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Turn your love for beauty and make-up into a career. We at Skills Academy offer distance-learning make-up courses, giving our students enough time to focus on their careers.

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Make-up Application: Short Course Certificate

Make-Up application is considered a form of creative art. The make-up industry has grown enormously the last decade and with that the need of skilled make-up artists.

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Make-Up Application: Certificate Course

This Make-Up Application Proficiency Certificate is the 2nd level in our Make-Up Application Programme. It builds and adds more on to the Make-Up Application Short Course.

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Make-up Application: Comprehensive Certificate Course

The Make-Up Application: Comprehensive Certificate is the 3rd and final level in our Nail Care Programme. This course deals with all of the aspects of Make-Up Application.

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What do Make-up Artists do?

They are responsible for enhancing their clients’ appearance, and sometimes they even perform full-face transformations. You can find them on film and movie sets, or at your favourite make-up counter. And if you’ve clicked on this article, you are curious to learn more about how to become a professional make-up artist. Well, enrolling in one of our Make-Up Courses is always a good start.

What Skills do you Need to Become a Make-up Artist?

There is a list of questions you need to ask yourself before committing to a career as a make-up artist. Firstly, you need to be aware that beauty therapy is a service industry trade that requires you to work with others. You need to ask yourself: 

  • Am I passionate about working with people? 
  • Do I generally deal well with criticism? 
  • Am I constantly looking for ways to improve my craft?

So what does it takes to become a make-up artist? Here follows a list of skills you need to be able to succeed in this industry. 

1. Creativity

This industry will always test your creativity, so challenge yourself and push beyond your limits. Try to keep up with the beauty trends and master your technique.

2. Customer Service Skills

You will work with a diverse clientele, all with different personalities. Uphold your professionalism throughout your service hours.

3. Adaptability

As a make-up artist, you need to be able to adapt to change. This includes changes in the workplace and keeping up with industry-related trends.

4. Technical Skills

Whether you’re perfecting winged liner or a cut crease, a make-up artist needs great eye-hand coordination and attention to detail.

Are you passionate about transforming others with the power of makeup to help them become a better version of themselves? If this sounds like you, then you should learn more about  how a career in Makeup Artistry could change you and your clients lives. Click here to find out more. You can also learn more about different beauty careers here.

Become a skilled make-up artist with our great Make-Up Courses.

What are the Entry Requirements?

Our Make-Up Courses is one of the many courses we offer that don’t require a matric certificate. To apply, you must have completed grade 10, and you should be at least 16 years old. This is an English-medium program, and students who enroll must be able to read, write, and understand the language.

Career Opportunities

Want to know what your day-to-day as a professional make-up artist will look like, or do you want to learn more about the different career options in the industry? Here follows a list of potential careers you can explore. 

1. Retail Make-Up Artist

If you love bustling working environments, you will thrive in a retail setting. Work for your favourite brand and do make-up for a diverse clientele. This job allows you to hone your creative skills on bridal, matric ball, and daily make-up looks. Working as a Retail Make-Up Artist will also help you build your clientele.

2. Freelance Make-Up Artist

There are many entrepreneurial opportunities in the make-up artistry field. As a Freelance Make-Up Artist, you get to set your rates and hours. This is usually the starting point for most make-up artist, some even explore other fields after this. As a distance learning student, starting out as a Freelance Make-Up Artist is your best option.

3. Beauty Writer/ Editor

Why not combine your two loves – your passion for make-up and writing. As a Beauty Writer or Editor, you will be responsible for spotting new beauty trends and writing informative beauty-related articles. Any beauty therapy course will give you a competitive edge, because you will learn about anatomy and physiology, and gain useful knowledge about the make-up application process. Take advantage of your position, and give keen readers useful advice.

4. Celebrity Make-Up Artist

Rub shoulders with the best in the entertainment industry when you become a Celebrity Make-Up Artist. If you have an outgoing personality and high- stress tolerance level, then you will thrive in this industry. As a Celebrity Make-Up Artist, you will be part of their glam squad to get them ready for special events.

Our Make-Up Courses are sure to teach you all the skills you need to thrive in the beauty industry.

Benefits of Distance Learning Make-Up Courses 

Studying Make-Up Application through distance learning is one of the best options if you have financial and personal responsibilities. Why? For one, distance learning is a much more affordable alternative to the often very pricey make-up course offered. Secondly, our students enjoy the freedom of not attending class, giving them more time to start building their own empire. 

1. Learning the Basics

Make-up Courses aren’t just about the make-up application process. No, students enrolled with us will gain knowledge on a number of other subjects as well. Our students have an advantage over self-taught make-up artists and those enrolled in other institutions. Why? They gain a wealth of knowledge on subjects such as verbal communication, anatomy and physiology, personal presentation, customer service skills, financial management, and more.

2. Growing Industry

Make-up and the world of beauty is a billion-dollar industry. So many people are becoming beauty and make-up obsessed, so why not offer them a service they will appreciate? As long as there are functions or special occasions, there will always be a demand for make-up artists. Some may argue that the industry is over saturated, but there can never be too many make-up artists. Over time you will build a loyal customer base . And with hard work and determination, you can earn a steady living.


3. Increases Your Credibility

Often, even the most experienced make-up artists get questioned about their credibility. And like any professional would tell you, there’s nothing worse than being undermined. The beauty industry is filled with skilled, self-taught make-up artists who don’t get paid their worth. Just like with any job in other industries, people will try to underpay you because you don’t have a qualification or never completed a course. The best way you can increase your credibility is by finishing a make-up course.

4. Become Self-Employed

In general, a career as a make-up artist allows you to become self-employed. You have an opportunity to become a professional freelancer who works from home or on-the-go. The biggest benefit is that you now have full control over your schedule. This is ideal, especially for those who have other responsibilities. But be prepared for the high volume of clients coming your way during bridal, matric ball, and even festive season.

5. You Don’t Need Matric

Make-up Courses are one of the many programs you can finish without a matric certificate. You are only required to read, write and understand English. Students who wish to enroll must at least be 16 years old.

6. Distance Learning

The biggest advantage of them all? Distance learning! You will have the freedom of going through your study material and completing your assignments at your own pace. There are no scheduled classes, allowing you to start your career as a make-up artist while you study. Since distance learning is a cheaper alternative, you can now splurge money on your favourite make-up products.

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