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Put your leadership skills to good use. Use your passion for customer service and pick up industry tips and tricks to thrive in this fast-paced industry.

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Call Centre Management: Short Course Certificate

Start a successful career as a call centre manager today. Take the first step into this field with our Call Centre Management Short Course Certificate today.

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Call Centre Management: Certificate Course

Call Centre Management is a business discipline that is focused on the practical application of service delivery found in a call centre. Learn these valuable skills with us today.

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Call Centre Management: Comprehensive Certificate Course

Call Centre Management is a business discipline that is focused on the practical application of service delivery. The call centre is seen as the face of a business.

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Countries and people are no longer interacting on an island. Businesses and client service has expanded to reach people from all over the world. The rise of call centres is just one of the ways our economy is able to reach a global scale. This is why call centre management courses have become increasingly important. To ensure good service delivery across the globe. 

The Benefits of Studying Call Centre Management Courses

Studying further always comes with a range of amazing benefits and opportunities. Our call centre management courses will help you climb the career ladder of this  fast paced and growing industry. 

A World Full of Possibilities

The Call Centre industry gives you the opportunity to network not only in your country, but also internationally. You will be given access to work with people all over the world. Who knows – you might even be able to work abroad. 

Career Opportunities

Employers look for workers who have some sort of official training. It shows them that you are credible and take your job seriously. Get an edge above the competition in this competitive industry and obtain official training. Your access to jobs will increase drastically. 

Climb the Corporate Ladder

With a broader skill set you will be able to do more. Employers will soon give you more responsibilities and you could earn that promotion you’ve been yearning for!

Earning Potential 

Skilled workers get paid more. With official training you will be able to negotiate for a higher salary and company benefits. 

Find Fulfillment in Your Career

Studies show that workers who are skilled and trained in their work find more fulfillment in their career. Why? If you know what you’re talking about you will go to work feeling confident and enthusiastic. We spend most of our time at work. Why not ensure that you are in an environment you can excel in?

Our Call Centre Management Courses

We offer three Call Centre Management Courses. All aimed at teaching you the tips and tricks of the industry. These courses are:

  • Call Centre Management: Short Course Certificate
  • Call Centre Management: Certificate Course
  • Call Centre Management: Comprehensive Certificate Course 

These courses range from beginner courses to a more comprehensive look into the industry. The great thing is regardless if you have prior knowledge you can enrol. Our short courses are especially beneficial to students who want to start a career in the industry, as well as for business professionals looking improve their skills in a short amount of time.

What Will I Learn?

Our courses cover everything you need to thrive in a professional environment. Here are just a few of the focus points of our Call Centre Management Courses:

  • Advertising and promotions 
  • Managing call centres 
  • Getting a better understanding on the way consumers behave
  • Learn more about human relations and customer service  

Entry Requirements 

Our call centre management courses are all designed and offered by us. We prioritise learning for all and because of this our provider courses have no specific entry requirements. Anyone can enrol! Regardless of prior qualifications. All you need is:

  • The ability to write, speak and understand English
  • An enthusiasm to learn. 

With us nothing holds you back from improving your qualifications. 

A young woman dressed professionally in a red blazer. Your professionalism can also be worked on with these call centre management courses.

Are Call Centre Management Courses Right for you?

There is no clear way to answer this. Choosing a course depends entirely on you, your needs and career goals. If you have the following skills and interest then a call centre management course might be just what you need.


If you see the worth in delivering the best customer service then this course speaks directly to you.  Your attire, your attitude towards your work, clients and other colleagues all contributes to a professional environment. 

Effective Communication Skills

Call Centres are all about communicating well. The only way you will be able to sell products and assist clients is if you communicate effectively.The great thing is that if you don’t naturally have these skills our courses will teach them to you. 

Computer Skills 

Your work will mostly be done on the phone and computer. This is why you must at least have some basic computer skills to do your job well.  Don’t feel you are tech savvy just yet? Enrol into our computer courses and learn the basics. 

Organisational Skills 

Are you a great planner? Call Centres are big and usually have many people working for them. Your organisational skills will ensure that the company is on track and reaching their set goals. 

Customer Focus

The success of call centres is entirely dependent on the clients. This is why you must value the customer’s needs and wants.  If you are customer focused you will apply strategies to make sure the customer leaves feeling satisfied. 

Interpersonal Skills

Having good interpersonal skills means you relate well to others. You are friendly, warm and professional. 

Once again it’s important to note that if you don’t have these skills naturally you will be able to improve them with our courses. Our courses are all centred at professionalism, communication and customer service.

If you’re unsure whether call centre management is the right direction for you, have a look at our other courses. We also offer retail management, business management and financial management.  

A man sitting behind his desk working on a computer. Call centres are able to function efficiently because of our call centre management courses.

Why are Call Centre Management Courses Important?

Imagine having to manage operational costs, customer service, employee training and revenue growth without any training or strategies in place. Call Centre Management Courses gives people the skills to go back to their workplace and implement certain methods that help with their company’s growth.  

Encourages Setting Goals and Planning Ahead

You cannot just wing it in the call centre industry. Your company needs to set clear goals and plan for any risk factors. Call Centre Management Courses provide you with the tools to do this effectively. 

Creates a Friendly and Customer Focused Environment 

Our courses are all about the client. We teach you how to communicate with clients, keep your cool with the difficult ones and ensure that once they are done dealing with you they leave feeling happy. 

Using Technology Effectively 

Call Centres need the right technology to succeed. They also need people with technical skills who are able to drive their company forward. Call Centre Management priorities finding the best technology to deliver the best service. 

Provide Relevant Training Aligned With Organization’s Goals

Call Centre Management Courses give you the skills needed to organise employee training, but also training that is relevant to the company’s goals. This reinforces the company’s aims and objectives. 

With the right strategies in place call centers are able to thrive in today’s struggling economy. 

Career Options With our Call Centre Management Courses

Scared of feeling  tied down to just one career path? Don’t worry. Our Call Centre Management Courses will give you access to more than one option. Here are some of the career paths available to you:

  • Call Centre Agent
  • Campaign Manager
  • Contact Centre Manager
  • Contact Centre Operations Supervisor
  • Contact Centre Team Leader
  • Customer Service Consultant
  • Helpdesk Consultant

It’s Your Call for More. Success is on the Line. 

Don’t sit around and wait for your call to success. Go ahead and grab the opportunity! Studying more gives you access to jobs, promotions and a higher quality of life. Contact us today. Our course consultants are ready to help. 

Last Updated: August 17, 2020

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