Day: April 16, 2020

Use these Study Tips to pass your courses
Study Help
Cherri-Lee Rhode

How to Study Effectively

Are you preparing for an upcoming test or final examination? Knowing how to manage your studies and your time effectively can be beneficial to you. Here’s how you can make the most of your time to study effectively and get the results you deserve.

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Student applying Tips When Writing Assignments
Student Support
Charnell Ward

Tips When Writing Assignments

Having a tough time completing assignments? Well we’ve come to the rescue. Use our top tips when writing assignments and complete your essays with ease.

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Different colour pencils lined up horizontally
Upgrade Your Career
Andrea Petersen

Get a Job With Scarce Skills

Find out how scarce skills will help you get a job. Developing your scare skills could be the golden ticket at the end of your rainbow

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Distance Learning

Challenges of Working While Studying

Over the years, it has become common for students to take up a job while studying. Millennials even coined up a term for this. They call it a side hustle. However, this is not always rosey. There are always challenges. This article will be talking about the challenges of working while studying and their solutions.

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Coronavirus Safety Measures - stay covered
Latest News
Thiana Pretorius

Coronavirus Safety Measures

Worried about the Coronavirus outbreak and not sure how to prepare yourself? Find out about Coronavirus Safety Measures that you can implement right here.

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With our Study fast and pay less policy, our students graduate fast
Tia Sauls

Real Value of a Matric Certificate

Understanding the Real Value of a Matric Certificate can serve as motivation while studying. At Skills Academy we want you to do your best. Here we have given you all relevant information about why a matric certificate is so important.

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Studying at your own pace is one of the Benefits of Distance Learning
Distance Learning
Charnell Ward

Benefits of Distance Learning

Want to gain valuable skills and get your qualification, but too busy to go to class? Then Distance Learning might be the option for you. Before enrolling in any college, you need to know all the advantages offered to you. Below you will learn all about the Benefits of Distance Learning and why Skills Academy offers the best benefits in the country.

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