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Become a sought after decorator with one-of-a-kind skills and an eye for detail with our Interior Decorating Courses. You will dominate the industry and create gorgeous spaces.

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Interior Decorating Short Course

This following course provides a solid foundation for anyone who would like to pursue a career in the Interior Decorating industry. Sign up with us today!

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Interior Decorating Certificate Course

Interior Decorating is an exciting career to be in.This Interior Decorating Certificate Course will give you the tools to unleash your inner creative.

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Interior Decorating Comprehensive Course

Interior Decorating combines the creative process of addressing the aesthetics of a space with understanding of the building itself. Start studying right away!

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Think you have what it takes to become the next Joanna or Chip Gaines? If you’re passionate about beautiful living spaces and creating functional and gorgeous rooms, then you should consider enrolling in Interior Decorating Courses. 

Why you Should Enrol for Interior Decorating Courses

Experience the thrill of creating dream homes and stunning spaces. Watch as you perform magic when you see your before’s transform into the afters you dreamt up inside your head. If this excites you, then Interior Decorating Courses will take you one step closer to achieving your dreams. These courses are designed to give you the knowledge you need to take on design projects and succeed. 

Become Your own Boss

The best thing about this industry is that you can eventually become your own boss. Build a reputation for yourself and a clientele. You can start by help decorating your friends and family’s homes and then find a client base. Interior decorating courses also teaches project management and business skills. 

Develop Your Skills

The main reason you should enrol for Interior Decorating Courses is because you will develop your skills. You will enter this course only having a basic understanding on interior decor and will leave with a wealth of knowledge. This course not only teaches you about interior decorating, but you will also learn how the business works. 

Explore Your Creativity 

This course and career will constantly challenge you and your creativity. Unlike traditional jobs, you will have to solve problems in a creative manner. You will have to work according to the client’s brief and create something that fits the theme. Make sure you challenge yourself creatively and don’t conform to the traditional ways of doing things. 

Yellow chair provides a pop of colour. Learn more about desin and decor elements with our Interior Decorating Courses

What You Will Learn from Interior Decorating Courses

Not everyone is born with a natural eye for decor. Some of those skills need to be taught. Luckily for you Interior Decorating Courses cover all the elements that will help you create beautiful spaces. 

  • Technical Drawing – Fine tune your drawing skills to create precise diagrams and plans. Sketching will help you with the layout of each space. 
  • Project Management – This is one of the most important skills you will have to have. Learn how to manage a team to help you make your decor goals come to life. 
  • History of Architecture – Learn about the different stylistic trends, traditions, regions and how these factors and more impacted design. 
  • Building Construction and Design – Learn a little more about building construction and interior design. 
  • Interior Decorating – You will learn how to create beautiful, cosy spaces that fit your client’s needs. 

Our Interior Decorating Courses

At Skills Academy our Interior Decorating Courses consists of three levels. Students can start by learning the basics with a short course and then continue their education with more advanced courses. These courses are skills-focused and are designed to help students step into the workplace. 

Study Interior Decorating Courses Without Matric 

Don’t have matric or never went to high school? You can still study towards your dream. Our Interior Decorating Courses are Open Access, which means everyone can enrol to study with us. We don’t look at your school marks. All you need is a basic understanding of English to enrol. This will help you understand your coursework and help you pass your subjects. 

Skills you Need to Study Interior Decorating Courses

A love for design and decor is one of the most important skills you will need to have as an aspiring interior decorating professional. But there are also other skills that are necessary if you want to enrol for this course. 


Do you have a vivid imagination? Well then it is time to put those ideas to good use. Your main goal as an interior decorator will be to help make people’s and your own ideas come to life. Creativity is a natural skill, however it is also something that you can learn. 


Distance learning will encourage you to push beyond your limits. Independent learning and Interior decorating will require you to be determined. By learning this early on you will be able to survive the competitive industry. 

Critical Thinking

Decision-making and problem-solving will be something you will constantly have to face as an interior decorator and student. This is the one skill that can make or break your career. Students who perfected these skills will work well under pressure. 

Computer Skills

You will need to have a basic understanding of computers and other devices like smartphones in order to be successful with your studies. It is important that you know how to access your online study groups, do research and find inspiration online, and more. 

A paint brush ready to transform a wall. become skilled and transform spaces with our Interior Decorating Courses

Interior Decorating Courses in South Africa 

In South Africa you can study Interior Decorating Courses on a full-time and part-time basis. A lot of the popular interior decorating courses are offered in Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Pretoria, Johannesburg and Durban. Students who are interested in these courses often have to relocate. If relocating to these cities aren’t an option, then maybe it’s time to consider studying through distance learning

What Qualifications do I need to Become an Interior Decorator?

There are no specific qualification requirements you need to become an interior decorator in South Africa. All qualifications are welcome, however your paths may differ. All companies have different criteria and requirements when it comes to hiring interior decorators. You can get started with a certificate and gain experience to become a senior or become your own boss. 

How do I Become an Interior Decorator in South Africa?

There is no guarantee you will get your dream job. But with the right skills, determination, a great portfolio and the right contacts, you will succeed. There is also no specific path to take to becoming an interior decorator, but these steps might help you. 

Self Evaluation

The first step you need to take is self-evaluation. Be honest with yourself and figure out if this is truly the career path you would like to take. Discover what you’re good at and find out how that  will work in your favour. 

Enrol for a Course

Once you’ve evaluated yourself, you then need to enrol for a course. Find a course that suits your needs and your level of expertise. Our Interior Decorating Courses are perfect because they are skills based and accessible to everyone no matter their educational background.

Job Hunting 

Looking at the classifieds should be the next step or you. You can look for jobs on popular job portals or even in newspapers. But job hunting doesn’t end there. You can check the websites of design and architectural firms and apply for internships or apprenticeships there. You may also look for visual merchandising jobs that will allow you to use your new skills. 

Build a Portfolio

Work on your reputation and keep a record of all the projects you have worked on. Big or small. They all count. Create a portfolio to show clients or recruiters the work you have done over the years. Your portfolio can be digital or physical. 


Meet other industry professionals and build strong business relationships with them. You can build a network of suppliers, furniture designers, architects, interior designers and decorators, and recruiters. This will help you with future projects and even finding work. 

Do you Have Room to Grow?

Don’t let your great interior decorating ideas go to waste. Enrol for a course that will help you put those ideas into practice. Speak to one of our course consultants today to learn more about our registration process.

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Last Updated: August 17, 2020

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