Affordable Education

Would you like to further your studies but think you can’t afford it? Skills Academy has you covered! We are committed to providing our students with the most Affordable Education possible.

We won’t do any credit checks on you when you want to study with us. You can even study with us if you have been blacklisted. Here at Skills Academy we don’t care If you have been in financial troubles before.  We  just know that you want to study to improve your life and receive an affordable education

If you are unhappy with ANYTHING at all, in your first 30 days with us, we will simply cancel your registration and refund you all your money. What we want from you in return, is to tell us in detail what went wrong; so that we can fix the problem and improve our services to our students.

Affordable Education will ensure that you achieve your qualification while saving money at the same time.

Give us a call today and speak to a friendly student registrar. They will inform you of the fees and also help create a payment plan which will fit your needs. Let us help you begin the journey into your studies today! Affordable Education will change your life.

Our B.E.E Status

At Skills Academy we believe the demand for education in South Africa will not be met by government and/or private business in our lifetimes. The challenge is to offer quality education that is accessible and affordable. Skills Academy is a proudly progressive organisation, and in keeping with that policy, we are committed to transforming the South African economy by being B.E.E compliant. Skills Academy is Level 4 B.E.E compliant, which means that you can be assured that we are, not only trustworthy, with a reputation to match your highest expectations, but that we are also devoted to ensuring equality for all South Africans.

Last Updated: October 30, 2020


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Tia Sauls
Tia Sauls
Tia Sauls is a Junior Content Writer and Creator at Skills Academy. She focuses on creating well researched and unique content that meets SEO standards. She believes that all weaknesses can be turned into strengths with time, effort and practice. View my LinkedIn profile

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