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The world of commerce is highly competitive and demanding. To succeed and stand out, make sure you are enroled in recognised Accounting, Bookkeeping and Finance Courses.

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Financial Management: Comprehensive Certificate Course

Financial Managers make sure that all a company’s financial transactions are all legal and that there are no irregularities.This Course can be completed in 12 Months.

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Financial Management: Certificate Course

A Financial Management Certificate Course that consist of 4 Subjects. Financial Managers make sure that all a company’s transactions and finances are correct and legal.

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Financial Management: Short Course

A Financial Management Short Course that only consist of 2 Subjects. This Financial Management Short course will set you on the path to becoming a sought after Financial Manager.

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What do Accounting, Bookkeeping and Financing Professionals do?

Accounting Bookkeeping and Finance Courses help finance professionals all towards the same goal – to maintain the health of an organisation or company’s finances. Although their roles may differ slightly, they do share similarities. Bookkeepers are responsible for documenting and tracking a company’s finances. Accountants prepare and examine financial documents. While Financial Managers come up with strategies to ensure a company reaches its financial goals. Each of these professionals play an important role when it comes to a corporation’s finances. 

What qualifications can you get?

You can choose to enroll in one of our National Certificate or National Diploma courses. The choice is ultimately yours to make. We offer several Accounting Bookkeeping and Financing Courses. If you would like to enroll in one of our short courses, you will receive a certificate of completion. Our short courses are Provider Programs, and do not lead to a national qualification. 

What skills do I need to work in commerce?

An accounting and bookkeeping professional reading a Business newspaper.The world of accounting,bookkeeping and financing is competitive and highly demanding. 

To succeed and stand out, make sure you have the skills required for the job. The requirements may vary dependent on the company and role.

 Make sure you have the basic or universal skills to apply to your dream job. 


1. Numerical Skills 

The number one skill you will need for a career in accounting, bookkeeping and finance is numerical skills. This role revolves around adding up a series of transactions and balancing the books, therefore you need excellent numerical skills. Think addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

2. Computer Literacy

Being computer-literate is important for anyone working in this industry. Accounting, bookkeeping and financing professionals need to keep up with the latest technology related to their line of work. Skills such as touch typing can also be beneficial in the long run. Those who are not familiar with the latest software will struggle to complete their daily duties. 

3. Communication Skills 

Whether you’re working for a small or large company, you need excellent verbal skills. Having great communication skills will make your job more easy and pleasant. These skills include telephone etiquette, face-to-face communication, and email etiquette. 

4. Attention to Detail

Accuracy is highly celebrated in this career field. To ensure that no mistakes come up  in your work, you need to be detail-oriented. A simple mistake in accounting, bookkeeping and finance may cause bigger issues in the future if they’re not corrected immediately.

5. Organisational Skills 

You will have to keep track of multiple tasks, meet deadlines and manage portfolios. Make sure you fulfill all your duties by organising and prioritising tasks. If this is something you struggle with, there are multiple organisational tools you can use to make things easier. You can use calendars, day planners, alphabetised folders and sticky notes to help you with organisation.

Entry Requirements

Skills Academy offers those who didn’t finish matric the opportunity to further their education. Yes, you can enroll in one of our Accounting Bookkeeping and Financing Courses without matric. All you need is grade 10. No previous accounting or finance experience is needed. This course is offered in English, and students are required to understand the language. 

Assessment Structure

Your assessments will be based on the submission of your Portfolio of Evidence (PoE). This will consist of formative assessments and evaluations, along with your final exams (summative assessments). Your final exams will count 70% towards your marks. 

How to get your foot in the door 

Apart from getting your qualification and acquiring new job related skills, experience is equally as important when it comes to making yourself more employable. It’s very unlikely your first job will be the high-paying job of your dreams. Everyone needs to start somewhere.  You can get your foot in the door by going these routes. 


Internships are the best way to gain industry-related experience, gain relevant knowledge, and improve your skill set. Businesses are always looking for young talent. Use the opportunity to network and learn as much as you can. Most internships are unpaid or only offer a traveling allowance. 

Graduate Programs

There are many well-known retailers and government organisations that offer graduate programs. These opportunities are becoming more and more popular. Graduate Programs are designed for college and university leavers, and helps them make a smooth transition from campus to corporate life. 

Reasons to enroll in our Accounting Bookkeeping and Financing Courses

Don’t let your numerical skills go to waste. Invest in yourself and enroll in one of Accounting Bookkeeping and Financing Courses. Studying and working in this field is highly rewarding, and you will have many career opportunities to explore. 

1. Earn a respectable salary

If money motivates you, you will be happy to know that accounting, bookkeeping and finance professionals all earn respectable salaries. Factors such as experience, responsibilities, and the company you work for will influence your salary. 

2. Career opportunities in every industry 

All industries/ companies needs accounting, bookkeeping and financing to function properly. These jobs can be applied to any industry. Every company needs someone to handle the money and accounts, and that person could be you. 

3. Study at your own pace

You no longer have to keep up with the rest of your class, because you are now in a class of your own. Our students aren’t required to attend class, they can study whenever and wherever they want. Study at a pace that best suits you and complete your course whenever you’re ready. 

Career Opportunities

Want to know what your potential career could be? Maybe you would like to know how much you might be making one day. There are many opportunities for accounting, bookkeeping and financing professionals across all industries. Here are some of the positions they might fill. 


A bookkeeper is responsible for keeping financial records of a business. They keep track of transactions such as purchases, sales, receipts and payments. Bookkeepers file financial documents and handle payroll. 

Financial Manager

They are responsible for the financial health of company. Duties include providing insightful financial reports, and developing strategies to reach financial goals. They can find employment in many industries including banks and insurance companies. 

Accounting Technician 

Accounting Technicians work for either public or private sector organisations. Their daily duties include administering payrolls, bookkeeping, preparing accounts and budgets, and monitoring financial transactions. 

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Last updated: May 4, 2020

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