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Nail Care: Short Course Certificate

The Skills Academy Short Course In Nail Care is a great starting point for anyone that is looking to head to the beauty career. This course teaches you some core fundamentals.

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Nail Care: Certificate Course

Learn the skills needed to decorate nails beautifully, make the client happy and feel the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you were able to make that happen.

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Nail Care: Comprehensive Certificate Course

If you have completed the Nail Care Short Course Certificate or Nail Care Certificate, then you do not have to do any subjects you are already done with.

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What is Nail Care?

Simply put, nail care means maintaining your hands, feet and nails. Many are not aware of the importance of nail care, and they often neglect their hands and feet. Did you know by taking care of your nails you will prevent the chances of picking up germs, diseases and nail disorders? Just the simple act of sterilising your tools alone may prevent your chances of contracting nail fungus. Nail care is offered as a grooming service at many salons, and clients may even request for add-ons such as acrylics or nail art.

Nail Care Services

Some visit the nail salon for basic grooming, some see it as a form of escapism or an act of self-care. No matter their reason for visiting, it is a nail technician’s job to ensure that clients get what they pay for. These trained professionals provide relaxing services that range from basic care to nail enhancements.

Basic Care

Basic nail care services may include a quick buff and polish. Maybe even a soak if your client is in the mood for a treat. Clients may even decide on a paraffin dip to relieve their overworked hands and feet. As a nail technician you will ensure that your client’s nails are in good condition, all while helping them relax and putting them at ease.

Nail Enhancements

Nail enhancements refer to the added extras clients may request for special occasions. These services include acrylics, airbrush designs, 3D designs, rhinestones, and all other kinds of nail art. All these services require skills and can be mastered with enough practice.

How do I Become a Qualified Nail Technician?

For most nail technician jobs, you are required to have a certificate or diploma in nail care. However, nail care is a skill-based career, and recruiters are looking for experienced technicians. Gain enough experience through practical training. Make sure the Nail Care Courses you’re enrolled in covers the basics of hygiene in the nail salon, anatomy and physiology, and common nail diseases or disorders to be aware of.

Curious to learn more about the duties and responsibilities of a Nail Technician?

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Our Nail Care Courses will enhance your skills as a nail technician.



Can I Study Nail Care Courses Without Matric?

Yes, you can. If you never finished school and would like to get your matric, you now have an opportunity to redeem yourself and pursue a career you love. If finishing matric is your dream, have a look at adult matric and matric upgrade programs. However, matric certificate is NOT needed to complete this course. Students interested in this course need to have finished grade 10 and must be over the age of 16 years old.

Where can I Study Nail Care Courses?

Did you know you can study nail care at home, your local library, the park and just about anywhere? With distance learning and Skills Academy, anything is possible. You have control over your schedule. And now you have the chance to work through your study material at your own pace. Many colleges offer this course, but only a few give you flexible hours and an opportunity to work full-time.

Benefits of our Distance Learning Nail Courses

Do you already have a job, but want to study part-time? Then why not consider distance learning? Not only is distance learning the affordable option, but students have the freedom to study on their own terms. Here follows some of the benefits of distance learning.

1. No Accommodation and Travel Costs

With distance learning, you’re not required to be in class. Ever. That also means no extra accommodation and travel costs. The only time you’re required to attend class is on the day of your exam when you need to be at the exam centre.

2. Study Wherever you Want

If you’re comfortable with your current living arrangements and have responsibilities you need to fulfill, distance learning is a great option. You can choose to study wherever you want. Take your study material along with you on weekends away, study at your local library, or relax with your books at the park.

3. Study at Your own Pace

No class interruptions. You don’t have to keep up or slow down your learning pace for your classmates. You control your schedule and hours. Do you study better in the morning or at night? You don’t have to conform to the life of a college student.

4. Study Material Gets Delivered to You

No matter where in South Africa you find yourself, (Pretoria, Cape Town or smaller regions) we have a courier service that will deliver your study and resource material to a pick-up point near you. This service is included in your course fees, helping you avoid long queues to get your study material.

5. Study While Being Full-Time Employed

There’s no need to quit your full-time job to further your studies. Distance learning is perfect for students with financial obligations and who don’t want to give up their daily responsibilities.

Assessment Information

There are no exams scheduled for these courses, and students will solely be assessed on their assignments. Each assignment is designed to evaluate the student’s progression and to make sure that they understand their study material. These assignments will equip students for real-life situations and the work environment.

Entry Requirements

This is one of the courses that don’t require a matric certificate, and students who finished grade 10 may enroll. This is an English-medium course, and students need to be able to read and write English to complete their studies. Students who are over the age of 16 years old may apply.

How Much do Nail Technicians Earn?

As of September 2019, the average salary of a nail technician in South Africa is R 5 400 per month. Generally, salaries vary from company to company. Other factors such as experience may also contribute to a nail technician’s salary. Nail technicians who have their own salons, may earn more than the average nail technician.

Career Opportunities for Nail Technicians

Still on the fence about becoming a nail technician? You will be pleased to know that nail technicians can find employment in different types of working environments. There are opportunities to live and work abroad, and even a chance to open your own business.

1. Salons

If you prefer the hustle and bustle of shopping centres, you will thrive working as a Nail Technician in a busy salon. Apart from the technical skills required for this position, you will need a healthy level of stress tolerance and time management skills.

2. Cruise Ships

Sail the pristine blue seas to exotic destinations doing what you love. You will be responsible for creating a relaxing environment for your clients while giving them world-class nail care treatments.

3. Luxury Resorts and Hotels

Surround yourself with opulence and apply for Nail Technician jobs at luxury resorts and hotels. If you prefer a more peaceful working environment, then this will be your perfect option. There are opportunities to earn a commissioned based salary and tips.

4. Self-Employment

The beauty industry is booming, and there are plenty of opportunities for self-employment. Why not explore this option after you’ve established a loyal customer base. The best thing about being a self-employed nail technician is you get to set your own hours and rates.

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Last Updated: May 4, 2020

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