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Take the leap into the forensics field with our Forensic Investigation Courses. Gain the skills and understanding you need to bring lawbreakers to justice.

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Corporate Investigations Investigative Auditing Certificate

At Skills Academy this corporate investigations course will be the perfect match for you! Read further to find out more about this amazing course. Sign up now!

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Corporate Investigations Anti-Corruption Certificate

Earn your Corporate Investigations Anti-Corruption Certificate and bring corrupt companies to justice. Be a hero in this exciting career path.

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General Investigations Policing Certificate

The General Investigations Policing Certificate is a broader field of study. This course will equip you with all the basic skills you would need as an investigator.

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Hours of binge watching CSI will finally come into play. If you knew who the criminal was before the end of the show, you may have a keen eye for detail and be an expert at analysing evidence. If the life of a forensic investigator has always fascinated you, here is your chance to start your exciting career in this field. Our Forensic Investigation Courses will help make your dream of making the world a better place a reality. 

Why Study Forensic Investigation Courses?

There are many benefits of studying these courses. With all the skills gained, you could be solving crimes and making a positive change in our justice system. Some benefits of studying these courses include: 

Career Opportunities

Start an incredible career in the field of forensics and policing. There are many different job opportunities available in forensic investigation that will require you to complete duties like admin and fieldwork. The skills and knowledge gained will open up countless career opportunities to you.

Improve Your Skills

Our Forensics Investigation Courses will improve your skills and teach you new ones. From teaching you how to do analysis, to knowing how to record data, there is no shortage of knowledge  and expertise gained with us.

High Income

While our courses will give you a wealth of knowledge, you can also earn a favourable salary. The more skills and experience you have, the more you could earn. On average, a career in this field could allow you to earn a salary of over R15 000 a month. 

Ability to Solve Crimes

Solving the crime may be the end result, but there is so much more that comes into play. These courses will teach you how to look out for important details that could be easily missed by the untrained eye. Along with the skills learnt, you will also enhance your cognitive ability.

Magnifying glass over a laptop. Learn the basic skills needed to solve crimes with our Forensic Investigation Courses

What Skills Will you Learn in This Course?

Improve your understanding on how to solve crime and corruption inside a business or out in the field. Enrol in these courses and take full advantage of the skills that will allow you to unravel crime and help you become a skilled forensic investigator.

Leadership Skills – Take charge of the case today. Learn the skills you need on how to lead investigations and your forensics department by making important decisions, interviewing suspects and witnesses, as well as give valuable input.

Improves Listening Abilities – Everything surrounding the case is evidence. During interviews and getting expert advice, you need to listen for key information that could help you in your investigation. These courses will help you gain the skills to sift out important details. 

Organisational Skills – What people do not know is the amount of paperwork involved in a career as a forensic investigator. Our courses will teach you how to record these documents and track important paperwork that could make or break an investigation.

Attention-to-detail – As the saying goes “it’s the little things that count”. Paying attention to the little details and analysing samples could bridge the gap between you and solving your case. Our courses are sure to heighten your senses, allowing you to see things more clearly.

Communication Skills – Become an expert in communication with us. Learn how to speak to people during your investigation, as they are all important factors in getting to the bottom of things. The way in which you approach and communicate with people will benefit your case.

Analytical Skills – It’s no use having a mountain of evidence, but you have no idea how to analyse them all. Our Forensic Investigation Courses will help you decipher the data presented to you. Your conclusive findings will be the answer to the problem.

Types of Forensic Investigation Courses

We offer three Forensic Investigation Courses. All brought to you in partnership with Forensics4Africa. Our courses aim to provide you with high quality skills and qualifications. 

  • Corporate Investigations Anti-Corruption Certificate – Bring corrupt individuals to justice. Gain the skills to identify falsified documents and bribery in a business and even the government. Only entry requirement is having good command of the English language.
  • General Investigations Policing Certificate – Become a skilled forensic investigator in the police force. These courses will teach you the skills in catching criminals and stopping illegal activities. Keep in mind: You need a matric certificate or equivalent to enrol in this course.

As part of our Forensic and Policing Courses, we also offer Forensic Science Courses

Forensic Investigation Courses in South Africa

It doesn’t matter where in South Africa you stay. You can study Forensic Investigation Courses with us. Whether you’re in Cape Town, Durban or Johannesburg, you can study right at home. As a distance learning college, we provide quality and affordable education, regardless of where you stay. But don’t worry! You will still get the full college experience. With us:

  • Your course material is couriered or emailed to you
  • You have access to online study groups offering help and support
Police DO NOT CROSS yellow tape, Our Forensic Investigation Courses will enable you with the tools to have a successful career in forensics.

Importance of Forensic Investigation

If you’re not sure about starting this course and pursuing a career in this field, keep in mind that this industry holds many benefits. Not only does it have many perks for you, it benefits our society as well. If you pride yourself in making the world a better place, then following this path is one of the best decisions you can make. In forensic investigation, you can:

  • Solve corruption in the workplace
  • Catch criminals and send them to jail
  • Save business’ from money laundering and bribery
  • Play a part in creating a safe space for our children to grow up in

All this and more can become possible for you when you study with us. 

How do I Become a Forensic Investigator?

A career in this field doesn’t happen overnight. Yet with enough determination and hard work, it could be much closer than you expect. Use our guidelines to help you start your career. 

Get the skills – Without the skills, you won’t make it in this job. What better way to learn these skills than with us? Studying our courses will also allow your employers to see that you have a quality education from an esteemed college.

Gain experience – You will only be able to learn valuable workplace skills through practical experience. There are a variety of ways in which you can gain experience, and a career in forensics is no different. You can get experience through:

  • Volunteering at your local police department in dealing with paperwork
  • Become an intern within the various jobs in this sector
  • Apply for an entry level job and climb the corporate ladder

Career Options

Wondering if becoming a forensic investigator is the only career you can pursue with these courses? The skills gained will help you find a career in so many more jobs in forensics, it will be difficult to choose from.  With this course, you can be a:

  • Forensic investigator
  • Police officer
  • Private investigator
  • Detective
  • Forensic scientist

Step Onto the Scene With our Forensic Investigation Courses

The field of forensics and policing is exciting yet challenging. People who commit crime and corruption have become more sly in their wrongdoings. Yet our courses will teach you the skills you need to bring justice to society. Contact us today and one of our course experts will help you through the process. You can:

  • Call us on 0800 39 00 27
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Last updated: August 24, 2020

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