Choosing a Course to Study

Choosing a course to study can be a complicated process as there are many factors to consider. It is also important to make the right choice to ensure that you avoid wasting time and money. Sign up today and find out how you can follow the course of your dreams.

Type of Course

Before choosing a course to study, you want to make sure that you have all the information you need. You can find this information from the institution you will be studying from but you can also do your own research.


Consider the interests that you have that can be linked to a course. Interests are based on personal things that you already have. These can include your personality, things that you are good at, strengths or even your weaknesses that you want to improve. 

Are you passionate about working with children? Do you prefer an office space or just working with numbers? Knowing what your interests are can make it easier to find a related course. Skills Academy offers a range of courses for people with different interests.

Study Options to Choose From 

As a student, you have a choice to choose between part-time and full-time studies. This depends mostly on what is suitable to you at the time. Are you looking to work while you study? Are you a parent wishing to gain new skills while looking after your children? These questions may help you choose the course you want to study. With distance learning, you get to study in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to attend classes or even write exams. You can also access student support online forum Together We Pass, which allows you to get help on any issues you may have with the course content. You will submit all your assessments online too. Now you have one less thing to worry about.

Make the right decision when choosing a course to study.


Where to Study Your Course

There are many distance learning colleges in South Africa so choosing a course to study can be a difficult choice. When you are choosing a course to study, it is best to look at which benefits appeal to you the most. 

When studying with Skills Academy, you can benefit in many ways. Let us explore how: 

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

So you have chosen a course to study and you are not satisfied with it? No need to worry. Skills Academy offers you your money back with a full refund, within 30 days after you have registered. 

Stop Paying When You are Done

Finished your 6 month course in 4 months? With Skills Academy, you stop paying when you finish studying. This can help you avoid unnecessary costs and you can determine how long you will study for. 

Can’t Afford to Study?

If you are having a difficult month financially and cannot afford to study, there is no need to worry. You can stop studying and continue once you are able to afford to study again. You can also take a break from your studying for up to months and resume once you are ready. All the help you need will be provided to you. 

No Credit Checks or Blacklisting

Credit checks prevent many people from getting the education that they need. With us you do not need to worry about that. We believe that everyone deserves an education and should be able to study regardless of any problems they may have. You will not be blacklisted if you cannot pay for your studies. 

What Kind of Courses can you Study?

When enrolling to study, it is important to check if you meet the requirements set for the course you want to study. Different distance learning colleges have their own entry requirements. At Skills Academy, we believe that learning should be open to anyone who wishes to learn new skills. It should not be difficult to follow the course of your dreams because you cannot meet the requirements. 

Our courses are the perfect choice, because anyone can study! All you need is to understand English as courses are provided in this language. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are in South Africa, you can choose to study with us. For our Nated courses, you need a NQF Level 4 to study. You can also study these courses, if you have matric or an equal qualification. 

Accredited Courses

Accredited courses are those courses that are recognized by an official body. This means that the qualification you will receive once you complete your studies is from a government education department. You can choose to study accredited courses such as Business Management, Financial Management, Entrepreneurship and Office Management. Studying an accredited course, is a great skill to have when applying for jobs. 


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Last Updated: November 2, 2020


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