Distance Learning

Learn about the awesome changes that have made distance learning such a great alternative. There are so many options available, not only how you can study but also where.

Distance Learning is a rather new form of learning. It breaks all norms of traditional classroom learning and introduces its own set of advantages. Find out what these benefits are and  how this method of learning can change your academic life and your future career. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Learning  

Knowing what to expect before signing up for anything is very important. You can get the information you need with these advantages and disadvantages. Before commiting to distance learning you will be able to see if it’s the method of learning for you.  


Most learning methods carry the same benefits except for distance learning. With this method of learning you are given greater advantages. Find out what this method of learning has to offer you. 

  • Saves you Money 
  • Flexibility 
  • Study at Your own pace 
  • Study Wherever 


Setbacks can be expected with any new project and the same can be expected with distance learning. Even though the advantages of this learning method are great the disadvantages might turn you off.  Do keep in mind that disadvantages are just obstacles that you can overcome. 

  • No Networking Opportunities 
  • Technology Dependant 
  • Chance for Distractions 
  • Scams 

What is Distance Learning?

Everyone has their own definition of distance learning. No, it’s not overly complex and complicated. It’s quite simple in fact. Distance learning is a form of learning that involves little to no face-to-face interaction between students and teachers. As a student you will study and learn from your home instead of attending classes. 

A young student sitting on a park bench studying on her Distance Learning course on her laptop.

Distance Learning Courses 

Just because it’s new, doesn’t mean its not fully loaded with a variety of courses for you to learn from. You can find a range of topics to study, all from the comfort of your home. Have a look at what we have to offer your career and education.

If you want to study nationally recognised courses, you can. Distance learning offers students Nated courses. 

Adult Matric 
Finding an institution that offers an adult matric course is hard. Luckily for you have the option of doing your matric at the age of 21 with us. 

You don’t have to break the bank and attend an expensive beauty school. Simply find the beauty course you need right here. 

Courses Without Matric 
Everyone deserves to study even if you don’t have matric. You can still become a working professional with our courses that you can study without matric

Diploma courses aren’t just available at universities and colleges. They’re available with us too. You can do anything from management to legal secretary course.   

Matric Upgrade 
Are you unhappy with your matric results? No problem, you can do our matric upgrade course offered to you in partnership with matric college. 

Short Courses 
Looking to brush up on your skills? You can do just that with our short courses and you won’t have to miss out on any work. 

Distance Learning Colleges in South Africa 

South Africa has many different institutions of higher education. If you need any information on these, you can find it on the Department of Higher Education and Training website. But for now we are going to take you through distance learning institutions in South Africa. 

Matric College 

Keen on studying with a college that focuses on matric? Then Matric College is your best bet. But that’s not all. Along with two matric programmes, students can choose from a list of accredited and non-accredited courses. 

Bellview Institute 

If you are looking for a career driven institution then Bellview Institute is for you. Bellview Institute is the premier private distance college. Here you can find a variety of different accredited courses. 

A young girl standing reading her Distance Learning textbook.

How Effective is This Method of Learning?

Would you like to know how effective distance learning is? No problem, despite having a few disadvantages, this method of learning has proven itself. Students gravitate towards the educational and economic benefits of it. Find out what you can gain from becoming a distance learning student. 

Is This the Right Choice for me?

No one will be able to tell you if this method of learning is the right choice for you. But you can come to a conclusion by looking at what to consider when choosing a college. These tips will help you evaluate what you want out of your academic career and see if you will get it via distance learning. 

Distance Learning at Skills Academy 

We are all about distance learning. If you choose to become a student with us, you will have access to our endless benefits. Unlike other intuitions we firmly believe that all students should be able to study and have the necessary tools to succeed. That’s why, we offer online tutoring, study groups and several other resources. 

Is Distance Learning Better Than Classroom Learning?

By now you should know the differences between the two learning styles. Each has its own set of benefits and disadvantages. Only you can make the choice between the two. Remember to choose wisely because your education and future depend on it. 

Try Something new and Find out how We can Benefit you 

Give distance learning a try when you sign up with us. If it isn’t for you, don’t worry we have a 30 day cash back guarantee policy. So with us you always win. Contact one of our course experts today. 

  • Call us for free on 0800 39 00 27
  • Or fill out a contact form for a call back
Last Updated: June 10, 2022


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