Office Administration: ICB Higher Certificate

The ICB Office Administration Courses will teach you how to keep an office running smoothly. By learning about all the elements that contribute to a properly functioning office.

Course Summary

Award type:
ICB National Certificate
Accredited by:
26 Months
Entrance Requirement:
Certificate: Office Administration


Improve your English language skills with Introduction to Business English. This subject will make you more confident in your English speaking and writing abilities. Language is an important skill to have when writing emails and communicating with clients.

Learn how to perform your daily duties as an office admin professional. Secretaries, office administrators and receptionists are the glue that keeps a company together. This subject will help you prepare for this demanding role.

Financial literacy is an important skill to have. This subject serves as your introduction to the wonderful world of bookkeeping and accounting. No previous accounting experience is needed.

Learn the inner runnings of a business to prepare you for career advancement. Every professional requires business communication and literacy skills. Improve your communication skills.

Whichever company you will be working for has a reputation to maintain. Learn more about marketing and PR to help you with this. Learn more about media, internal and external communication.

Make sure your business practices are ethical and legal. Learn more about the law of contracts, contract of employment, termination of contracts and more.

Improve your financial literacy skills and help your company make better decisions when it comes to money. This subject teaches you the basics of accounting, budgeting, and financial management.

Learn how to cope with human resource duties, as well as accounts and general office maintenance or servicing. Office managers are key to a co-ordinated workplace. 

This subject teaches you how South Africa’s labour legislation is among the most progressive in the world. Learn how to settle disputes and ensure fairness in the workplace.

This subject is an insightful study of how people behave and organisations operate under constraints of resources. It provides powerful tools to understand and analyse many aspects of our lives and help us to become informed, perceptive decision-makers.