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Getting your matric as an adult doesn’t have to be a long, difficult process. Our Adult Matric Courses aim to help you achieve your study goals, regardless of age.

Not everyone has the opportunity to finish high school. This is due to various reasons, such as financial difficulties. But that doesn’t mean your dream of achieving a matric certificate is lost forever. By enrolling in our Adult Matric Courses, you can work towards that goal on your own time.

Benefits of Having a Matric Certificate 

A matric certificate can open a door to endless possibilities, even as an adult. The Amended Senior Certificate is recognised by employers and many tertiary institutions. This means that you will have access to: 

  • Entry-level employment 
  • Internships and learnerships 
  • Colleges, universities and other higher learning institutions

With these options available, you can decide for yourself which one would suit you best. Do you want to further your studies, or jump straight into the working world? 

How can I get my Matric as an Adult? 

You are never too old to complete your matric. There are institutions that provide you with the opportunity to complete your matric. This includes distance learning colleges, such as Skills Academy.

Entry Requirements 

If you are 21 years or older, you need to write the Amended Senior Certificate  exams to receive your matric. This is also known as Adult Matric. You qualify for these courses if you have:

  • A General Education and Training Certificate (GETC),  
  • Completed your grade 9 at school, or 
  • A recognised equivalent qualification you obtained at NQF Level 1.
Student sitting at a desk and writing in a notebook. Learn the most from our Adult Matric courses.

How Many Subjects do I Need to Pass Matric? 

You need to register for a minimum of six subjects. Two of these must be official languages. One language needs to be taken at a Home Language Level and the other as a First Additional Language. You need to pass at least five of those subjects by getting at least: 

  • 40% in three subjects, including a Home Language
  • 30% in two other subjects, including the First Additional Language
  • A sub-minimum of 20% in the final exam. 

Where can I Study Adult Matric Courses? 

We offer students the chance to earn their matric certificate through distance learning. This means that you study from home instead of attending classes. We provide you with the necessary study material and past exam papers. You also get access to helpful tutors and study groups. 

Exam Registration 

Once you have completed your studies, it’s up to you to register for your exams. This can be done by visiting your province’s education department website. Make sure you find out when the closing date is and what you need to get started. 

These documents are necessary when registering for your exams: 

  • a certified copy of your previous results 
  • a certified copy of your ID or passport 
  • proof of residence

The exams are set and managed by the Department of Basic Education (DBE). Your matric certificate is issued by Umalusi after you have completed your exams. 

Student reading through her study material from our Adult Matric courses.

What Courses can I Study With Matric? 

Looking for your next step? After passing your matric exams, you need to decide which courses you would like to study. We offer a range of accredited courses that you can study with your matric certificate. 

NATED Courses 

Our NATED courses combine theory with practical work. This aims to give you a balanced learning experience. Add a credible qualification to your name by signing up for any of these courses. 

ICB Courses 

Dream of becoming an accountant or business manager? Our ICB Courses can help prepare you for a career in the finance, accounting and business sector. Gain the knowledge and skills needed to set you apart from other candidates. 

CIMA Courses 

Level up with CIMA courses once you have your accounting or business qualification. These courses can help put you on an international level. Climb the ladder to success and higher management. 

Can I Still Study Without Matric? 

Yes, you can! The amount of courses you can study without a matric certificate is not as limited as you might think. They cover a range of topics that are suited for almost any industry. 

Skills-based Courses 

These courses aim to provide you with the necessary workplace skills. This is especially helpful when it comes to applying for a new job or promotion. These are usually short courses and take less than 12 months to complete. Popular short courses include some of the following subjects: 

The great thing about our short courses is that you can build on what you have learnt. Level up with our certificate and comprehensive courses and get a better understanding of the topic. The more skills and knowledge you gain, the better it will be for your future. 

ICB Courses 

There are some courses you can do with just a grade 10 or 11 certificate. ICB courses are a good example of accredited courses that you can start without matric. Once they are completed, you can begin with the next level in the programme. 

  • Bookkeeping – National Certificate 
  • Public Sector Accounting – National Certificate 
  • Small Business Financial Management – National Certificate 

Achieve Greatness With our Adult Matric Courses!

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Last Updated: August 24, 2020

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