Business Management Financial Accounting Diploma

Pave the way for a successful career as a business professional with our ICB National Diploma: Financial Accounting in Business Management. Learn the tricks of the trade with us.

Course Summary

Award type:
Comprehensive Certificate
Accredited by:
36 Months
Entrance Requirement:
Higher Certificate: Office Administration (must include the Business Management 2 subject)


This subject will prepare you properly for the business environment. Learn how to communicate effectively during meetings, and how to present yourself during presentations. It also touches on business writing, as well as verbal and non verbal communication in the workplace.

You will learn the basics of business management in this subject. It will lay the foundation for business management knowledge and teach you the best practices in financial management.

Get the proper knowledge with an introduction to business, bookkeeping and accounting. Learn the basic skills on tax, transactions, statements and individual debtor and creditors accounts.

Having knowledge on computers is very important as an accounting professional. This subject will teach you how to work on Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as internet explorer and Microsoft Outlook.This subject will also teach you about general ledger, customer and supplier accounts, and how to deal with balances and journals. Also learn about processing and procedures while maintaining cash books and petty cash.

Learn all about the key principles of effective business communication, whether it’s written or spoken communication. This subject also deals with maths such as equations and fractions, that will help with your calculations.

This subject will take you through the legal procedures and how to apply law principles within a business. Learn about the role of an admin assistant and how to keep record of the acts and laws for a business.

This subject builds on the knowledge learned in Business Management 1. To improve your understanding and knowledge.

This subject teaches you how the marketing and public relations functions work together to build a company’s brand. While marketing is interested in the market, consumers and demand, public relations is interested in relationships, reducing conflict and improving cooperation.

As a financial accountant, a lot of your duties will deal with financial statements. These include the financial statements of the sole trader, partnerships, close corporations, companies as well as deal with statements of cash flows.

Learn about Human Resource Management and Labour Relations at the same time. Gain the skills needed to make sure that your company has the best people working there and that the workplace is fair and productive.