Assistants are an important asset to have in any company or business. They assist colleagues in the office which allows work to be completed on time and effectively.

Job Responsibilities

As an assistant you will be responsible for many parts of your employers day. Therefore you will have to make business calls and send and respond to emails. 

Capturing data and doing some admin work is an important part of your job. This will include updating files and documents. 

This might seem unimportant or like  small task however it speaks to the professionalism of your employer. Supplies such as stationary and business cards will need to be ordered on a monthly basis. It is then your responsibility to ensure that they are recieved when needed. 

Being an assistant means that you will be doing more than just the basic things. You might have to be help other employees around the office, with other tasks. 

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What is an Assistant?

Assistants in the office can either help their manager, or other staff members in the office. They help with minor tasks that allows for a better working environment. Without an assistant, key responsibilities in the office space will be left unfulfilled. 

How do I Become an Assistant?

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Benefits of Being an Assistant

Kickstart your career as an Assistant with Skills AcademyA career as an assistant comes with many benefits. Some of these advantages include:

Opportunity for Growth

As you work with your manager or colleagues, you learn valuable skills in the process. These skills will allow you to move up in your company and get a higher position. The experience gained will make you a valuable asset in the company.

Never a Dull Moment

Today you could be working with the manager. Tomorrow you could be assisting the sales team. Even though your have your duties, you’ll be able to work on a variety of tasks in the office. A career in this field will always be fun and exciting. 

Attend Events and Travel

As a personal assistant, you may get an opportunity to travel with your manager for conferences. You may even be able to attend the events which you assisted in planning.

Skills Needed for this Position

Due to having a variety of tasks, you also need a wide set of skills. Below you can find some of the skills needed to be an exceptional assistant.

Organisational Skills

Whether it’s your work or the office, organisation is one of the key skills an assistant needs. This is due to the vast amount of duties an assistant has. You need to be able to keep track of all the work you are doing in the office, and this skill will help you achieve that.

Interpersonal Skills

Assistants do not only work with colleagues, they also have to deal with clients and guests. This skill allows you to effectively communicate with others. 

Ability to Multitask

From making calls to helping colleagues set up for their meeting, assistants need to be able to multitask. 

Excellent Time Management

With so many duties, you need to be able to effectively manage your time. This allows you to allocate enough time to each of your tasks. In doing this, daily task will be completed successfully and on time. 

Solve Problems

Assistants should be able to solve minor problems in the office. An example of this would be calling a repairman to fix a printer. They can inform their manager about the problem, but also be able to take initiative.

How Much Does an Assistant Earn?

As with all other jobs, salaries earned depends on the industry you’re in and your level of experience. Below you can find the average monthly salaries of assistants in South Africa.

  • Office assistant R9 000
  • Junior office assistant R8 000
  • Personal Assistant R11 000

Become an Assistant with Skills Academy Courses

Difference Between Assistant and Secretary

Most days, you will find the secretary behind the desk in the lobby. An assistant will have their own space within the office, close to the team or department they assist. A personal assistant will in some cases sit in the same office as their boss.

Secretaries have to make and take calls, as well as reply to clients all day. This includes making bookings and getting office supplies. Although an assistant does this to some extent, it will be closely related to the department they are working in.

In most cases, assistants are expected to assist or handle some aspect of a project. Secretaries would generally not have those responsibilities.Even though their duties are similar at times, assistants are ranked higher in a work spaces. They have more responsibilities and important duties in the workplace.

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Author: Charnell Ward
Last updated:  May 07, 2020