Study Faster Policy

Would you like to graduate faster than expected? Well you can with the Skills Academy Study Faster Policy. Choose any course you would like and finish it at your own pace.

This policy describes the various rules and regulations around the process allowing a student to study faster, complete the course faster, and in the process pay less.

A student stops paying the monthly study fees once the student has completed the course.

Study Faster Policy – How Does it Work?

Student studying from a small book. Underneath the book is a note padStudents are encouraged to study fast and pass their course. As part of rewarding students who finish their course early, students can stop paying their monthly fees once they have completed their course.

On average students take 3 to 4 months to complete a single subject. Students can speed up their studies to the point of doing 1 subject per month.

This means a student can save up to half the original course fee.

Students cannot get a benefit greater than paying only half their course fee. So a student will only get the final award if that student has paid at least half the original course fee.

When a student passes a subject (pass the assignments of the subject), then we automatically send the student their next subject.

When a student fails an assignment, we help that student to further study the areas that lead to the failure. Students then re-submit the failed assignments.

There are no additional costs or penalties for re-submitting an assignment.

When a student fails a subject, we do NOT automatically send the next subject. We only send the next subject once the student has passed the current subject.

When is a Course Completed?

For the purposes of this policy, a student has completed a course once the student has received the final certificate or diploma or award at the end of the course.

How can You study Faster than one Subject per Month?

If a student wants to study faster than one subject per month, the student has to speed up their monthly payments. If the student wants a second subject in a single month, then the student can make a second monthly payment and in that way activate the second subject.

To speed up your studies, fill in this form

Study Faster Policy – NATED Students

Our NATED Students can also benefit from our study faster policy, but we have a separate policy for them. Read more about the NATED Study Fast, Pay Less Policy

Last Updated: June 20, 2022


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