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Are you good with people and adore the retail industry? Spruce up your knowledge with our Retail Management Courses. Gain skills you can apply in ANY industry.

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Retail Management: Certificate Course

This course is the ideal course for improving your basic skills as well as your knowledge in the retail management industry. Sign up now to find out more!

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Retail Management: Comprehensive Course

All Retail managers around the world ensure that their products are merchandised for maximum exposure at all times. Sign up now to find out more about this course!

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Retail Management: Short Course

Our Retail Management: Short Course will teach you how to monitor your stock levels and prevent theft, what to do in the case of theft, and more. Enrol today!

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Retail management covers the two most important aspects of businesses: customer needs and sales. Without these two elements stores will not be successful and meet their profit margins. In the world of retail, all that matters is making sure the customer leaves happy. Retail Management courses will:

  • Help you understand what the client wants
  • Provide you with the tools to meet those wants and needs

Benefits of Studying Retail Management Courses

The field of retail management provides many benefits. It is an industry where work will always be available. As long as there are customers who are buying things, you will have a secure job. Other than your job security, here are some more benefits attached to studying a retail management course.  

Gain Sales Skills 

To work in this industry you need sales skills. Our Retail Management Courses will teach you how to communicate with clients, sales techniques and customer loyalty. These are skills you can apply in many other fields of work. 

Career Progression 

Employers want skilled workers. If your employer knows that you have the right skills to take on more responsibility it might lead to that promotion you have been wanting. 

Learn to Lead 

All areas of management require leadership. If you lack these skills, don’t worry. With subjects like quality management and strategic management, you’ll get the handle on leading in no time! 

Become a Problem Solver 

Problems will arise in any business. We have subjects that are aimed at preparing you for these moments. Learn how to spot problems and how to solve them. 

Earn More 

If you have official training you become beneficial to any organisation. This will give you the chance to negotiate for more money and benefits. 

No Limit on Career Opportunities

Yes, these are retail management courses, but the skills you learn can be applied anywhere! Your learning will not be limited to one career option. You’ll be able to explore other avenues of management and sales. 

A retail store displaying their goods in a strategic manner. Learn more about these tools in our Retail Management Courses

Our Retail Management Courses

Here, at Skills Academy, we offer the following retail management courses. 

Our courses range from beginner to more advanced courses. It all depends on  what your needs are. If you are looking to learn a lot of information in a short amount of time, then a short course will do. On the other hand, if you want a more in-depth look into retail management our other courses will do just that. We have the right pick for everyone. 

Entry Requirements 

Our retail management courses are provider programs. All the coursework and textbooks are designed by us. Our provider courses have NO specific entry requirements. This means:

  • Anyone can enrol
  • All you need is the ability to read, write and understand English.

It’s that simple. No strings attached – just quality education for all. 

Where can I Study Retail Management in South Africa

Choosing where to study is just as important as choosing what to study. Some things you should consider before making a choice are:

  • Costs: Studying further is expensive. Check into how much course fees and course material will be, as well as other additional costs like travelling.  
  • Support: You shouldn’t have to struggle alone with your studies. Find out if the college you’re looking into has online platforms and tutors available to you. 
  • Location: Many students have to move miles away from home to get an education. This results in extra spending that can be avoided if you choose the right college. 

What if we told you that it doesn’t matter where you are living in South Africa? You can get an education from anywhere in the country with us via distance learning. Study with us and enjoy the following benefits:

  • No class attendance – ever!
  • Save on education as there are no additional expenses to studying with us
  • Get online support

Our schedules are not fixed. This means that wherever you are, Johannesburg or Cape Town, you can study and still enjoy everything your city has to offer. Don’t make a big move to get an education. Bring the learning to the comfort of your home. 

What Will I Learn?

The key focus of your learning will be issues and topics related to the retail industry. Our subjects will teach you the following.

  • Communication: you will be working with staff, clients and leaders within your workplace. You must know how to communicate professionally and calmly.  
  • Decision making: Staff members look to management to make big decisions. When that time comes you must have the skills to make the right business decisions.  
  • Marketing concepts: Retail is all about sales. You will be learning how to market products and services. This will lead to the success of your company. 
  • Quality Management: Know how to put tools in place to ensure your team is delivering high quality work without overspending.  

The skills you learn in these courses can be applied anywhere.

Qualities Needed to Study Retail Management 

As we have mentioned, there are no prior skills needed to enrol into these courses. However, the following skills will make it easier to complete your course and work in retail. 

  • Good communication skills 
  • Responsible 
  • Analytical 
  • Time management 
  • Passionate about working with people

Our courses are aimed at improving and boosting your skill set. With our right training you will be able to possess all these qualities. 

The Importance of Retail Management in the Workplace

Retail management is vital to the daily operations of a business. These are some of the reasons why retail management skills are important in the workplace. 

Support and Motivate Staff

Retail management skills teaches you about leading, motivating and supporting staff. It also gives you the tools to hire the right people and plan staff training.  

Contributes to Sales Growth 

The skills you learn in these courses will give you the ability to spot what marketing tools works best for your customers.This all contributes to an increase in sales. 

Implement the Right Tools

Your problem solving skills will allow you to identify a problem, and apply the right strategy to solve it. You’ll be able to spot product breakage and theft in stores, and solve these problems effectively. 

Selling the Brand

Retail management also has to do with knowing the business brand. If you are familiar with the brand of the business, you will know how to market it better. Get to know your products, who buys them and your competitors. 

Career Opportunities 

Your career opportunities are important. We are sure you don’t want to feel stuck in one direction. Thankfully, with these courses you have many options within the retail industry available to you. They are:

  • Merchandise manager 
  • Customer service manager 
  • Store or warehouse manager 
  • Assistant store manager 
  • Retail manager 

All you need is to decide which path you would like to specialise in. 

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Last Updated: August 13, 2020

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