What is a Provider Programme?

Want to know more about what is a provider programme and who develops it? All provider courses are developed by course professionals to get you ready for a career.

Provider Programmes are courses developed by the College or Academy itself. So Skills Academy provider programmes have been developed by Skills Academy.

Skills Academy Logo Provider Programmes

These courses are not accredited. Skills Academy developed the course outline, curriculum and study material for these courses.

Students Study These Courses to:

  1. Get more skills and knowledge fast, which they can use in the workplace
  2. Improve their CVs to have a better chance when applying for a new job or promotion
  3. Improve their knowledge to perform better in their jobs
  4. Gain self-enrichment and for personal development

Provider Programmes Certificate

These courses do not require formal exams to pass and are often structured in such a way that you can level up your skills as you go along. They are perfect for self-development and demonstrate to employers your willingness to learn and improve yourself thereby increasing your ability to find a job or get a better job.

Provider Programmes are quality assured and certified by the provider. They are not registered on the NQF, do not carry any national credits; and do not lead to a National Qualification.

Provider Programmes exist to help develop your skills. They are usually short courses, and professional career development courses. If you need to learn skills that you can apply in your work fast, then often a provider programme or short course is the fastest way to get there.

At Skills Academy you are in safe hands because we strive to ensure that you receive the best quality material from reputable providers. Add that to the amazing support from our superior Course Experts and the certificate that you will receive from Skills Academy, you will be able to make a great impression at that next big interview.

On top of that, most employers, as well as the South African Government, see the value of Provider Programmes, so you can knock the socks off the competition!

Important Information about Provider Programmes:

  1. A provider programme has no external accreditation and it has no link to any professional body.
  2. Provider courses give students knowledge and skills to help them in their jobs, own businesses or hobbies.
  3. Make sure you list your provider programmes on your CV. Employers want to see ALL the training you have done.
  4. Provider programmes are usually shorter than accredited qualifications.

Last Updated: November 2, 2020


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