Customer Relations Management: Short Course

Focuses on managing the interactions and relations between an organisation and its customers. Most large organizations has a Customer Relations departments.

Course Summary

Award type:
Short Course Certificate
Accredited by:
Not Applicable
4 Months
Entrance Requirement:


English language skills are important to have in almost every industry. That’s why we offer Introduction to Business English as a subject to all our students. After completion you will be more confident in your speaking and writing ability.

This subject will teach you to understand the impact of face-to-face contact, and to familiarise yourself with people’s behaviours and to use it to your advantage. Practice your non-verbal skills while improving your verbal skills to get your message across. Adapt these skills to function cross-culturally.

Learn how customer relationship skills can build your success, and deal with difficult people and job frustrations. This subject will help you deal with things professionally and handle with customer feedback.