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The Salon Management Expert certificate course is perfect for those who have dreams of opening their own salon business. You’ll learn useful financial accounting skills.

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What is Salon Management?

There are several components that go into running a successful salon. As a salon manager, you will have to be an all-rounder to ensure that your business runs smoothly. Your daily duties might include administrative, financial, and HR tasks, but your biggest responsibility is managing a team of wonderful beauty professionals. 

The Role of a Salon Manager

They are often described as the heart and soul of salons, because no salon can fully operate without them. These salon heroes are responsible for several different tasks that range from financial management, recruiting salon professionals, and handling customer complaints. Here follows the main duties of a salon manager. 

Job Creation

One of the biggest perks of being a salon manager is the fact that you will be responsible for job creation. As a salon manager, you will be in charge of the recruitment process and will have the final say in who gets hired or not. Make the most of your position and be on the lookout for young talent. Also, give others the opportunity to profit from their skills, and hire a nice mix of experienced and inexperienced individuals to be part of your team. 

Financial Management

Financial management and other administrative tasks plays a big role in your daily duties, therefore you need to be good with numbers. You will have to manage to work within your business budget, so make sure to study the figures. If this is something you’re struggling with, make sure to give these topics your undivided attention during your course and get enough practice to prepare you for real job situations. 

Dealing With Customer Complaints

Salon managers should ensure that their workers don’t skimp on service and that their businesses always meet industry requirements. How do they manage to do that? They need to pay attention to customer complaints or reviews online. A salon manager should be able to implement ways to improve their customer service, and identify key problem areas.

HR Support

Your employees are your greatest asset, and it is important that you take care of their well-being. A salon environment differs from corporate ones, and salon managers are expected to handle all HR issues. Make sure you deal with these issues as soon as possible to maintain a happy, healthy work environment. 

Click here to find out more about the role, duties and responsibilities of a Salon Manager. 

Are you fit for This Role? 

Taking on the role of salon manager is a big responsibility, and requires you to have a broad skill set and certain personal attributes. Luckily, skills are taught and a personality is something you can work on. Here follows some of the skills you need for a successful career as a salon manager. 


This is a service industry career, and if you’re interested in this field you need to be customer centered. As a salon manager you will have to listen to complaints and suggestions. This will help you improve your customer service. Strive to keep your customers happy. 

Great Listening and Communication Skills

You will be surrounded by people for the majority of your day, be it customers or co-workers.  Communication plays a major role in a salon manager’s day-to-day, and you need to be exceptional at it. If this is a skill that you’re struggling with, make sure to get enough daily practice. Practice by giving out instructions clearly, and be an active listener. 

Marketing Skills

You will learn that the salon and beauty industry is highly competitive. To stand-out among other salons, you will need digital marketing skills to put your business on the (Google) Map(s). A great salon manager will embrace marketing tools and campaigns to promote their salon. Make sure you’re familiar with the digital marketing tools to expand your clientele. 

Conflict Management

Like in any functioning work environment, personalities will clash and someone will have to step in as mediator to help resolve the issue. As a salon manager or owner, you will be responsible for resolving conflict. Unfortunately, there are many in managerial positions who lack this skill. Make sure you practice your skills in your daily life by listening to both parties before you come up with a solution. 

Salon Management Courses

What Will you Learn?

This is an extensive 27-month course that covers all salon topics you could possibly think of. As a salon manager you will need to be an all-rounder, and that is exactly what this course aims to teach students. 

Salon Basics

Every salon owner or manager needs to start somewhere, and this course will prepare you for every possible direction your career may head into. Our students will learn about the different facial care techniques, make-up application, and nail care to broaden their knowledge and help them specialise their craft. Students who have already completed one of our Beauty Therapy Courses, don’t have to repeat the subjects they’ve already done. 

Professional Salon Etiquette

Every workplace needs to operate in a fully hygienic environment, and salons are no exception to the rule. In fact, practicing hygiene in the salon is imperative to prevent the spread of diseases and infections. Our students will learn how to practice hygiene in the salon, and pick up customer service skills to ensure that their salons meet industry standards. 


There are many factors to consider before opening your own salon. Our Salon Management Courses focuses on Entrepreneurship, and will help you formulate a business plan. You will learn about the important factors to consider when choosing a location for your business.

Entry Requirements

Haven’t finished matric? Not to worry. Our Salon Management Courses are among the many courses you can complete with grade 10. This is an English-medium course that requires you to be able to read, write and understand the language. All prospective learners should be at least 16 years or older. 

Assessment Structure

There are no scheduled tests or exams for our Salon Management Courses. Our students have to complete and submit all compulsory assignments. This assessment structure is designed to ensure students work through their study material and understand the different topics that are discussed. 

Benefits of Salon Management Courses

This is a highly rewarding career and you will reap the rewards if you’re truly passionate about the beauty industry, as well as customer service. Here’s how you can benefit from our Salon Management Courses. 

A Chance to Develop Skills 

If there are skills that you are currently struggling with, or new ones you want to learn, then taking up a course is always a good start. There are 13 subjects required to complete our Salon Management Courses, and students are guaranteed to learn something new. 

Learn Every Aspect of the Business

Salon management courses touches on every beauty topic you can possibly think of, and this could be beneficial to salon managers in so many ways. By learning the theory behind every beauty treatment, you will: 

  • have a clear understanding of your business needs
  • know the logistics of every treatment your co-workers does. 

Build Your Empire While you Learn

One of the biggest benefits of being a distance-learning student with Skills Academy is the opportunity to be able to earn while you learn. You can start small and do freelancing on the side, while you’re employed full-time and studying. Eventually, you will gain enough skills and industry experience to expand your business. 

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