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With Nail Care Courses you are given the opportunity to learn valuable professional skills. You do these courses from the comfort of your home via distance learning. Build your empire today.

Available Courses

Nail Care: Short Course Certificate

The Skills Academy Short Course In Nail Care is a great starting point for anyone that is looking to head to the beauty career. This course teaches you some core fundamentals.

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Nail Care: Certificate Course

Learn the skills needed to decorate nails beautifully, make the client happy and feel the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you were able to make that happen.

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Nail Care: Comprehensive Certificate Course

Our Nail Care Comprehensive Certificate Courses will give you credibility and skills to work in this blooming beauty industry.

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Nail Care Courses 

Are you ready to explore your inner creative side? Dip into gels, acrylics, nail art and more with our Nail Care Courses. Not only will you be able to work as a nail technician but with these courses you will allow you to start your own business. 

Why Should I Study Nail Care?

The beauty industry has been around for many years and keeps growing with time. With a qualification in nail care you can rest assured that you will have a job and career for as long as you like. 

Increase Earning Potential

As a qualified nail technician you will have the freedom to set your own prices.  According to Pay Scale  nail technicians earn an average of R59,713 per month. With experience and more knowledge you can earn even more. 

Start Your Own Business

Being a nail technician is a skill that allows you to venture off and start your own business. This means you’ll be an independent worker and your own boss. You can set your own hours and your own schedule. Once your business starts to grow you can even start hiring other nail technicians. 

Implement Knowledge 

While studying to be a nail technician you will go through a lot of different subjects. All of which are important to your career and success. Once you have completed your course you will be able to practically implement the knowledge you have gained. 

Nail Care Courses For Beginners 

Every nail care course starts at a beginner level. If you are looking for a course that allows you to study at your own pace and time then our nail care short course is a great way to get started. You can even do this course while working your full-time job. That’s right, with us you can study and work at the same time.

Nail Technician Short Courses 

Our nail care short course serves as your introduction to being a nail technician. It will only take you 4 months to complete this course. Made up of only 4 subjects you will move on to our nail care certificate and comprehensive course in no time. 

A beautiful pink manicure, you can learn how to do it with our Nail Care Courses

Nail Technician Certificate Course

This nail care certificate course will be your second level course. In this course you will go through 6 subjects. It should only take you 8 months to complete and move onto your last nail care course. 

Nail Technician Comprehensive Course

Our nail care comprehensive course will be your final course to becoming a professional nail technician. All you have to do is complete the 9 subjects successfully. Once  completed you can move on to your internship. 

Other Beauty Related Courses 

With us you can explore a number of beauty-related courses. All done via distance learning with the aim of giving you the skills you need to be a professional in your chosen career. 

Skills Required for Nail Training Courses

Before studying any course it’s helpful to have a natural love and interest in it. This will be your motivation when you’re having a tough time with your studies. Natural skills along with the knowledge you gain from your nail care course will set you up for success. 

Natural Skills Needed to be a Nail Care Professional 

You are either born with natural skills or it gained over time. It can’t be taught but refined. When going into the nail care industry having basic natural skills will give you an extra edge in the field. Do you possess the following natural skills?

  • Hygiene
  • Creativity 
  • Organisation 
  • People Skills 

Skills Gained From a Nail Care Courses

Your nail care courses will take you through many different subjects. Some courses might even go through subjects you have previously studied. This is done to give you more knowledge on a particular subject because of the great role it will play in your career. All skills gained in your nail care courses are vital to being a professional nail technician. Are you ready to unpack these vital skills? 

  • Nail Art
  • Acrylic application
  • Nail prep
  • bookkeeping

Where Can I Find Nail Care Courses in South Africa?

Most students have a hard time finding nail care courses. This doesn’t have to be you. With access to distance learning, FET colleges, online learning and beauty schools, you are spoilt with options. Each institution has different benefits and methods of teaching. You just have to choose one that best suits your academic needs. 

Are There Nail Care Courses in Cape Town?

The city of Cape Town is filled with a variety of educational opportunities. This includes nail care courses. You can find a nail care best suited to your academic needs by using search engines such as google. Or you can explore our variety of beauty courses that you can do via distance learning. 

A nail technician applying nail polish to a clients nails. You can also learn this skills with our Nail Care Courses

Purpose of Practical Training After Studying

When doing your nail care course you will notice that there is a practical component to your course. This means that you will need job experience in order to graduate. Practical training is important because it gives you first hand experience. It allows you to use the knowledge you’ve gained and practice your techniques. Essentially practical training allows you to exercise your skill set.  

Unleash Your Creativity With our Nail Care Courses 

Become a well rounded professional right here. If you find yourself struggling with your course, you  have access to online study groups and tutors. Contact one of course experts and enrol today. 

Last Updated: July 30, 2020

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