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Included In The Fees

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All your study material

All the study notes and textbooks you need to pass your course are included in your course fees. We give you everything you will need to complete your course.

No Hidden Costs

When there are external costs like institute membership or exam fees, we will warn you about that before you register. So you are able to budget your monthly study costs.

Courier Fees

The courier fees are included in your course fees. No waiting on the Post Office. You don’t spend weeks waiting on your next package with study materials.

Speedy Delivery

We don't waste time when it comes to sending your study material. On average we deliver in a week or less.

Online Study Group

Skills Academy students get free access to the Together We Pass (TWP) online study groups. These groups are facilitated by your Skills Academy lecturers and tutors.

Quick Registration

You will be registered in your online study group and you can start engaging with your classmates and your lecturers within two days of signing up.

Lecturers and Tutors

Your friendly tutors and lecturers are available on the phone, in the Together We Pass free online study groups, on email and even on WhatsApp.

Limitless access during office hours.

High contact, supported learning is key your success, so all students are encouraged to use the study groups as much as possible.

What is not included in the fees?

We do not include writing materials or envelopes for you to send your assignments to us.

However, you can upload your assignments here through our Learner Portal, and cut out the price of envelopes out as well!

What We Do For Our Students

Quality Student Support

We offer world-class support to our students, guaranteed! Quickly resolve any study or account related query without any hassles. We want to help you finish fast! The faster you finish, the less you pay!

Finish fast and pay less

If you finish your course early, you can stop payments early. So if you sign up for a 12-month course, but you finish it in 10 months, then you don’t have to pay for the last two months.

48 Hour Delivery

We send you all study material via courier service. That means you don’t have to even lift a finger. We send your first batch of study material within 48-hours of your registration.

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