one of the courses you can complete without a matric certificate? The entry requirements are simple, students over the age of 16 years who have finished grade 10 may apply. This is an English-medium course, and you are expected to be able to read, write and comprehend the language. 

What Will I Learn?

Each facial skincare course is designed to equip you with the needed skills and knowledge to start your career as a beautician. The courses covers a range of topics of diverse topics that are beauty and business related. 

Facial Skincare Short Course Certificate

The Facial Skincare Short Course Certificate is the perfect base course for newbies who want to tackle the beauty scene. This 9-month course covers a range of topics anatomy and physiology, personal hygiene, and face mapping. Students will also learn Business English, a skill that will come in handy when they converse with clients and industry professionals via emails. 

Facial Skincare Proficiency Certificate

If you want extensive knowledge on everything aesthetics, the Facial Skincare Proficiency Certificate is your best bet. This course focuses on professional salon skills, and delves deep into topics such as skin disorders and how to treat them. Students also learn about different facial theories such as Galvanic, oxygen, and many more. 

Facial Skincare Comprehensive Certificate

Have dreams of starting your own business and opening your own salon? Then enrolling in the Facial Skincare Comprehensive Certificate is the way to go. This 19-month course will broaden your knowledge of anatomy and physiology, professional salon skills and facial skincare theory. You will learn the basics of financial management, entrepreneurship and networking for success

Assessment Structure 

There are no scheduled exams or tests for these courses. Students are only required to complete and submit the assignments for each subject. Each assignment is designed to test the student’s knowledge on a range of topics. These assessments will also prepare you for scenarios you may face in the workplace.

Employment Opportunities – What are my Options?

Once you’ve completed one of our Facial Skincare Courses, you may explore the job market and find a title and work environment best suited for you.

You are not limited to finding employment at the spa at your local mall. No, there are several self-employment opportunities you can explore. 


An opportunity to work in a busy environment and a chance to build a diverse client base, who would turn this one down? Salons are usually the number one choice for students who are just starting out in the beauty industry. If you prefer a mellow workplace, you can seek employment at luxury resorts and hotels. 

Cruise Ships

Want to explore your options abroad? Cruise ships are your best bet. People aboard cruise ships are always looking for ways to relax and indulge in the finer things in life, and the spa is usually their first pick. As a beauty therapist onboard a cruise ship, your duty is to give luxurious spa treatments to clients and uphold your spa’s reputation. 


If none of the other options interests you, you may want to explore self-employment. This could also be the next step for you if you’ve built a respectable client base. Opening your own business means you are the master of your schedule and paycheck, and you’re also in the position to create job opportunities for others. 

Mobile Salons

Your business might not be accessible to all because of their busy schedules or other reasons. The best solution for this dilemma is to take your salon to them. This option is a less expensive alternative to renting your own space.

What Skills do I Need for the job?

Skills are always job or company specific, and they are hard to point out. You will have to acquire a number of technical skills related to apply for certain positions, but the following soft skills will apply for every job title.

People Skills and a Passion for Customer Service

You love skincare and beauty treatments, but are you passionate about working with others? To succeed in this industry and complete your daily tasks, you will have to learn to love people and their crazy personalities. All beauty and wellness jobs are based in the service industry, and many of the principles of customer service come into play in this job.

Time Management Skills

There will be many days where you will experience delays.Make sure high season and an influx of clients won’t overwhelm you by properly managing your time. With enough practice you will learn how to tackle your appointments without rushing or cancelling them. Time management is a skill that you will learn to develop over time.

Good Listening Skills

There is so much more that goes into this trade than just popping pimples and waxing brows. Many view a quick visit to the salon as a form of escapism and a way to relax, and skincare specialists often have to act as psychologists or counsellors. During skincare treatments, clients love to talk about their personal lives. Keep the conversation flowing and put them at ease in your presence.

Adaptability and a Passion for Learning

Skincare specialists should have a hunger for knowledge and they should always embrace changes within the industry. It is important for them to keep up with the latest beauty trends and try to incorporate them in their services. You will be expected to keep up with the times even years after finishing your course.

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