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These courses will give you all the skills that you need to become a qualified accountant, or even start and run your own business. Learn how you can take the business world by storm!

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Entrepreneurship Courses

Make money moves and gain credibility with Entrepreneurship Courses. Our courses are accredited and will teach you the tricks of the trade to help you grow your business.

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Office Administration Courses

Want to learn how to run the daily activities of an office? Our Office Administration Courses will help you gain the skills needed to become a successful office administrator.

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Business Management Courses

Business Management is part of every business in the world and having a qualification. So having Business Management qualification will increase your career prospects.

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Do you wish to become a finance mogul or an entrepreneur? Perhaps you want to work in the administration side of the business. Whatever your future goals are, the right choice is to chase them via our ICB Courses! Not only does studying with us come with rare benefits, you’ll also reach your dreams faster. So, why not enrol with us?

What are ICB Qualifications 

ICB qualifications are accredited business courses. They range from financial accounting, entrepreneurship to business administration. ICB stands for Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. It has the ability to provide assessments for business qualifications. In line with the Department of Higher Education and  Training (DHET) standards. 

Benefits of Studying ICB Courses

Studying ICB courses comes with great benefits. You’ll have a chance to be a part of amazing memberships. You’ll also qualify for exemptions. But, that is not all. With ICB courses you can:

  • Earn your qualification quicker. You’re able to get your first qualification within 4 months.
  • Get an internationally recognised qualification. Your ICB qualification will see you beyond our borders.
  • Gain a competitive edge over your peers. Employers usually prefer people with ICB qualifications.

List of ICB Courses 

The amazing thing about ICB courses is that they are internationally recognised. If you join the memberships, you will be able to spread your wings beyond your home country. Here are the ICB Course that we offer:

What Will You Learn With Our ICB Courses?

Our ICB courses teach you to be business minded. They also teach you a range of skills that will help you in your lifelong career. Let’s explore what each course teaches you:

ICB Financial Accounting

This course has 4 levels: 

  • Junior Bookkeeper Course: ICB National Certificate 
  • Certified Senior Bookkeeping: ICB Certificate
  • Technical Financial Accounting: National Diploma

When done, you will be an expert in managing finances. Things like budgeting and performing internal audits will be your best playgrounds.

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ICB Public Sector Accounting

This course is for you if you want to be in the government sector. You’ll be practising your accounting skills for governments and municipalities.

It comes packed with 3 levels:

  • ICB National Certificate: Public Sector Accounting
  • ICB Diploma: Public Sector Accounting
  • ICB National Diploma: Financial Accounting

ICB Business Management

With this course you’ll learn how to manage business finances and increase profits. It’s divided into three levels:

  • ICB Business Financial Management Certificate
  • ICB Business Management Office Admin Higher Certificate
  • ICB Business Management Financial  Accounting Diploma

ICB Entrepreneurship

This one teaches you how to run and manage small businesses. As a start up business owner, your finances are dependent on you. Learn how to manage them. And how to do your taxes.

It’s three levels are:

  • ICB National Certificate: Entrepreneurship Small Business Management
  • ICB National Diploma Entrepreneurship: Financial Accounting
  • ICB Higher Certificate Entrepreneurship: Office Administration

ICB Office Administration

Here your focus would be how to run the administrative aspects of a business with a focus on finances. The purses are:

  • Junior Office Administration: ICB National Certificate
  • Office Administration: ICB Higher Certificate
  • Office Administration: Certified Manager ICB Diploma

Are ICB Qualifications Recognised? 

Yes, absolutely. Like we have mentioned, ICB qualifications are internationally recognised. But, you need to join their memberships. 

For you to join, you need to be a student or have at least NQF 3 in accounting. The different memberships are: 

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Study Options

The ICB itself does not offer any courses. They’re not training providers, they only prepare your assessments and exams. So if you want to study ICB courses, you need to register with accredited training providers. Luckily, we are one of the most affordable institutions to study ICB courses with. Furthermore, we have benefits  such as:

  1. 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your choice of study. 
  2. Online student support and world-class tutors.
  3.  Skills focused training preparing you for the workforce.

Accredited Training Providers 

The ICB accredited a number of colleges across the continent to offer their courses. It is up to you to decide where to apply. This may depend on your location or the form of learning you want. For example, are you looking to study on campus, via distance learning or online? Whatever the answer may be, the decision lies with you. 

Distance Learning 

This is the cheapest and most convenient form of getting an education in ICB. If you’re a working person or would like to create your own study schedule, this is perfect for you. You’ll study in the comfort of your own home. It’s like getting an education without leaving your couch! After registering with your college of choice, you must to register with the ICB to get your Portfolio of Evidence (PoE)

Full Time Studies

 If you have no other commitments, you can study full time. This option is most popular amongst school leavers.They’re still young, have no other obligations and have graduated matric. More often than not, this form of learning requires the student to be on campus.

Part Time Studies 

This is perfect for those who have other commitments but have a bit of time to spare to attend classes. Say you have a family to take care of full time or are working, this is perfect for you. This could either be in a class on campus or via distance learning.

A vision board written in yellow and black marker. These are the kind of vision boards ICB Courses students use for theit goals.

How ICB Programmes Work 

The ICB programmes work like every other qualification. The only difference with ICB is that you have to register with a training provider first. Once you have registered, you then register with the ICB for your PoE. Depending on what course you’re doing, you may need to choose your examination dates as well. We’ve broken down what makes up these courses below.

Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) 

You’re probably wondering what is this PoE we have been going on about. A PoE is a showcase of your skills, what you have learned and what you can do.  Your PoE will consist of your assignments, tests, and needs to be submitted with your final exam. 


If you do your ICB courses via distance learning, you will have exams 4 times a year. For students who are attending classes, you write an exam each month. Depending on the programmes you chose, you can expect to write up to three assignments and two tests. All the programmes have about 12 subjects in total.

Exam Fees

How you pay your fees depends on what method of learning you chose. 

  • Classroom based students – all the fees are payable via their colleges. 
  • Distance learning you have to pay your fees directly to the ICB
  • For all programmes the annual registration fee is R360.00

 Enrol With Us and Make Your Dreams a Reality

Are you ready to take the world by storm with our ICB Courses? Then don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our dedicated course expects are ready to help you every step of the way. You can reach us by:

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  • Calling us on our toll-free number at 0800 39 0027

Last Updated: August 24, 2020

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