What is the ICB?

The ICB is the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. It has been around for 87 years and they are an external examination body. They offer accredited business qualifications. The ICB offers various courses and qualifications in the field of business. The courses are not only centred around accounting, however.

What Types of Courses Does the ICB Offer?

The ICB has a wide range of courses that cover a lot of different topics. You can study things like Office Administration, Accounting, and Entrepreneurship. All the ICB courses focus on business and business-related skills. The ICB designed their courses to give you skills that you need to make a success of a business-related career.

How do the ICB courses work?

The ICB does not teach courses themselves. Other accredited training companies provide the courses. This means that you will need to register with an ICB accredited training provider. You can do in-classroom learning through certain training providers or through distance learning companies such as Skills Academy. The courses are broken down into the individual subjects and you have to submit a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE). Your PoE consists of three assignments and two tests which will get marked and assessed with your final exam.

What about exams?

Your exams are external exams. This means that they are not done by the training provider. The ICB has many different exam venues across the country. You can look at the list of venues here. To write your exams you will need to pay an extra fee. You pay this to the ICB and not your training provider.

How you receive your exam results depends on how you are studying your ICB course. In-classroom students will have their results sent to their college or training provider on the day the results get released. You will need to contact your training provider for your results.

Distance learning students can receive their results in one of two ways. They can either log on to the ICB Learner Portal and check their results online or they can wait for an email from ICB that will contain their results. Typically, the ICB releases the on a Friday and you may have to wait until the following Tuesday to receive your email..

Why Should I Study ICB Courses?

The ICB provides high-quality training in the various fields of study that they offer. Their courses are extensive and in-depth. The ICB qualifications are certificate and diploma qualifications. They also offer National Diploma courses. The purpose of their courses are to help you become more employable and help you to find a job.

The ICB courses are also internationally recognised. That means that you can even apply for jobs in other countries and they will recognise your qualification. This makes your chances of finding a job even greater.

How can I Register for an ICB Course?

You cannot register for a course with the ICB itself. You will need to register with one of their accredited training providers. The training providers will give you all your textbooks and study materials that you need. The only thing that the ICB will provide for you is your PoE which contains your assignments and your test.

What to do Next

You can find all the ICB courses that Skills Academy offers on this page. If you want to register for an ICB course, call Skills Academy toll-free on 0800 39 00 27 and one of our consultants will help you to register. Start your journey towards your dream career today!

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