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We’ve crunched the numbers,looked at the stats and your key to financial freedom awaits with our financial management courses.

NATED Financial Management

N4 Financial Management Course

Every company out there needs someone who can manage their money very well. This means that their is a great chance of finding work in this specific field.

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N5 Financial Management

Companies want the best person for the job of managing their money. This Financial Management Course will help you with everything you have learned and help you become the best choice for a company.

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N6 Financial Management Course

Once you have completed this Financial Management N6 and your 18 months of practical experience you will become incredibly employable. You will have many opportunities to find a job.

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Provider Programs

Financial Management: Short Course

A Financial Management Short Course that only consist of 2 Subjects. This Financial Management Short course will set you on the path to becoming a sought after Financial Manager.

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Financial Management: Certificate Course

A Financial Management Certificate Course that consist of 4 Subjects. Financial Managers make sure that all a company’s transactions and finances are correct and legal.

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Financial Management: Comprehensive Certificate Course

Financial Managers make sure that all a company’s financial transactions are all legal and that there are no irregularities.This Course can be completed in 12 Months.

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Does money really make the world go round? When it comes to the success of a business,  it certainly does. Managing finances is vital to the success of any organisation. In a shaky economy and the rise of  job scarcity, doing financial management courses might just be the smartest investment you can make – trust us on this one, the dividends will definitely pay off. 

Benefits of Studying Financial Management

Studying further has a way of opening a world of opportunities that weren’t there before. We all know money moves and studying a financial management course will put your career on the move. If you aren’t convinced that this is the right choice for you, these reasons might just change your mind

Job Opportunities

The most obvious reason to enrol into a financial management course? The job opportunities! With official training in finance you could get promoted, earn more money and secure your job. 

Some of the job titles you could hold are:

  • Investment banker
  • Credit Manager 
  • Financial Manager 

Goes Hand-in-Hand with Other Skills

Financial Management is a solid foundation for other courses. The things you learn in finance can be used in various roles. 

Promotes Culture of Learning 

Many people stop learning after high school. A finance course, even if it’s a short one, will bridge the gap in learning. You might even discover that you have a knack for finance. 

Use What you Learn

Learning about finances is valuable to everyone – whether you are in the field or not. Our courses will teach you practical skills that you are able to apply daily. 

Understand the Basics of Finance

These courses will help your career, but also your personal finances. Learning how to manage money will contribute to your financial success. 

Enjoy Your Career to the Fullest

If you have all the skills to do your work well, the chances are you will enjoy your job more. After training you will be more confident and prepared. We spend most of our time at work and it is important that while you’re there you enjoy it. 


A calculator, book and pen used to evaluate a company's profits. You can learn how to do this in our Financial Management Courses.

Types of Financial Management Courses

Are you wondering what your options are? With us there are so many financial management courses to pick and choose from. You simply need to decide which option works best for you. We offer two types of financial management programs: NATED Financial Management Courses and Provider Programs.

NATED Financial Management Courses

NATED Courses are aimed at students who have just obtained their matric. These courses are aimed at encouraging students to study further, gain entrepreneurial skills and become work ready. Completing these courses will lead to a national diploma. We offer the following NATED Financial Management Courses. 

Once you have completed all three courses, and done your 18 months of practical training,  you will obtain your National Diploma. These courses will equip you with the skills to do accounting, numeracy and admin work. 

Provider Programs 

Provider programs are courses that are developed by a college itself. Our provider programs have been designed with the aim at offering education to all. We believe that the doors of learning should be open to everyone. This is why we have created financial management provider courses that can fill that need. These are:

While these courses are not NATED, they are still recognised and will help a great deal towards progressing your career. We are a widely acknowledged distance learning college, once students complete our courses they go on to achieve great success. 

Entry Requirements 

Now that you have an idea on the difference between NATED and Provider Courses you need to decide which option will work best for you. This will depend largely on whether or not you will meet the entry requirements for each course. 

The entry requirements for NATED courses are the following: 

  • Must have a Grade 12 or equivalent certificate
  • Be able to read, write and understand English

If you don’t have Matric but really want to enrol into our NATED courses, why not sign up for adult matric? With our adult matric option all you need is to be 21 years and older. Once you’ve completed your Grade 12 then you can go ahead and enrol into the NATED Financial Management Courses.  

For our provider programs there are NO specific requirements. Regardless of your age or current qualification you can enrol and further your studies. This is just one of the ways we prioritise learning for all. 

An individual counting money. Learn how to manage finances with our financial management courses.

Is a Financial Management Course Right for me?

With our courses you don’t need a specific skill set to enrol, but it does help to have certain natural attributes before getting started. It is important to note that most these skills, if not all, can be worked on and improved with the right training. 

Analytical Mind

 In your role as financial manager you will have to evaluate techniques and methods. Because of this having an analytical mind is a skill needed to succeed. 

Communicate Well

Any professional work environment expects you to communicate effectively. If you feel you have trouble with this, don’t worry. All our courses offer business English as a subject. This will teach you how to communicate verbally and non-verbally. 

Eager to Learn 

All we ask is that you give learning a real shot. Any field of study expects you to constantly  upgrade your skills. Financial Management is no different.  Even if you have been in the industry for years, our courses will give you a fresh perspective on the field. 

The Importance of Financial Management in the Workplace

The core of financial management is to grow profits and find ways to lessen costs. Financial management is important for a company as it helps with planning, strategising, and monitoring a company’s finances. 

Map out Goals 

Setting and mapping goals is important for a business to move forward. This helps budgets and deciding where and why money is allocated to certain projects.  

Organise Financial Assets

These courses assists businesses with the skills to monitor their finances with clear and easy-to-use methods. These methods keep track of and organises the movement of funds. 

Helps With Financial Planning 

A financial plan makes it easy to identify whether or not a business is making the profit it wants. If things are off track, the financial manager will be able to identify these problems and get things back on track. 

Ensures Financial Stability 

Maintaining financial security is one of the key elements of financial management. Even if the company is on a good financial path, that does not mean that the planning ends. 

Encourages Good Money Planning Methods

Financial management can influence employees to be better with their own money, as well as the finances of the company. This encourages a savvy-saving culture which benefits businesses majorly. 

How can I Become a Financial Manager?

Ready to pursue a career in Financial Management, but not sure how to get started? Here’s some tips you can make use of. 

Enrol Into a Financial Management Course

The easiest way to make a career change is to study further. Gaining new skills make you:

  • Credible 
  • Improve your CV
  • Opens job opportunities 
  • Shows that you are serious about financial management 

Gain Work Experience

Gaining work experience gives you the opportunity to learn in real time. You know what they say, practice makes perfect. Use the skills you learn in your studies and apply them to your work.

Wondering how you will manage this while studying? With us you won’t have to choose between the two. You can work and study at the same time without feeling stressed.

Make an Investment you can be Proud of. 

Ready to bank on yourself? Enrol into our Financial Management Courses today and become an asset to any business. Contact us today:

Last Updated: August 7, 2020

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