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Would you like to further your studies? Looking for a college can be hard especially with the amount of colleges in South Africa. However, we make this choice easier for you with Our Policies. Find out why you should choose Skills Academy as your college of choice.

What Makes Skills Academy Different?


A man wearing a blue shirt writing policies on paper with a black and gold penThere are a number of things that make a college different.  Skills Academy  has thought of every possible challenge you could face as a student. We have taken those challenges and developed our policies that eliminate them. Skills Academy has done this so that you can be comfortable and worry free while getting your qualification. 

Study Fast Policies 


This policy was drawn up with the intention of making studying much easier for students that work full time jobs. So if you have a job or other responsibilities, our study fast policy is just what you need. With this policy you can do your subjects in a shorter amount of time, meaning you will finish your course in half the time. Click  here  to find out more on our study fast policy. 

Privacy Policy 


Our students are important to us and therefore we take your  privacy  seriously. When joining us you won’t have to worry about your contact information or your home address being leaked. We have a fully detailed explanation on how we ensure your privacy is maintained. If you have any questions on this policy or any concerns about your privacy feel free to call us. 

Study Fast and pay Less for Nated Courses


When signing up for a course you will be given an estimated total of how much it will cost. This total will be estimated based on the entire duration of the course. However if you finish your course early, you won’t have to pay for the full duration. This  policy  saves you time and money.  

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Our  30 day policy  is a promise we make to you. Once you have completed your registration  and started your course, you can still get your money back within the first  30 days. This means if you aren’t satisfied with our services or your course, you can simply contact us and ask for your money back. It’s as easy as that. 

No Credit Check, No Blacklisting 

No need to be worried about having good credit to study with Skills Academy. We don’t check your  credit history  at all. By wanting to further your studies, we already know you want more for yourself and Skills Academy would like to give you that. 

General Terms And Conditions

With any great college there should always be some of terms and conditions. Click  here  to find out more. Make sure that you understand our T&C’s when applying to study with us.

Ready to Explore our Courses? 

Now that you know about our policies, explore our courses. Contact our expert course advisors and get started today. 

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Last Updated: November 2, 2020


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Tia Sauls
Tia Sauls
Tia Sauls is a Junior Content Writer and Creator at Skills Academy. She focuses on creating well researched and unique content that meets SEO standards. She believes that all weaknesses can be turned into strengths with time, effort and practice. View my LinkedIn profile

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