Makeup Artist

Do you have a passion for making your friends and family always look their best? Know what is the difference between mascara and eyeliner? Do you love trying out new looks?

Job Responsibilities

Speak to the client to understand what they want. Then walk them through the process and inform about the price of your services.

Make-up Artists need to apply make-up in a professional and hygienic manner.

Make-Up Artists need to ensure their tools are clean, and that they have enough products. 

Keep up to date with the latest beauty trends. Make sure you know how to create these looks in case clients request them. 

What to Study

Make-up Application: Comprehensive Certificate Course

The Make-Up Application: Comprehensive Certificate is the 3rd and final level in our Make-Up Programme. This course deals with all of the aspects of Make-Up Application.
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Make-Up Application: Certificate Course

This Make-Up Application Proficiency Certificate is the 2nd level in our Make-Up Application Programme. It builds on to the Make-Up Application Short Course.
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Make-up Application: Short Course Certificate

Make-Up application is considered a form of creative art. The make-up industry has grown over the last decade and with that, the need of skilled make-up artists.
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What Does a Makeup Artist do?

So now you are wondering what a Makeup Artist does. They do the makeup applications for various occasions. Be that weddings, photoshoots, or even for those self-loving days. Online they’re referred to as an MUA. They are there to enhance the clients’ already beautiful facial features.

Here are the duties of a Makeup Artist:

  • Creating custom looks based on the customer’s preference.
  • Applying makeup based on client’s request
  • Consulting with customers and potential customers

Some Makeup artists even go as far as recommending their clients what products to use based on their skin tone and type. They learn all about different skin types and undertones from a college education. Let’s look at the education section.

Our Beauty Courses will teach you the basic skills needed to be a sought after Make-Up Artist.

Qualifications Needed to be a Makeup Artist?

There are no official qualification requirements to start working as a Makeup Artist. But, if you do decide this is the career path for you, there are a few things to consider. 

One of them being that no big makeup brand will hire a makeup artist with no qualification. Proof of work (portfolio) is as important as a qualification to improve your credibility. Think of the qualification as a part of your brand and credibility. Would you buy a face product that has no brand or reputation? 

Creating a reputation where you are the brand is what will set you apart.

Now you are probably wondering how to get started. Here are a few options if you are considering being a Freelance Makeup Artist. Even if you don’t want to be a Freelance Makeup Artist, you can use this to build a portfolio. Here is some more good news. You can start while you are doing your distance learning makeup course through Skills Academy. 

  • Start by doing your family and friends’ makeup
  • Advertise your service on popular service sites like Gumtree
  • Join wedding and beauty pages on Facebook to advertise
  • Volunteer to organisations for events or functions. 
  • Create a portfolio with all your legendary looks for future clients and employers

Skills Academy Makeup Courses:

  • Makeup Application Short Course
  • Makeup Application Certificate
  • Makeup Application Comprehensive Certificate

So where can you study and what course can you study? Well, Skills Academy offers Makeup courses. Starting with a 9 months short course to a comprehensive course that takes up to 15 months. That means that you can be a qualified makeup artist in less than 2 year. With the best part being that you can study Makeup from the comfort of your own home.

 Dive into the beauty industry as a sought after Make-Up Artist with our Beauty Courses.

Makeup Artist Salary

So, can you make a living off doing makeup? Well the short answer is yes. The long answer is it will take work, dedication and determination. 

The average salary starts at R6782 to R12 666. This is your basic salary. If you decide to freelance on the side you can earn an extra income. Plus, you can earn commission on sales of makeup products if you are a retail Makeup Artist. That could add +/- R30 000 to your salary. If that sounds too good to be true look at Payscale to see the numbers. I know what you are thinking. Where do you sign up? Well, start by registering for a Makeup course with Skills Academy.

Different Types of Makeup Artists

So now you know where to get your education and how to get started. But, what is your option besides being a Freelance Makeup Artist?

  • Retail Makeup Artist
  • Makeup consultant
  • Joining a Photographer as the inhouse Makeup Artist
  • Working a salon doing peoples makeup per appointment
  • Starting your own business
  • Being a product representative or demonstrator for brands
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Runway Makeup Artist

That’s some of the most popular options available to you. It’s a very competitive industry but there is opportunity for growth.

Skills Needed to Become a Makeup Artist

Skills are the ability to do something. Be that blending or your ability to plan a creative makeup look. Let’s look at some of the skills needed.

  • Creativity
  • Passion
  • Determination
  • Knowledge about makeup products
  • Flexibility
  • Good communication and written skills
  • Ability to use initiative

If you have these skills you will make a great Makeup Artist. Now you need to add the qualification to create credibility and your brand.

Author: Lucrisia Benjamin

Last Updated: May 07, 2020