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Dream of managing your very own guest house? Make that dream a reality by enrolling in our Guest House Management Courses. Become a part of the tourism industry today!

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Guest House Management: Short Course Certificate

Running a guest house effectively is very important. If you don’t keep the guests happy or things are not up to standard, your guest house won’t succeed.

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Guest House Management: Certificate Course

This course will give you more skills to use to make your guest house run smoothly and effectively so that you can stand out between all the competition.

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Guest House Management: Comprehensive Certificate Course

This course will also teach you all about the legal information that you need to know about when opening and running a guest house of our own someday.

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Increase your chances of employment and success in the tourism industry. Learn how to manage or run your own guest house in South Africa by gaining the necessary tools. Our Guest House Management Courses can help you develop your business management skills. It can also teach you how to provide your guests with the best holiday experience. 

What is Guest House Management all About?

In simple terms, guest house management deals with the running of a guest house. This consists of all daily activities and the supervision of staff. It also includes using supplies and equipment properly. Some common duties are: 

  • Monitoring guest check-ins 
  • Handling the booking system
  • Dealing with customer complaints
  • Arranging housekeeping 

Why Should I Study Guest House Management Courses? 

Looking to get a head start in an exciting industry? If you are a people’s person and driven to provide excellent customer service, you should consider these courses. Not only will you gain valuable skills, you will also get the chance to enjoy many benefits. 

Range of career opportunities – These courses can prepare you for any role in the tourism and guest house management industry. 

Develop transferable skills – The skills you learn will help you in any career that you follow. Even if it’s not in this specific field. 

Can start your own business – Want to start your own guest house, instead of managing someone else’s? You can do just that with our courses. 

Room for career growth – Completing courses in the field you’re working in can look good on your CV and help you land that dream promotion. 

The outdoor sitting area of a guest house, overlooking a pool. Our Guest House Management Courses can help you learn how to run a beautiful guest house like this one.

Where can I Study Guest House Management Courses? 

Skills Academy offers three guest house management courses through distance learning. You don’t need a matric certificate to get started. All you need is to be able to read and write in English, as well as understand the language. 

Guest House Management Courses

Our Guest House Management programme consists of short, certificate and comprehensive courses. These courses were developed by us and aim to equip you with the necessary workplace skills

Short course – This 4-month course serves as an introduction to Guest House Management. Learn the basics, such as how to communicate with different people and conduct market research. 

Certificate course – Build on what you already know with this 8-month certificate course. Gain the skills on how to provide great customer service to your guests. You will also learn about first aid concepts and procedures. 

Comprehensive course – This 12-month course is the final in the Guest House Management programme. Learn about the legal side of managing a guest house and drawing up a business plan. 

Related Courses 

Interested in other tourism-related courses? Besides Guest House Management, we also offer the following: 

Tourism Management

Tourism management deals with all activities related to catering to the needs of tourists. These courses will equip you with the necessary  business, finance and marketing skills. 

Tourism Marketing 

Learn all about the skills and techniques needed to conduct market research with these courses. You can also learn how to promote your business and any special offers. 

How Will I be Assessed? 

You don’t need to write any exams. All you need to do is complete the necessary assignments and submit them on time. To pass, you have to achieve a minimum of 50% on your assessments. 

What Skills can I Learn from These Courses?

By studying these courses, you will gain industry-related knowledge and skills. Not only are they essential for guest house managers, but also for other roles within the field. 

Communication: It’s important to know how to communicate well with different people. This includes guests as well as other staff members. 

Customer care service: Providing great customer service is the most important part of running a guest house. This can help boost your customer numbers. 

Business management: Like any business, a guest house needs to be managed effectively. This ensures that you make a profit and continue operating. 

Problem-solving: When running a guest house, you are bound to run into problems. But if you have these skills, you will be able to resolve them. 

Research and marketing: Learn how to find your target market and promote your guest house in various ways. These skills are useful when it comes to making your business visible.

A smiling guest house manager at the reception desk. Learn how to become a successful one with our guest house management courses.

How do I Know if These Courses are for me?

Before you decide to study any course, you need to figure out what your strengths and interests are. Our guest house management courses may be ideal if you: 

  • Want to improve on your communication skills
  • Are able to deal with unexpected situations
  • Have an interest in South Africa’s unique history and tourist attractions
  • Are able to work with all kinds of people 
  • Have great organisational skills

Role of a Guest House Manager 

In some cases, a guest house manager owns and manages their guest house, This means that they often need to perform a range of duties and fulfil different roles. 

Administration – Making bookings, ordering supplies and managing finances. 

Maintenance – Fixing broken equipment and making sure that housekeeping is done. 

Customer service – Dealing with customer complaints and providing information to tourists.

Planning of meals – Buying food supplies and supervising meal preparations by kitchen staff. 

How do I Become a Guest House Manager?

If you are invested in becoming a guest house manager, you need to know exactly what the job entails. There is no set way of doing this, but you can explore all or some of the different ways listed below. 

  1. Do research – Speak to someone who is already familiar with the industry or do a simple internet search. 
  2. Take courses – Gain both skills and knowledge by signing up for guest house management courses. It can also enhance your CV. 
  3. Get work experience – There is no specific training you need to manage a guest house, but having some experience can be helpful. Apply for an internship or do some volunteering in the field. 

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Last Updated: August 24, 2020

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