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Here you can find out more about our Diploma Courses and how you could benefit from them. All our Diploma Courses are accredited and of the highest quality.

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MTA HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals Breakdown

With this MTA HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals courses you will focus on JavaScripts and CSS while also getting an introduction to business.

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Receptionist Short Course Breakdown

A receptionists communication skills need to be excellent, and this Receptionist short course certificate covers the basic knowledge you need to become an great receptionist.

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Receptionist Certificate Course Breakdown

This Receptionist Certificate Course that we offer will cover everything you need to be excellent in this position. All the basic skills, as well as some more advanced skills.

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What are Diploma Courses?

Diploma Courses simply refers to the type of qualification you will get once you’ve completed the program. These qualifications are issued by the college or university you’re enrolled in.

They take longer to complete than short-courses as well as certificate courses, but not as long as degrees. These qualifications are recognised by employers, and would highly benefit your career.

Types of Diplomas

A diploma course students wearing her graduation regalia.There are various types of diplomas, each positioned at different levels of the NQF. These diploma courses also have different entry requirements. Here are the different types of diplomas:

  • Diplomas
  • National Diplomas
  • Postgraduate Diplomas

What’s the Difference Between a Diploma and Certificate?

To understand the difference between the two, you will first have to know what they’re about. Both have open entry requirements and can be completed with us. 


If specialised skills and a broad knowledge of your field of interest is what you’re after, diploma courses are your best bet. These courses usually take 1- 2 years to complete and covers theory but also prepares you for your practical training. Diploma courses are perfect for anyone who wants to upgrade their skills. After completing your diploma, you may continue your studies towards a degree. 


A certificate course will give you a basic understanding to perform job-specific tasks. Completing one could help give you a better understanding of the job you want to apply for. As a result, you could improve your overall productivity. Certificates can also be completed as a pastime or for personal growth. 

What Level of Study is a Diploma?

The National Qualifications Framework (NQF) serves as a guideline to indicate your level of achievement. After you’ve completed your course, you can use it to see what you can apply for next if you wish to further your studies. There are 10 NQF levels in total, and Diploma Courses are level 6. 

What is a National Diploma?

National Diplomas are designed to equip students with both theoretical and practical knowledge. These qualifications are nationally recognised and can take up to 3 years or longer to complete. Once completed, you may decide to further your education and enrol for a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) or degree. National Diplomas were also designed to give students with certificate qualifications a chance to further their education. Here’s how you can make the transition from N4 – N6 to National Diploma:

  • Complete the N4 – N6 program
  • 18 months of practical work experience

What are the Requirements to Study for a Diploma?

Our entry requirements for our Diploma Courses slightly differ from our usual requirements. Interested in enrolling with us? Make sure you meet the following requirements. 

NATED Courses

A diploma courses students checking her phone and laptop.To enrol for any of our NATED courses, you will need to have passed matric or have an equivalent qualification. We have an open entry system. This means that you won’t be judged on your matric results, all that matters is that you’ve passed. 

Our courses are conducted in English. Make sure you’re able to read, write and understand the language.


ICB Diploma Courses

There are ICB programs that require you to have a matric or equivalent. However, not all of them require this. If you need matric for the diploma course you want to enroll in, don’t worry. 


You can apply for a lower NQF level course, and then further your education. We also offer matric courses.

How Long Does a Diploma Course Take?

There are many factors that may determine how long it might take to finish a course. Things such as distance learning or studying part-time may all have an impact on the duration of your course. This can also vary from person to person. Some may need extra time. Diploma courses can take between 2-3 years to complete. 

Benefits of our Diploma Courses

We offer a wide variety of courses, along with excellent customer service. We strive to give all students quality education. So take advantage of the many benefits of our Diploma Courses. 

Non-competitive Application Process

If you’re not too confident about your final results, no need to worry. We operate on an open entry basis, to ensure everyone has a fair chance at furthering their education. You will only have to prove that you have the basic requirements. 

Distance Learning

Furthering your studies can be a gamble. You either have to give up your job to study, or give up your stable salary to go back to school. With us, you can make room for both. You may even start working in your field of interest and apply what you have learned. 


Accredited courses are approved and registered with the Department of Education and Higher Training. These courses have to meet a list of requirements to ensure that it fits the standard. Accredited courses are of the highest quality. 

Chance to Further Your Education 

Do you have hopes of continuing your studies after this? Well, our Diploma Courses are all accredited, which means they are recognised nationally. You could continue your tertiary education once you’ve completed your program. 

Flexible Learning

Not many institutions offer flexible learning. With us, you can study at your own pace. Do you need a break from studying? You can put your studies on hold, and continue whenever you’re ready. No extra costs. You only pay for the months you’re studying. 

Non-Demanding Schedule

There are no classes scheduled for any of our Diploma Courses. That means no rushing home from work or making arrangements to attend classes after hours or on weekends. You can study at a pace that suits you. No more keeping up with the rest of the class.

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Last Updated: April 20, 2020

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