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Want to learn how to run the daily activities of an office? Our Office Administration Courses will help you gain the skills needed to become a successful office administrator.

Available Courses

Junior Office Administration: ICB National Certificate

The ICB National Certificate: Office Administration (Junior Office Admin) course teaches you how to keep the wheels of an office turning at all times.

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Office Administration: ICB Higher Certificate

The ICB Office Administration Courses will teach you how to keep an office running smoothly. By learning about all the elements that contribute to a properly functioning office.

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Office Administration: Certified Office Manager ICB DIploma

The ICB Diploma: Office Administration (Certified Office Manager) course, teach you how to keep an office running smoothly. You’ll be able to help in just about any department.

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Develop your admin and organising skills with our Office Administration Courses. Learn how to manage and run an office the right way. Also, gain an understanding of what it’s like to work in an office environment. 

Why Should I Study Office Admin? 

Having a qualification in office administration comes with its fair share of perks. It can teach you valuable skills and knowledge. You can also improve your chances of landing that dream job and moving up in the field. 

Many job opportunities: You will get access to a range of job options within the admin field. This will allow you to choose what industry you want to work in. 

In demand: Every business or company needs admin support to function. This means that you will have less trouble finding an admin job that suits you. 

Flexibility: The great thing about admin jobs is that you have the option to work either full or part-time. This comes in handy if you plan to study while working. 

Gain an understanding of an office environment: To be able to run an office well, you need to know the ins and outs. Studying an office admin course can help you with this. 

What Skills can I Learn From Office Admin Courses? 

Employees who work in an office environment need to have a wide variety of skills. By taking office administration courses, you can learn these admin skills and more. Once you have this valuable skill set, you can work in almost any industry.

Time Management

In office administration, you deal with a lot of responsibilities. This is why it’s so important to manage your time well. 


Being able to share information with others in different ways is important. This is why communication skills are essential when performing admin tasks. 

An office administrator working at her desk, while using the computer. You can learn these skills from our Office Administration Courses.


Admin professionals are often in charge of filling systems and office supplies. You need to have an organised workspace, calendar and computer to complete admin tasks.


Being able to work as part of a team can come in handy when working in an office environment. It’s also key when it comes to collaborating with other people on projects or delegating tasks. 

Technical Skills  

Most office-related jobs require you to have basic computer skills. Build on the ones you already have or learn new ones by taking this course. 

What Office Administration Courses are Available? 

Skills Academy offers three accredited courses in Office Administration through distance learning. We also provide other admin-related courses, most of which can be done without a matric certificate. 

ICB Office Administration Courses 

Want to add a credible qualification to your name? These ICB Office Administration courses are accredited by the QCTO. You can work your way towards a diploma with these courses.

Similar Courses 

If you are looking for other office-related courses, look no further. These courses don’t require a matric certificate to qualify. All you need is to be able to read, write and understand the English language. 

Where can I Study Office Administration? 

Looking for office admin courses that will help you stand out from the crowd? There’s no need to look any further. Find accredited courses that will advance your skills right here!  

Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) 

The ICB is an external exam body that offers accredited courses. This is done through training providers or colleges, such as Skills Academy. They aim to help students gain valuable skills that are nationally recognised.

Why Choose to Study With Skills Academy?

Wondering why you should study with us? Take a look at the range of benefits we offer our students: 

  • Easy access 
  • Only pay for the months you studied
  • 30-day money back guarantee 
  • No credit checks 
  • Access to study groups
  • Affordable payment options 

Office Careers 

By choosing our Office Admin courses, you can get into many office careers after studying. The great thing about admin-related careers is that you can work your way up. Start out as an intern, then apply for an entry-level position. 

Office Administrator – An office administrator performs a variety of admin duties to help an office run efficiently. This includes overseeing junior staff and interacting with clients. 

Admin Assistant – As an admin assistant, you will mostly deal with organising files, answering phone calls and sorting mail. 

Secretary – A secretary usually acts as the support system for senior management. You will be responsible for managing the diary of your supervisor and scheduling appointments. 

What can an Office Professional Earn?

The average salary for an office professional can range from R5 000 – R15 000 per month in South Africa. The more experience you have, the more you can earn. Senior office professionals can earn over R20 000 per month on average. Take a look at some jobs and their average monthly salaries below: 

  • Office intern – R5 527
  • Office administrator – R9 935 
  • Admin assistant – R8 291
  • Receptionist – R8 233
  • Personal assistant – R11 977 
  • Secretary – R12 282 
  • Medical receptionist – R11 216
  • Office manager – R15 251

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Last Updated: August 24, 2020

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