Secretarial Courses

Gain transferable skills that will make you a competitive candidate in the job market. Secretarial Courses will open many doors for you across industries.

Medical Receptionist

Medical Office Receptionist: Comprehensive Course

This course fully rounds out your understanding of the field, granting you a more complete understanding and enabling you to be the best receptionist you can be.

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Medical Office Receptionist: Certificate Course

We need more qualified medical office receptionists. They are a crucial part of the daily cycle between patients and doctors. This Certificate build on the Short Course we offer.

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Medical Office Receptionist: Short Course

This short course will cover all of the basics of working as a medical office receptionist, allowing you to quickly jump into the relevant workforce.

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Professional Secretary

Professional Secretary: Short Course Certificate

Our Professional Secretary: Short Course Certificate teaches students about effective business communication and computer skills.

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Professional Secretary: Certificate Course

The Proficiency Certificate: Professional Secretary is more detailed than the short course. This covers your base of knowledge and also includes some specialized skills.

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Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant: Short Course Certificate

Personal Assistants are some of the most useful individuals in any office or professional environment. They have many different roles, depending on the field of work they are in.

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Personal Assistant: Certificate Course

The Proficiency certificate will cover the base knowledge and some extra skills you will need to succeed. The course is up to 12 months in length, but you can finish it faster.

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Secretaries are the fuel that keeps the office running. They are the first faces visitors see when they visit a company. Other than being the first point of contact, they also perform administrative tasks and provide support to staff members. This job is demanding yet exciting. 

Why you Should Study Secretarial Courses

From dressing up in business formal wear, to meeting new people every day. There are so many reasons why the life of a secretary attracts a lot of people. But how do you get started? Well, if you lack experience and knowledge of the job, then you can enrol for a course first. 

Gain Transferable Skills

Transferable skills are important to have. They prepare you to perform duties in different roles and occupations. Secretarial Courses are the perfect way you can gain skills without having any job experience. Stand out from other candidates with your transferable skills.

Enhance Your Career Prospects

It’s true that having a qualification will open many doors for you. By completing a secretarial course, you will show you are determined and possess the skills needed to do the job. Having a qualification will give you more career paths to choose from. 

A Chance to Earn a Handsome Salary 

If money motivates you, then you will be pleased to know that a secretarial qualification could potentially help you earn a better salary than you are currently earning. According to Payscale, the annual salary for secretaries is R130 000. Which is R10 800 per month.

Our Secretarial Courses

We offer specialised Secretarial Courses that will help you enter the workplace. You have many options:

Medical Receptionist
Want to assist sick and injured patients to get the best medical care? Be the friendly face they see when they enter the doctor’s office. This course will teach you how to work professionally. Our Medical Receptionist Courses consists of three levels and aims to expand your skills. 

Professional Secretary 
Expand your skills and learn how to run an office properly. Once completed, your daily duties will include scheduling meetings and  greeting clients. Our Professional Secretary Courses consist of two levels. 

Personal Assistant
If you consider yourself a multi-tasker, then you would love to enjoy taking up the responsibilities of a personal assistant. Our courses will turn you into a organised, highly skilled individual. There are two levels to complete.  

Entry Requirements – Study Without Matric

All our Secretarial Courses are Open Access. This means, you can enrol to study no matter your background. You may even enrol for a course without matric or high school education. These courses are skills based which means it will prepare you to step into the workplace with ease. The only requirement for this course is that you need to have a basic understanding of the English language. 

Secretary taking time out to write down important information. Our Secretarial Courses will teach you how to prioritise work and perform your daily duties.

What you Will Learn

A secretarial course is your answer to gaining skills without having any experience. The skills you will pick up are transferable and prepares you for the daily duties of a secretary.  


How you conduct and carry yourself will be a reflection of the company you work for. It is important that you are professional at all times when representing the business. Professionalism is all about being productive, taking initiative, effective communication and building work relationships. With distance learning you will learn all these elements that form part of being professional.

Time Management 

Time management is also an important skill to have when becoming a secretary. There will be constant deadlines you need to meet and different tasks that need your attention. This course and distance learning will help you manage your time effectively. 

Organisational Skills

Meeting tight deadlines will prepare you for the real world and its demands. Independent learning will encourage you to learn how to prioritise work and keep track of all the tasks you need to complete. 

Computer Practice

Depending on the course you study for, you will learn computer practice. Computer literacy and typing is one of the most important skills you can have. Secretaries will do most of their work on the computer. Our courses will teach you the basics. 

Where can I Study Secretarial Courses in South Africa?

In South Africa, there are quite a few learning institutions you can enrol to study at. Some of them offer Secretarial Courses. Cities like Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban there have few colleges where you can enrol for this course. However, if you don’t live in these areas, these colleges won’t be easy to access. Distance learning will give you quality education, no matter where you live in South Africa. This is also the best option if you currently have a job and or other responsibilities. 

Secretary with laptop checking documents. This could be your life with out Secretarial Courses.

Skills You Need to Become a Secretary

Even though movies and tv series make this job seem like it’s an easy one to do, it’s not. Not everyone is fit to become a secretary. This job requires someone who has a good combination of the following soft and technical skills. 

Soft Skills 

Soft skills are the personal attributes each person has. These skills may not seem important to you, but it’s very important to most recruiters. If these skills don’t come to you naturally, you can work on them. This requires a lot of practice. 

  • Listening 
  • Communication
  • Flexibility 
  • Adaptability
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision making
  • Leadership
  • Social skills
  • Punctuality

Technical Skills

This refers to one’s ability to perform specific tasks. These may vary depending on the job or industry you want to work in.

  • Computer literacy and typing
  • Knowledge in email and internet browsing
  • Experience using telephone switchboard
  • Filing and record keeping

How can I Become a Secretary?

If you have a can-do attitude with amazing people skills, then becoming a secretary is worth considering. You will have to perform clerical duties, answering phones, and serve as the first point of contact to those visiting your office. 

Enrol for a Course

Gain a competitive edge by enrolling for Secretary Courses. These courses will help you gain more knowledge regarding the job and help you prepare for the daily duties. Other than that, having a qualification behind your name could also open doors for you. 

Look at the Classifieds

Once you have finished your course, then it’s time to look for jobs. You can do this by browsing popular job portals and flipping through newspapers. Make sure to update your CV and write an incredible cover letter.

Gain Experience

Some secretarial jobs will require you to have experience first. You can gain some by applying for internships with the government or volunteering. The experience you need to get the job doesn’t always have to be working as a receptionist. You just need to have a demonstrated ability performing administrative tasks. 

Become the Hero of the Office 

Save the day with your incredible problem solving skills. Become the hero every office needs by equipping yourself with the skills needed to do this demanding yet exciting job. Ready to get started? Speak to one of our course experts to learn how you can take the first step to become a secretary. 

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Last Updated: August 24, 2020

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