The Value Of NATED Courses

NATED courses, short for National Diploma courses. They are a great way for South African students with a matric certificate to begin their careers. These programmes provide the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in your chosen field. 

Skills Academy, a leading skills-focused institution, offers a variety of NATED courses. We believe in the power of these programmes. We believe that these qualifications can equip South Africans with the qualifications and experience they need to thrive in their careers.

What Are The Various Aspects Of NATED Courses?

NATED courses offer 3 different qualifications(N4, N5 and N6 certificates) that a student can receive after completing the course associated with it. The fourth qualification is a practical Diploma course(N6 Diploma). This allows a student to look for an internship and gain real-world work experience.

These courses were created by the Department of Higher Education. It was created for anyone with a matric certificate to apply and study towards building a solid career. These courses teach you the skills to prosper in an office or business environment. 

Which Types Of NATED Courses Are Available?

Skills Academy has a variety of different NATED courses. These courses apply to different business sectors. They can help you gain the entry-mid-level skills needed to prosper in your career choice. Here are our NATED course offerings:

How Are NATED Courses Categorised?

NATED courses are categorised by the qualification a student receives after completing a course. These are the N levels each qualification has, and each level is equivalent to the NQF levels. NQF levels display the level of knowledge a student has after receiving one, such as the following:

Certificate/DiplomaNQF Level
N4 CertificateNQF4
N5 CertificateNQF5
N6 CertificateNQF5
N6 DiplomaNQF6

With a variety of fields like Financial Management and Business Management. Skills Academy’s NATED courses cater to diverse career aspirations. Remember, each course equips you with the entry-to-mid-level skills needed to flourish in your chosen path.

Do not be intimidated by the N levels and NQF classifications. Simply think of them as stepping stones. The higher the level, the deeper your knowledge and expertise. N4 certificates provide a solid foundation, while N6 diplomas signify advanced mastery.

What Is The Difference Between NATED And Degree Qualifications?

In South Africa, students have two main paths for their education and careers. NATED courses and degree programmes. NATED courses are all about practical skills tailored to specific industries. They help get students job-ready right away.

On the other hand, degrees dive deep into theory and research. These qualifications open up a broader spectrum of career options but with a stronger theoretical foundation. Knowing the differences between these paths is important.

It is important to make smart choices for your education and future career. Consider the following table:

AspectNATED CoursesDegree Qualifications
FocusPractical skills and industry-specific trainingTheoretical knowledge and academic research
OutcomePrepares students for immediate employment in specific industriesPrepares students for a broad range of careers, often requiring further specialisation
NQF EquivalenceHave NQF equivalence but focus on lower to mid-level NQF qualificationsTypically start from higher NQF levels, indicating a higher level of education
Learning ApproachEmphasises hands-on experience and practical application of skills.Emphasises theoretical understanding, analysis, and academic research.
Industry RelevanceDirectly aligned with specific job roles and industry requirements
  • Provides a broad foundation
  • Often requires additional training or education for specific job roles
DurationCan vary, but often shorter than degree programmes due to the focused curriculumTypically, spans several years, depending on the level of degree pursued

This table highlights the key differences between NATED courses and degree qualifications. It offers insights into how each pathway caters for different educational and career objectives.

How Is The Curriculum Designed For NATED Versus Degree Courses?

The curriculum for each mode of learning is different. NATED courses mainly teach you about a specific career path. Solely focusing on that career and each module touching on an aspect of the course and the career path it can open. It also allows you to experience how the qualification you are studying for works in real-life situations.

Degree courses are similar as each course teaches you the specifics of what you need to know.  And the modules also contribute towards broadening your knowledge about your course. However, they mainly focus on the broader aspects of each course and how they can be applied in real-world situations. With few practical/real-world applications in the form of assignments and assessments.

How Do Employers View NATED Qualifications In Comparison To Degrees?

Whilst these qualifications are different from each other. Each plays a significant role in our education system when it comes to employment. Most companies hire people with the right qualifications for the job. Both accomplish this in different ways. Here are some factors that employers have to consider before deciding to hire:

  • Industry Type
  • Specific Job
  • Employer’s Needs

How Long Does It Take To Complete A NATED Course?

Each level of a NATED Certificate course takes 6 -12 months to complete. This means that N4, N5 and N6 certificates can be completed both part-time and full-time. However, this influences when you finish, with part-time and full-time.

We also include the option of Accelerated NATED courses at Skills Academy. This gives students the option to study their course within a shorter amount of time. Through this option, students may be able to save both time and money.

Here is a simplified table with the duration for every NATED course we offer:

N4 National Certificate6 – 12 months
N5 National Certificate6 – 12 months
N6 National Certificate6 – 12 months
N6 National Diploma18 months

How Flexible Are NATED Courses In Terms Of Duration?

NATED courses with Skills Academy are flexible. Giving you different options for how you want to study. We allow students to study full-time, part-time and accelerated. Each one depends on your schedule. 

For example, if you want to study full-time. This means that you will study your course for the amount of time it would normally take to finish it. This includes 18 months of practical work.

What Are The Benefits Of NATED Courses?

NATED courses offer many benefits for all students studying with us. They can open many doors for professional and academic opportunities after completing them. Here are some more benefits you can get by studying a NATED course:

  • Comprehensive information about the job field you are studying
  • Accredited
  • Practical experience for future career prospects
  • Further study opportunities
  • Affordable

Are NATED Courses Worth It?

Yes, for students who want to start their professional careers after completing matric. These courses are great for you if you want to gain an extra qualification for future job opportunities. 

From learning the basics to advanced knowledge and gaining practical experience. These courses allow you to start your journey fully equipped towards success. With Skills Academy, we are here to ensure your journey goes the way you want it to go.

How Do NATED Courses Enhance Professional Skills?

They are made to give students the expertise needed to be successful.  These courses are the perfect introduction to the professional world, whether in an office or business environment. 

This is because each course dives into all the information about the career field they are for. These courses also provide the skills needed to be a successful employee to your future employer. With enough experience, you could potentially be an employer to your future employees.

What Kind Of Theoretical Knowledge Is Imparted In NATED Courses?

The first 3 levels of NATED courses are theory courses. This means that all students learn all the necessary and relevant knowledge needed to understand the work they will be doing in their practical course and future career path. 

Through the modules featured in each course. Our comprehensive study materials and our expert tutors assist you with topics. As well as the concepts that you might need some light shed on. These courses are here to make sure you are provided with the tools to become one of the best in your career path.

How Do NATED Courses Focus On Practical Skills?

The NATED N6 Diploma courses are practical courses that students need to do to receive the full qualification of your course by completing an 18-month internship. Students apply for internships that align with their course and gain real-world experience while studying, and this allows them to gain the skills needed to work daily in their desired career field.

Are NATED Courses Recognised Internationally?

Yes, NATED courses are accredited by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO). They are responsible for ensuring that all qualifications are nationally and internationally recognised. This includes NATED courses available at Skills Academy.

How Do I Pursue A NATED Course?

Through distance learning. Skills Academy is one of the leading institutions providing NATED courses. We want to ensure that all matric graduates can learn the skills and experience to start working towards their career goals and dreams, all from home, or anywhere they choose.

What Are The Admission Requirements For NATED Courses?

The main requirement to study a NATED course is a matric certificate. Which can be a traditional National Senior Certificate or a Senior Certificate. Here are a few more requirements for starting your NATED journey:

  • 16 years or older
  • Study through distance learning
  • Read, write and understand English

How Intensive Are The NATED Course Schedules?

For students who want to pursue NATED courses through distance learning and Skills Academy. Creating a schedule that fits their studies and personal lives is important. 

We understand that your studies are important because they are the key to helping you achieve your life and career goals. However, your responsibilities are still there waiting for you to handle them. We try to make your studies as convenient as possible. 

Can I Take Multiple NATED Courses Simultaneously?

No, whilst the idea of doing multiple courses at the same time seems like a good idea. NATED courses cover many topics that require your full attention. So for you to understand the work and receive your qualification at the end. It is best to only study one course at a time.

Our courses are designed to be flexible. So that you can study your chosen qualification and have free time to handle responsibilities. And doing multiple courses simultaneously might end up taking too much time away from handling your day-to-day business.

Are There Part-Time Or Full-Time NATED Courses Available?

All our courses are designed to be flexible for all our students, including NATED courses, and this means both are available full-time and part-time. 

We include these study options because we understand that most students have responsibilities outside of studying like work or family life. And we want to make sure that there is always time for you to handle them whilst working towards your goals.

Can I Study A NATED Course Part-Time?

Yes, if you are someone who might be working or studying a different course either with us or in university, and you want to earn an extra qualification to boost your career prospects. Our courses are available part-time. 

So you can start your course any time and start studying whenever you are free to do so from anywhere.

What Are The Benefits Of Part-Time NATED Courses?

The choice to study whenever you want is important because people have different schedules, so we try to accommodate all our students so that they study without any pressure like time. 

How Do Part-Time NATED Courses Differ In Curriculum From Full-Time Ones?

All our courses prioritise flexibility for the student. We understand that most students who enrol with us potentially have responsibilities that they have to take care of, and we want them to be able to handle everything without any pressure from our side. 

So this means that you have the option to study full-time or part-time and the same consistent quality will be available on both sides.

What Is The Fee Structure Of NATED Courses?

We incorporate a flexible fee structure for our students because we want everyone to have the option to make their unique to them and move forward without setbacks. 

From deciding on the course you want to pursue. Whether you want to study part-time or full-time, and the inclusion of study benefits you will receive with our courses, we ensure that you can start your journey and finish it on top.

Do NATED Courses Offer Payment Plans Or Fee Waivers?

Yes, we understand that not everyone’s financial situation is the same and how these courses can help bridge any employment gaps students might be facing. To combat this, we offer payment options to help students gain the qualifications they need to start their careers and overall improve their quality of life.

Here are our current payment options:

Payment Plan 
Pay Cash Upfront
  • This option is perfect for full-time students who want to start their studies immediately by paying for the total course fee after registering
  • Allows you to receive a discount and save money on your studies
Pay Monthly
  • This classic payment plan allows students to pay for their studies every month
  • It is an affordable option for every student, especially for someone with monthly bills
Only Pay When You Study
  • We understand that everyone has responsibilities, including our students, and this plan makes sure that you can study for as long as you need
  • If you need time to focus on work or other responsibilities, you can pause your studies till you are ready
Accelerated CourseThis special plan allows students to finish their course in a much shorter time and save money

How Do NATED Course Fees Compare To Degree Courses?

NATED courses and all our course offerings are very popular because of their budget-friendly prices and overall valuable skills, giving you the option to receive a lot more for less. Degree courses are very comprehensive and important, however, most tertiary institutions offer these courses.

What Career Opportunities Await After NATED Courses?

These courses are designed to give students the expertise needed to be the best candidates in their future career choices. This also means that after completing the diploma course and gaining the experience needed, you can start working with your qualifications.

What Are The Job Prospects For NATED Graduates?

Each NATED course has a different industry that it focuses on and details the many prospects a student can get into when they start their careers. If you want to find out about which career you can dive into after completing our NATED courses, here is a table with some career paths you can dive into:

NATED Diploma ProgrammeJob Opportunities:
NATED Financial Management Diploma Programme
  • Accountant
  • Financial Manager
  • Bookkeeper
NATED Business Management Diploma Programme
  • Business Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Business Analyst
NATED Marketing Management Diploma Programme
  • Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Brand Manager
NATED Educare Diploma Programme
  • Au Pair
  • Childcare professional
  • Nanny
NATED Legal Secretary Diploma Programme
  • Legal Secretary
  • Office Manager
  • Paralegal
NATED Human Resource Management Diploma Programme
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Labour Relations Officer
  • Human Resources Generalist
NATED Management Assistant Diploma Programme
  • Personal Assistant
  • Secretary
  • Receptionist

Can I Get A Job With A NATED Qualification?

Yes, NATED courses give students the knowledge and skills to perform their tasks well. The Diploma course also allows students to gain real-world experience through internships made specifically for the course profession they study for. 

Potential employers view this as a benefit because aside from minimal training, the skills, knowledge and experience are already available so they are ready to start working fully.

How Do Employers View NATED Qualifications?

Employers view NATED qualifications positively because they allow students to learn the basics of how the work process goes in their chosen field. This allows them to gain the experience they need to perform well because they are familiar with how the business or organisation operates and act accordingly.

Can NATED Graduates Pursue Entrepreneurial Ventures?

NATED Courses offer skills and experience to understand how most business industries operate, and this can be helpful because it allows you to learn the ins and outs of a business or office. 

For example, our Business Management course is essential for anyone who wants to learn the skills to manage every aspect of a business, from the employee to the finances.

How Do NATED Courses Prepare Graduates For Leadership Roles?

We offer a list of NATED courses focused on teaching students the knowledge and skills to manage and lead others towards their own goals while making sure everything behind the scenes is running as it should. 

Here are our management courses:

How Can I Further My Journey With A NATED Qualification?

NATED qualifications prepare you to work after completing a course and give you management skills if you are interested in managing, or owning a business or organisation. Skills Academy has many entrepreneurial courses for anyone interested in learning necessary business skills. 

Here is our range of short courses designed for future business owners:

  • Management Courses
  • Computer Courses
  • Tourism Courses
  • Beauty Courses
  • Office Management Courses
  • Customer Service Courses
  • Child Care and Educare Courses
  • Creative Courses

Management Courses

Computer Courses

Tourism Courses

Beauty Courses

Office Management Courses

Customer Service Courses

Child Care And Educare Courses

Creative Courses

People Also Ask

Skills Academy and our courses are all accredited by different governing bodies that make sure that the institution is fit to provide these courses to you and that each course is structured to teach students the proper quality of information. Here are a few governing bodies NATED courses and Skills Academy are accredited by:

Yes, we give students access to our academy study groups on Telegram and Facebook. These are platforms students can use to communicate with our tutors for assistance. Students can help each other and build interpersonal relationships with people who have similar interests as you.

No, we believe in being transparent with our students and anyone interested in studying through distance learning with us. If there are other costs involved, it will be discussed. 

Author: Angela Mouton
Editor: Connor Bergsma
Date Published: February 19, 2024

Last Updated: 19 February 2024



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