Distance Learning Colleges

Are you interested in furthering your education while working a full time job? Distance Learning Colleges make this possible as you don’t attend classes. Find out more about how Distance Learning Colleges can benefit you.

What are Distance Learning Colleges?

Distance Learning Colleges are educational institutions. These specific institutions focus on giving you the best education possible and it is all done from the comfort of your home. This simply means that when you enroll in a Distance Learning College you don’t attend classes but study from home.

Skills Academy

Skills Academy is an accredited distance learning college. All our courses are done from the comfort of your home with the help of our support team. Our support team is made up of expert course advisors, great tutors and qualified lecturers. 

Why Study at Skills Academy

There are many reasons why Skills Academy would be a great institution for you. Here at Skills Academy we have ensured that our policies and purpose aim to satisfy your needs, every step of the way. 

Benefits of Studying With Skills Academy:

  • Accredited and Provider Programme courses  
  • Great payment plans 
  • Online study groups 
  • All study materials are couriered
  • Study fast, pay less policy 

Distance Learning Courses at Skills Academy 

Skills Academy has built up a great reputation for having a course suited to any career. If you are looking for an accredited course, short course or even a creative course, you can find it right here with Skills Academy. 

Course at Skills Academy:

Entrance Requirements for Skills Academy 

You will be happy to hear that we pride ourselves on our open entry policy. This means that we have courses that anyone can enter at any time. Even if you don’t have a matric certificate there are still great courses you can join. 

A guys studying from his computer at home

Matric College

Matric College is a distance learning college that is aimed at giving you a second chance at matric. This is done with their adult matric course and their matric upgrade course. Once you have achieved your matric you can go on to complete one of the many other courses they have on offer. 

What Makes Matric College Different 

The entry requirements for most colleges and universities are strict. Not having a matric certificate can be really discouraging for a young student. Therefore matric college would like to give you the opportunity to either get your matric certificate or upgrade your matric results. This way you can still study the course you wish and go into the career of your dreams. 

The Benefits of Matric College

At Matric College your studies are the main focus. Whatever you need the matric college team ensures that they have it for you or can make it happen for you. 

Benefits of Matric College:

  • Upgrade your matric results 
  • Do accredited courses 
  • Online student support 

What can I Study at Matric College

If you are looking to upgrade your matric or perhaps explore your career options, you can with Matric College. They have tons of NATED and creative courses you can do from the comfort of your home. These courses are especially great because they are all done in partnership with Skills Academy. 

Courses at Matric College:

Why Choose Distance Learning Colleges? 

As seen by the above colleges you have been given good examples of  Distance Learning Colleges. If you are interested in furthering your education but you might have other responsibilities then a Distance Learning College will be perfect for you. You wouldn’t have to choose between your job, family or education. Distance Learning Colleges allows you to do it all at your own pace. 

Interested in a Distance Learning College? 

Contact us today and have one of our highly qualified course experts, give you more information on our distance learning policies. 

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Last Updated: October 30, 2020


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