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What better way to express your creativity than with Interior Design Courses? You’ll get to make people’s spaces beautiful, as well as functional. There’s also the possibility of working for yourself, of course!

Available Courses

Google Sketch-Up Short Course

This course will teach students how to use Google Sketch-Up to develop computer-aided 3-D representations of their designs, which would make them more competitive in the industry

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Interior Design: Short Course

The Decor and Design industry is a very exciting and ever changing field that offers countless opportunities for people with creative and technical abilities.

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Interior Design: Certificate Course

Interior Design is a very specialised field where the world of Interior Decorating meets Architecture. Sign up with us to turn your dreams into a career.

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Did you know that each indoor design says something about the house and its owner? It also carries traits and a signature of its designer so that when you walk in, you can tell who designed it. With our Interior Design Courses you get to bring a bare house to life, leave your footprints and give it personality. 

Why Study Interior Design Courses? 

There’s no better way to express your creativity than with Interior Design Courses. You’ll make people’s spaces beautiful as well as functional. You might also end up starting your own firm! But, there’s more. 


Most Interior designers usually have their firms or work independently. Our Interior Design Courses will give you skills and tools to be your own boss. After you gain enough experience and have an outstanding portfolio, everyone will be after you to design their home interiors.

Exploring Your Creativity 

Interior design is all about creativity. You need to be able to walk into an empty room and envision it filled up. And not just focus on furniture but be functional and have character. Not everyone can do this. Only a true creative with a passion for design. 

Job Satisfaction

Beautifully designed spaces give people joy. And makes their lives easier. Studying these courses means you’ll be doing what you love. You’ll be satisfied on a daily basis by the positive change you’ll bring into people’s lives. 

Earning Potential 

According to Payscale, Interior Designers who are just starting out can expect to earn about R14,300 a month. As you build up your experience and portfolio, your earning potential will increase too! 

A bright and minimal designed room. It has a yellow couch, a long, low hanging floor lamp and a white with a black circle inside wall art. This showcases the skills gained from our Interior Design Courses.

Our Interior Design Courses

We have created three levels of interior design courses. They’re Provider Programmes which means they’re carefully made to offer skills-focused training. These courses are:

Google Sketch Up Short Course

To be an excellent Interior designer, you need to be able to use computer software to create your designs. With this Google Sketch Up course, you can make 3D drawings to see exactly what your finished project will look like. 

Interior Design Short Course

This first level course will introduce you to Interior design principles. You’ll also learn designing styles and hopefully pickup yours. Within just 4 months, you’ll be in on the interior design talks. This is also a great time to start building your portfolio. 

Interior Design Certificate Course

Here your understanding of interior design principles and elements will start to deepen. This course takes 8 months to complete. On completion, you’ll know all about basic drawings, what textiles are and project management. 

Interior Design Comprehensive Course 

This is the last level of the three. It gives you extensive understanding of interior design. What makes it special, the history of design, and introduces you to building construction. You’ll also learn how to do technical drawings. 

Other related courses with nearly the same benefits that you may interest you are:

Entry Requirements

All four of these courses have no special requirements for entry. You do not need to have prior knowledge in design or technical drawing. Your passion and will to learn is enough for us. All you need is an understanding of the English language because all our courses are conducted in English. 

What Do Interior Design Courses Teach You? 

There are certain skills you’ll pick up with these courses. These skills will be important in both your personal and professional life. These skills are, but not limited to: 


If you’re concerned about your creativity not being strong enough, that’ll be a thing of the past once you complete these courses. They’ll improve your creativity and let you soar up high in your career. 

Attention to Detail

Every space you design needs to flow together and be functional. In Interior Design, no detail is too small. You need to focus on every little thing to form the bigger picture. 


As a designer, it’s not uncommon to get attached to your own ideas about how to design a room. However, you’ll be working for all kinds of people with different characteristics and personality. So you’ll need to be adaptable. You can voice your ideas and opinions but in the end, the client will have the last say. These courses will give that adaptability you’ll need.

Excellent Communication Skills 

 You’ll be expected to communicate your vision in a way that your clients will understand. You also need to have the ability to understand what they’re trying to tell you. Not everyone is good at communicating. Some people might say they understand what you are saying but their body language might say different. It is your job to make sure you pick up every single detail. 

Technical Sketching 

You may not be a natural born Picasso. We understand this. This is why we have included technical drawing in our courses to help you polish your drawing skills. You’ll also learn how to do these drawings using a computer. You really have nothing to worry about. We’ve got you. 

Organizational Skills

Once you finish your studies and start working, you’ll need to be organised. This will help you with managing budgets and meeting the time frames for each project. Unexpected delays may cause budget spikes and no one likes unplanned spending. 

Where to Study Interior Design in South Africa?

South Africa is a hub for Interior Design training providers. There are plenty of them in Western Cape, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal etc. You can study them online or on-campus, attending classes. But, the most sustainable and cheaper way is through distance learning. Which is where we come in. We offer you these courses at the comfort of your own home. With us you:

  • Never have to attend classes 
  • Will not feel alone, our online support group will be like your own academic community. 
  • Only pay for the months you studied. 

If you want quality education while saving money and time, we’re your best bet. 

Career Prospects

If none of the things we’ve talked about have convinced you yet, maybe this will. Knowing what career opportunities will be available to you once you finish a course can be a good motivator. This is what you can do with an Interior Design Course:

  • Furniture Designer 
  • Interior Decorator 
  • Interior Designer Assistant 
  • Interior Designer 
  • Showrooms Furniture Stager 

Design a Future You’ll be Proud of  

You create your own success. All you have to do is take the first step and enrol with us. Contact us by:

  • Complete our online contact form 
  • Call us for free at 0800 39 0027

Last Updated: August 7, 2020

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