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Want to know what the biggest challenge keeping people from studying further is? Fees! The truth is people simply cannot afford to study further. Skills Academy wants to open the doors of learning to all. That is why with us you stop paying when you finish your course early. Study fast, pay less. It’s that simple.

How Does it Work?

Study fast and pay less is a policy that helps students with tuition costs. It is really pretty easy. If you enrol for an 8 month course, but manage to finish all your coursework in 5 months, you only pay for those 5 months. Skills Academy will only charge you for the time you spent studying- nothing else. This will also encourage you to work hard and focus on your studies. We prioritize our students and want you to finish your course. You will get support and that extra push to finish your studies early.  Sound too good to be true? There are absolutely no strings attached – just affordable quality education for all. Here are some important things to remember: 

  • Students usually take 3 to 4 months to finish a subject. 
  • You cannot study faster than 1 subject per month
  • Your next subject will arrive once you pass the subject you are busy with
  • If you are working so fast that you want a second subject in the same month, you will have to do an extra payment 
  • If you study fast and work hard you could save up to half the total course fee.

Skills Academy truly believes that nothing should stand in your way. With your hard work and dedication, and our support, you will be able to finish your course in no time. 

Finish your studies fast and pay less on your course fees with Skills Academy.

Some More Financial Benefits With Skills Academy 

Skills Academy has a world of perks to offer – if you are willing to explore them. Because we know fees are the biggest factor holding people back from pursuing their dreams, here are some more of our  great financial perks:

30-Day Money Back Guaranteed

If you register and happen to change your mind don’t worry about having to jump through hoops to get your money back. If you are feeling unhappy about anything you can get your money back within 30 days of registration. 

Cut any Extra Costs

We are a distance learning college. None of our courses are offered in a classroom. You won’t have to spend any extra money on travelling fees. Do everything from the comfort of your own home. With our online support from Together We Pass you will get all the support you need without leaving home. 

No Payment for Textbooks or Delivery

So now that you are done paying your course fees, you still have to spend additional money on textbooks, right? Wrong. With us your textbooks are included in your course fees. This means no extra payments. We also deliver your study material within 48 hours of registration. Your study material will be delivered at the closest available drop off point for you. We have really done our best to lessen your financial burden. 

Don’t Pay When you Can’t Study

If for any reason you decide you can’t study anymore, all you need to do is inform us within two weeks of your decision and when you are planning on taking your break. During your break you won’t have to continue payments. For more on this have a look here. 

Work While you Study

Because you won’t be classbound with us you will be able to work while you study.  Many students have to work while studying because of the financial strain of course fees. We offer online support to our working students and you will never feel alone. Our courses are developed to suit your needs and you can study around your schedule.  While you work you will also gain valuable work experience putting you an edge above the rest. 

We understand the anxiety that comes with studying further and we want money to be the least of your problems. We have friendly consultants that are ready to assist with any problem, especially relating to fees. Don’t let anything hold you back from studying further. 

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Author: Andrea Petersen
Last Updated: May 4, 2020

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