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Office Management Comprehensive Course

Office Administrators need a lot of different skills to make an office run smoothly. The best way to learn the skills you need is through taking a course in Office Management. This is the most advanced Office Management Certificate Course that Skills Academy offers.

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Office Management Certificate Course

Skills Academy’s Office Management Certificate Course is the most advanced course in Office Management. Office Management has to do with the day-to-day running of an office environment. This includes things like scheduling, time management, and ordering supplies

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Office Management Short Course

The Short Course Certificate in Office Management involves coordinating activities within an office environment. Some of these activities include planning, setting office guidelines and procedures, keeping the work flow, time management and employee orientation.

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What is Office Management?

Office Management is about ensuring that the support staff and structure of the business is running smoothly. An office manager ensures that everything is running efficiently and deals with any problems that may arise. As an office manager, you will be an important administrator to any company, as you are responsible not only for yourself but also those who you need to lead.

What are the Duties of an Office Manager?

Office Managers are responsible for the overall management of a company. They oversee other employees and assign work to them according to their importance. Some of their other duties may include managing a company’s expenses. The duties of an Office Manager may differ depending on the size of the company and its industry. But no matter what industry they may find themselves in, their work will always involve administrative tasks. Here are some of their responsibilities.

  • Managing office budgets
  • Supervising admin staff
  • Offering assistance to colleagues if needed
  • Supporting bookkeeping procedures
  • Managing all office activities
  • Hiring new staff or performing HR duties

The Skills That Will Make you a Great Office Manager

Companies are always looking for skilled individuals for office management positions. Make sure you meet their requirements by working on your skill set. You will need a good combination of soft and technical skills, as well as experience to get the job. 

Soft Skills 

Soft skills refer to the personality traits a person has. Although some may say that you can’t change who you are, you can always work on ways to improve yourself. Soft skills may be harder to learn, but with enough practice you will be fit for the job. Make sure you have some of the following soft skills to land the job.

  • Adaptability
  • Communication skills
  • Creative thinking 
  • Flexibility
  • Time management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving

Technical Skills

It’s important that you have basic computer literacy before you apply for any office management role. That way, training you will be much easier. Your daily tasks may require you to use a computer or laptop, therefore you need to be familiar with computer software and hardware. Make sure you know about the following when you apply for the job. 

  • Microsoft Office
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Internet browsing
  • Email management
  • Digital calendars
  • Typing 
  • Faxing 


The role of an Officer Manager is a more senior position. Therefore, you need some industry experience to make you the perfect person for the job. Get as much experience as you can. You can do this by applying for internships or office administration jobs. The skills you will gain at a call centre are just as valuable. 

Office Management Courses are sure to teach you all the skills needed to manage an office successfully.

What Jobs can you Apply for With This Qualification? 

Once you’ve completed your studies, you will qualify to apply for many jobs. The skills that you will learn are transferable, and you can apply them to any job with admin duties. Here are examples of the jobs you can search for in the classifieds. 

Office Manager

As mentioned before, Office Managers are responsible for the smooth running of an office. They perform many administrative duties that include providing training to staff, managing expenses, and assigning duties to others. 

Office Assistant

If you’re dependable and love helping others, a job as an Office Assistant will best suit your personality. Office Assistants offer support to senior staff and employees at all levels. Their duties include answering phone calls and scheduling meetings. 

Office Administrator

They are the support system that holds their companies together. Office Administrators are responsible for all clerical tasks and their role may depend on the size of the company. The perform basic bookkeeping tasks and filing.

What are the Entrance Requirements?

Do you want to know if you qualify to study with us? We offer both Provider Programmes and NATED Courses. Check to see if you meet the requirements.

Provider Programmes

Our Provider Programmes are aimed at students who haven’t finished school, who would like a second chance. Students who are interested should be at least 16 years or older, and should have finished grade 10. These courses are conducted in English. Make sure you can read, write, and understand the language before you apply.

NATED Courses

Students who are interested in any of our NATED courses should have a matric qualification, NQF Level 4, or equivalent. Those who don’t meet the requirements should consider other options. We offer matric courses for those who haven’t finished school yet. You can also enroll in one of our study without matric courses.

Benefits of our Office Management Courses

If you are currently employed full-time, but would like to improve your skills – there’s no better time than now. We offer Office Management Courses via distance learning, giving students all across South Africa a chance to take their careers to a new level. 

Earn While you Learn

Not every student is fortunate to choose between working or studying. At Skills Academy, you can do both. That means you can start your career early by entering the industry you want to work in while you’re studying. Start small. Apply for admin positions, and use the knowledge of what you are currently learning in school to your job. 

Better Career Opportunities

One of the biggest benefits of our Office Management Courses is the fact you will get better career opportunities. By enrolling in a course, you will upskill yourself which will make you more marketable. This qualification will show employers that you are serious about the job and will give you an advantage. 

Go the distance

With distance learning you have to juggle your job, career and your social life with your studies. This is a difficult task to do, and you constantly have to stay motivated. Distance learning students are admired by many employers for their dedication and hard work. Any distance learning qualifications shows that you can get the job done.

Want to grace any boardroom with confidence?

Then kick-start your career with one of our Office Management Courses today! 

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Last Updated: August 24, 2020

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