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Here you can find out more about our Diploma Courses and how you could benefit from them. All our Diploma Courses are accredited and of the highest quality.

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Management Assistant Courses

Become the best in your field with our Management Assistant Courses! Learn how to provide great administrative support to top management and assist where necessary.

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Financial Management Courses

We’ve crunched the numbers,looked at the stats and your key to financial freedom awaits with our financial management courses.

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Business Management Courses

Business Management is part of every business in the world and having a qualification. So having Business Management qualification will increase your career prospects.

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National Diploma Courses

Are you looking for a qualification that will see you hired right away? Yes, all qualifications have this potential. But, Diploma Courses are what you go for when you want to have a credible qualification in a short period. This will increase your chances of finding employment! 

Is Getting a National Diploma Worth it?

A diploma course student wearing her graduation regalia, facing other graduates in front of her..Yes, they are. Within a short period, you’ll have an accredited qualification. You’ll also have the likelihood of earning a lot more than someone with only a Certificate. Diplomas equip you with practical and theoretical knowledge which works to your advantage.In the eyes of recruiters, you’ll be a special gem that they can’t afford not to hire.

Your extensive skills gained from doing Diploma Courses will make you more valuable than the next person. Studying diploma courses is like giving yourself a gift that keeps on giving! 

Better Job Opportunities 

With more value comes better work opportunities. You’ll have a big pool of jobs to choose from. Another thing that comes with better job opportunities is better job benefits. We’re talking medical aid, education subsidies, pension funds etc. 

Earn a Handsome Salary

Because this is such a widely recognised qualification, you have a better chance of earning a good salary. From an entry level position! If you’re not happy with the salary on offer, you can negotiate a better deal. Remember to highlight and use your skills gained from the Diploma course. 

Our National Diploma Courses

Here, at Skills Academy, we have a number of National Diploma Courses to choose from. They’re all designed to suit your needs, so, choose what’s best for you. And take into consideration your career aspirations and capabilities. 

ICB Diploma Programmes 

ICB stands for Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. Our ICB courses are specialised courses. This means that you enrol in them when you want to have a specific skill set for a specific role. ICB also gives you a chance to get into accountancy membership which opens you up to a range of opportunities. They are:

NATED Programmes

NATED stands for National Accredited Technical Education Diploma. These courses require 18 months of practical training – on top of the theoretical training– to be completed. This is a good thing because not only will you be qualified, you’ll also have the experience employers often want! We have the following NATED courses on offer, from N4 – N6: 

Entry Requirements 

Entry requirements for these courses are slightly different from our usual. Each kind of the diploma has its own entry requirement. 

ICB Diploma Programmes

For these ICB Diploma Programmes, you need to have successfully completed the levels prior. They come in three levels and the national diploma levels are the last levels. 

For example, to be able to enrol to the Certified Financial Accounting, you need to have done and passed ICB National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting. 

NATED Courses 

All of our NATED Courses require successful completion of grade 12. Or an equivalent qualification. Don’t have grade 12? You can enrol for our matric programmes to get your matric certificate. Or check out our provider programmes.They don’t require grade 12 and are work-place skills focused. 

What You Will Learn With our National Diploma Courses

We have different national diplomas. What you learn from each programme will offer you different skills. However, all these courses have some common skills to teach you. You’ll learn:

  • Effective communication skills 
  • Leadership and management skills 
  • Time-management
  • Analytical thinking 
  • Attention to detail 
  • Organizational skills 

Diploma vs National Diploma 

A diploma and a National Diploma aren’t the same thing. Think of a diploma as a way to jumpstart your admission to studying a national diploma. 

  • Diploma – a qualification you study for a specific field. You’ll gain various work-ready skills to apply for a particular role. They usually take two years to complete. 
  • National Diploma – takes three years to complete. It is higher than a diploma but less than a Degree. Our national diplomas are broken down into three levels; N4, N5, and N6. 

Remember, to earn your National Diploma you need 18 months of practical experience in a workplace.

National Diploma Courses in South Africa

South Africa is ripe with higher education institutions that offer diploma courses. All nine provinces have more than one university or college offering these courses. However, if your biggest challenge is accessibility, consider distance learning

We are one of the distance learning colleges that make accessing education easy. No class attendance, ever. Fees are affordable. Should you not be able to pay, you can let us know and pause your studies. Finished your course early? You don’t have to pay for the remaining months. Where else would you find such flexibility?

Your Career Options

A diploma courses students checking her phone and has an open silver grey Apple laptop in front of her.You already know that having a national diploma opens up a world of endless opportunities for you. 

What kind of job you get will be determined by the nature of your studies.

The following list of careers only focus on the courses we offer:

  • Financial Manager 
  • Business Analyst 
  • Business Advisor 
  • Legal Secretary 
  • Accountant
  • HR Manager 
  • Recruiter 
  • Senior Assistant 

This list is not exhaustive but it gives you an idea of what to expect. Once you get the job you want, keep learning to always be number one. We have more courses that might interest you.

Earn a Better Living With Our National Diploma Courses

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Last Updated: July 29, 2020

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