Unlocking Your Future: The Power Of A NATED Diploma 

For those who have just completed their matric and are considering their next steps, understanding the significance and potential of a NATED Diploma can be eye-opening.

In the world of educational qualifications, the NATED Diploma stands out for many students. But what is it exactly? For those who have just completed their matric and are considering their next steps, understanding the significance and potential of a NATED Diploma can be eye-opening. 

What Is A NATED Diploma?

Upon obtaining your matric certificate, a vast array of opportunities awaits. The critical question then arises: what steps should you take next?

Consider exploring a NATED Diploma, a reputable option that offers more than theoretical knowledge. This qualification equips you with practical skills highly valued in the job market, ensuring a well-rounded educational foundation for your future career.

What are the different types of NATED Courses?

Business Management NATED Courses (N4-N6)

The Business Management NATED courses are structured to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the business environment. Consider the following: 

  • N4 Level: This is the foundational level where students are introduced to basic business concepts, principles, and practices
  • N5 Level: Building on the N4 foundation, the N5 level delves deeper into business strategies, operational management, and advanced financial practices
  • N6 Level: This is the advanced level where students refine their skills, focusing on aspects like business law, cost and management accounting, and entrepreneurial management

Upon completing the N6 level and gaining 18 months of practical experience, you can earn your National Diploma in Business Management. This qualification opens doors to various career opportunities in the business world. 

Educare NATED Courses (N4-N6)

Interested in a career in early childhood development? Our Educare NATED courses (N4-N6) are a perfect fit for those looking to work in this field:  

  • N4 Level: Students are introduced to foundational concepts of child health, education psychology, and day-care personnel development
  • N5 Level: The curriculum delves deeper into child health, educating in a diverse environment, and the intricacies of day-care management
  • N6 Level: At this level, students focus on aspects like learning facilitation, managing a daycare, and understanding the educational dynamics in diverse settings

Once you have completed the N6 level and gained 18 months of hands-on experience, you will be well on your way to earning your National Diploma in Educare.

Financial Management NATED Courses (N4-N6)

Explore your path to the finance sector with our Financial Management NATED Courses (N4-N6). They are tailored for individuals with a passion for entering the world of finance:

  • N4 Level: The foundational level covers topics like financial accounting, management communication, and entrepreneurial skills
  • N5 Level: Students delve into cost accounting, auditing, and computerised financial systems
  • N6 Level: The advanced level focuses on financial statement analysis, advanced auditing, and taxation

After completing the N6 level and obtaining 18 months of practical experience, you can earn your National Diploma in Financial Management.

Human Resource Management NATED Courses (N4-N6)

Discover a career in HR with our Human Resource Management NATED Courses (N4-N6). Designed for aspiring HR professionals, these courses cover the essentials of HR: 

  • N4 Level: The curriculum introduces students to personnel management, computer practice, and labour relations
  • N5 Level: Students explore deeper aspects of personnel training, employee wellness, and labour relations
  • N6 Level: The advanced level covers personnel research, advanced labour relations, and personnel development

Upon completing the N6 level and gaining 18 months of practical experience, you will earn your National Diploma in Human Resource Management.  

Legal Secretary NATED Courses (N4-N6)

Explore the legal field with our Legal Secretary NATED Courses (N4-N6). This course is perfect for those intrigued by the world of law and administration, these courses provide valuable insights into this dynamic industry:

  • N4 Level: Students are introduced to office practice, legal practice, and communication
  • N5 Level: The curriculum delves into aspects of legal practice, including mercantile law and estate practice
  • N6 Level: The advanced level refines skills in legal secretarial practice, civil litigation, and legal word processing

After you have completed these courses and achieved the N6 level, you will be well-prepared to begin a fulfilling career in the legal field. 

Management Assistant NATED Courses (N4-N6)

Explore the world of managerial roles across diverse sectors with our Management Assistant NATED Courses (N4-N6). Designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed for success in managerial positions, these courses are your gateway to a rewarding career:

  • N4 Level: The foundational level covers topics like office practice, information processing, and communication
  • N5 Level: Students delve deeper into aspects of public relations, office administration, and computer practice
  • N6 Level: The advanced curriculum focuses on management assistant techniques, public relations, and office management

Upon completing the N6 level and accumulating 18 months of practical experience, you will be eligible to earn your National Diploma as a Management Assistant. 

How Does A NATED Diploma Compare To Other Qualifications, Such As A Degree?

Let us explore this in more detail. Imagine you are at a pivotal point in your education, faced with a choice between two paths. On one side, there is the familiar route of traditional university education. On the other, there is the NATED Diploma, a path that is a bit less travelled but offers its own unique set of rewards.


NATED Diploma



Typically, 18 months to 3 years, depending on the course and practical experience required

Typically, 3–4 years for undergraduate degrees, with postgraduate studies varying in length


Provides vocational and practical skills in specific fields, such as business management or educare

Offers in-depth theoretical knowledge and research skills in a specific field of study

Entry Requirements

Generally require a matric certificate, though some courses might have additional requirements

Matric certificate with university exemption and specific subject marks


Widely recognised in vocational sectors and specific industries in South Africa.

Globally recognised, with higher degrees offering opportunities for specialised roles and research


Combination of coursework, practicals, and exams

Combination of assignments, projects, exams, and sometimes a thesis or dissertation

Career Path

Direct entry into specific vocational roles, with potential for further specialisation or management roles

Entry into specialised roles in industries, academia, or research

In essence, a NATED Diploma offers specialised vocational training, and a degree provides comprehensive academic knowledge in a particular field. Each has its unique value and serves different career and educational aspirations.

What Are The Key Differences In Curriculum And Assessment?


Choosing a university course means you will broad range of knowledge of a subject. You will go deep into theory and explore different aspects of it. Usually, the first year is about building the basics.

On the flip side, a NATED course is like zooming in on a specific area of interest. It is tailored, focusing on the practical skills, and the specific knowledge you will need for a particular job or industry. 

Assessment-wise, while university courses lean heavily on written exams and research projects, NATED courses have a balanced mix. You will be assessed on how well you can apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios, not just on what you can recall during an exam.

How Is The Recognition Of A NATED Diploma In The Professional World?

In the bustling world of professions, where does a NATED Diploma stand? Quite tall. Employers, especially those in industries that value hands-on skills, often appreciate the practical approach of NATED courses. 

It tells them that the holder of the diploma has been trained to jump into the job and get things done. They have been moulded to fit seamlessly into the industry, understanding the details and requirements.

On the other hand, a university degree, while highly respected, typically signals a more generalist approach. Degree holders might have a broader understanding of a field but might require more specific on-the-job training to adapt to a particular role.

NATED Diploma programs are highly regarded in industries valuing practical skills, offering graduates a competitive advantage. While university degrees provide a broader foundation, NATED courses excel in preparing students for hands-on roles in their chosen fields.

What Is The NATED Diploma Curriculum?

The NATED Diploma curriculum is like a carefully crafted roadmap, leading you through the details of your chosen field.

What Subjects Or Modules Are Covered In A Typical NATED Diploma?

Depending on the specific NATED course you choose, you will be introduced to a set of subjects or modules that are directly relevant to the industry you are aiming for. Depending on the NATED course you select, these subjects range from foundational knowledge to specialised skills. 

For instance, if you are enrolled in a Business Management course, you might study modules like Business Law, Financial Accounting, and Management Communication. In contrast, a course in Educare would cover Child Development, Educational Psychology, and Program Planning. 

Each module is designed not only to impart theoretical understanding but also to develop practical skills essential for your chosen field. This comprehensive approach ensures that you are well-equipped to meet the demands and challenges of your future career.

How Often Is The Curriculum Updated To Stay Relevant?

In today’s fast-paced world, staying updated is crucial. The NATED Diploma curriculum is dynamic. It is regularly reviewed and tweaked to align with industry standards and advancements. This ensures that what you learn is always in tune with what is happening in the real world.

How Is A NATED Diploma Assessed?

A NATED Diploma’s assessment goes beyond traditional exam-based evaluations. It is a journey where you demonstrate your mastery of the course material, showcasing not just what you have learned, but how you can apply it in real-world scenarios. 

This assessment process is designed to evaluate your understanding comprehensively, ensuring that you are not just academically proficient, but also practically skilled and ready for the challenges of your chosen field.

What Types Of Assessments Or Exams Are Involved?

While there will be written exams to test your theoretical knowledge, expect a good dose of practical assessments too. These could be assignments that simulate real-world scenarios.

It could be creating a business plan or any task that is typical of the industry you are training for. The aim is to ensure that you are not just book-smart, but also job-ready.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A NATED Diploma?

Choosing the right educational path can be a bit like picking the right pair of shoes. It needs to fit well, take you places, and of course, look good on your CV. The NATED Diploma, in this analogy, is like that versatile pair of shoes that is both comfortable and stylish.  Have a look at the benefits and see where a NATED course can take you.

What Are The Job Prospects For NATED Diploma Graduates?

With a NATED Diploma, you are not just another face in the crowd. You are someone who is being trained with a specific set of skills tailored for certain industries. It is like having a special key that opens doors to rooms filled with opportunities.

Which Industries Or Sectors Value NATED Diploma Holders?

NATED Diploma holders are highly regarded in a variety of industries and sectors, valued for their practical skills and comprehensive training. In this section, you will explore the diverse range of fields where a NATED qualification can open doors to exciting career opportunities. 

From the dynamic world of business and finance to the innovative realms of education, NATED graduates are sought after for their ability to blend theoretical knowledge with practical application.

How Do Employers View NATED Diploma Qualifications?

To many employers, a NATED Diploma is a mark of assurance. It tells them that the candidate has undergone diligent training and has been assessed on practical skills. It is a testament to the holder’s ability to transition smoothly from the classroom to the workplace, bringing with them a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise.

How Do You Choose The Right NATED Diploma For You?

Choosing a NATED Diploma is a bit like choosing a travel destination. You must consider where you want to go, what you want to experience, and how the journey aligns with your aspirations.

What Are Your Career Goals And How Does A Specific NATED Diploma Align With Them?

Start by mapping out your career aspirations. Do you see yourself in a boardroom, leading business strategies? Or perhaps in a classroom, shaping young minds? Once you have a clear vision, align it with the NATED Diploma that offers the skills and knowledge to make that vision a reality.

How Can You Assess The Course Content And Curriculum Of Different NATED Diplomas?

Dive into the course outlines. Most institutions provide detailed syllabi that give you a snapshot of what you will learn. Compare these outlines with your career goals. Look for courses that cover the skills and knowledge areas you are keen on mastering.

What Are The Most In-Demand NATED Diplomas In South Africa?

The demand for specific NATED Diplomas often mirrors the economic and societal needs of South Africa. Some sectors might be booming, while others are steady. As a result, certain NATED Diplomas become highly sought after, particularly in industries experiencing rapid growth or facing skill shortages. 

This dynamic landscape makes it crucial for students to stay informed about the most in-demand diplomas that align with current and future job market trends.

Let us have a look at the top 3 NATED courses that students gravitate towards: 

Financial Management

With this NATED diploma, you are not just learning about numbers and spreadsheets, you are unlocking the door to a world where your skills in accounting, finance, and money management set you apart. 

Whether it is making waves in corporate finance or being the financial backbone of a hot new start-up, you will be the go-to expert:


Imagine shaping the minds that will shape our future. That is what you do with Educare. This is not just a course, it is a journey into the heart of early childhood education. You will gain insights into child care and psychology that are more than just valuable, they are transformative. 

And in a country that is placing more emphasis than ever on quality education from the earliest years, you will be in demand and doing something truly meaningful:

Human Resource Management

In Human Resource Management, you are not just learning policies and procedures, you are learning how to nurture, develop, and inspire teams. In today’s fast-paced business world, companies across South Africa are looking for HR professionals who can handle the dynamics of a modern workplace. That is a powerful role, and it could be yours: 

How Do NATED Diplomas Cater To The Current Job Market Needs?

NATED Diplomas are designed with the job market in mind. They focus on imparting practical skills that are immediately applicable in the workplace. As industries evolve, so do the courses, ensuring that graduates are always in step with current demands.

Are There Practical Components Involved In NATED N6 Courses?

With a NATED Diploma, the world is your oyster. The blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills opens doors to a range of career opportunities. Depending on the diploma, graduates can find roles as business managers, crèche teachers, financial analysts, HR consultants, legal assistants, or office administrators, to name a few.

Are There Opportunities For Entrepreneurship Or Self-Employment?

Absolutely. Many NATED Diploma holders leverage their skills to start their ventures. Whether it is opening a daycare centre, launching a financial consultancy, or starting a business, the practical skills gained from NATED courses can be a strong foundation for entrepreneurship.

How Do You Start A NATED Diploma Course?

Beginning a NATED Diploma course is an important decision that can sculpt your future. It goes beyond simply enrolling in a course, it is about placing yourself on a trajectory toward new skills, diverse opportunities, and substantial career development.

But, like any significant decision, there are steps to follow, boxes to tick, and choices to make. 

Are There Academic Prerequisites Or Prior Knowledge Needed?

Yes, there are. Typically, to enrol in a NATED Diploma course, you would need a Grade 12 certificate or an equivalent qualification. However, the specifics can vary based on the course and the institution. 

How Do You Submit Necessary Documents Or Portfolios?

Once you have confirmed that you meet the prerequisites, the next step is to gather and submit your documents. At Skills Academy you will need to provide the following:

  • A certified copy of your Grade 12 certificate or equivalent
  • Identification documents, like your ID or passport

Speaking to our course experts will allow you to know exactly what we offer and what you will need to provide for your application to be successful. 

How Do You Apply For A NATED Diploma?

This guide will walk you through the application process, providing you with valuable insights and tips to ensure a smooth and successful application journey. Whether you are a recent high school graduate or seeking to advance your career through further education, understanding the NATED Diploma application process is your first step toward achieving your academic aspirations.

What Is The Application Process For Popular Institutions?

To apply for a NATED course at Skills Academy, follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose Your Preferred Application Method

You can start by scheduling a call with the Skills Academy team for a direct conversation and initiation of your application, use WhatsApp for instant communication with course experts. Or fill out an online sign-up form for a quick and efficient application process.

Step 2: Connect With Course Experts

After starting your application, Skills Academy course experts provide assistance and guidance to help you select the ideal NATED course.

Step 3: Materials Delivery

Once you have selected your course, the cost of course materials is included in your tuition fees, and Skills Academy will deliver these materials directly to your address, usually within 5 to 7 days after enrolment.

Step 4: Dive Into Your Studies

After receiving your course materials, you can begin your studies. Skills Academy allows you to study at your own pace, offering comprehensive resources to support your learning.

Where Can You Study For A NATED Diploma?

You can complete NATED courses at Skills Academy! Choosing where to study for a NATED Diploma is a crucial decision, similar to selecting a new home. It is not merely about finding a place to learn, it is about finding an environment where you can flourish, be supported, and have access to the resources that will steer your educational journey toward success. 

How Do Online Platforms Cater To NATED Diploma Students?

The rise of online education has revolutionised the way students learn, and NATED Diploma courses are no exception. Online platforms have crafted a unique learning environment that caters specifically to the needs of NATED Diploma students: 

  • Adaptable Learning Environment
  • Personalised Learning Paths
  • Collaborative Learning Opportunities
  • Support And Guidance

What Are The Practicalities Of Pursuing A NATED Diploma?

Pursuing a NATED diploma is more than just enrolling in courses and preparing for exams, it is a series of important decisions, each with its timelines and costs. Think of it as crafting your roadmap to success, where every detail matters, from understanding what you are signing up for, to aligning your studies with your life and budget. 

How Long Does It Take To Complete A NATED Diploma?

Duration is a crucial aspect to consider when embarking on a NATED Diploma. Generally, these programs can range from 18 months to 3 years. However, the actual time it takes to complete may vary depending on various factors, such as the specific course structure, your pace of study, and any practical training components involved. 

Just like any educational pursuit, the journey to completing a NATED Diploma can have its unique variations and adjustments.

Are There Accelerated Or Intensive Programs Available?

Absolutely! For those eager beavers who want to power through, some institutions offer accelerated programs. You will cover more ground in a shorter time. The sooner you finish, the less you will pay at Skills Academy.

How Does The Duration Vary For Part-Time Vs Full-Time Studies?

If you are juggling work or other commitments, part-time might be the best option. It gives you more wiggle room, but it does stretch out the journey a bit. Here is a quick breakdown:

Study ModeTypical DurationNotes
Full-time18 months – 3 yearsStandard pace
Part-time2 – 4 yearsSlower pace, more flexibility

How Do Part-Time And Full-Time NATED Diploma Studies Differ?

Choosing between part-time and full-time studies is a bit like deciding whether to take a leisurely stroll through a park or go for a brisk jog. Both will get you to the finish line, but the experience and pace will vary:

Study ModeFull-time StudiesPart-time Studies
What it Entails
  • Full-time studies have a set timetable, assignments, and exams
  • It is a routine-focused approach, with most of the week dedicated to studies
  • Part-time studies cater to those with other commitments
  • offering flexibility to fit around your schedule
  • Allows deep diving into subjects in a consistent academic environment, fostering focus and understanding
  • More hours per week lead to completing the course in the standard duration
  • Enables balancing work, family, or other pursuits with studies, ideal for earning while learning
  •  A lighter academic load with fewer subjects or modules at a time, potentially reducing stress
ConsiderationsDemands a significant portion of your time, making it challenging to manage alongside a full-time job or other major commitments
  • Takes longer to complete than full-time studies due to the spread-out schedule
  • Requires Discipline

In essence, the choice between part-time and full-time boils down to your personal circumstances, preferences, and commitments. Both paths lead to the same destination, a NATED Diploma, but offer different journeys. Consider what fits best with your current life stage and future goals.

How Much Does It Cost To Study For A NATED Diploma?

Most institutions understand that paying a lump sum can be a stretch. So, they offer payment plans, allowing you to break down the tuition fee into manageable chunks.  We at Skills Academy understand that managing finances is a crucial part of your educational journey. 

This is why, unlike the traditional lump sum payment approach, we offer flexible payment plans. These plans are designed to ease the financial burden by breaking down your tuition fees into more manageable instalments.

This approach allows you to focus more on your studies and less on financial stress. Whether you are balancing work, family, or other commitments, our payment plans are tailored to fit into your life, not the other way around.

How Do You Ensure Success In Your NATED Diploma Studies?

Curious about how to succeed in your NATED Diploma studies? Starting your NATED journey is similar to setting off on a new adventure. Just like any adventure, it requires the right tools and a healthy dose of enthusiasm. In this guide, we will explore strategies and resources to help you navigate this academic journey, ensuring you not only reach your goals but also enjoy the ride.

How Can You Create An Effective Study Schedule?

Creating an effective study schedule is a key step in your educational journey. It is about finding the right balance between your coursework, personal life, and other commitments. Explore how you can develop a study plan that works specifically for you, ensuring you stay on track while also managing your well-being. 

Here is a practical guide to help you build a study routine that is both efficient and sustainable:

  • Assess Your Commitments
  • Set Clear Goals
  • Prioritise
  • Consistency is Key
  • Review and Adjust

Assess Your Commitments

Start by listing out all your daily and weekly commitments. This includes work hours, family obligations, and even downtime. Knowing what you are juggling alongside your studies helps in carving out dedicated study slots.

Set Clear Goals

Define what you aim to achieve each week. Maybe it is completing a chapter, mastering a concept, or even revising past lessons. By setting tangible goals, you give your study sessions a clear direction.


All subjects are not created equal. Some might be more challenging, while others could be a breeze. Allocate more time to topics that require extra attention, ensuring you grasp every nuance.

Consistency Is Key

Establishing a routine can work wonders. By studying at consistent times and in a dedicated space, you condition your brain to switch into ‘study mode’ seamlessly.

Review And Adjust

No plan is set in stone. Maybe you find mornings more productive than evenings, or perhaps a certain subject takes longer than anticipated. Regularly review your schedule and tweak it as needed.

What Tools And Apps Can Aid In NATED Diploma Studies?

In the journey of your NATED Diploma studies, the digital world is ready to lend a hand. There are numerous tools and apps available that can significantly enhance your study experience.  These resources range from organisational tools to study aids, all designed to make your learning process more efficient and effective. Here are some key tools and apps that can help you manage your studies and maximise your productivity:

  • Study Apps
  • Time Management
  • Note-Taking

Study App

Various apps offer interactive learning tools like flashcards, which help in memory retention. Others use techniques like spaced repetition to ensure you review study material at optimal intervals, aiding in long-term retention.

Time Management

Digital organisational tools can be incredibly helpful. They allow you to create task lists, set deadlines, and track your progress for each subject. Some apps also send reminders and help you manage your study schedule effectively.


Note-taking apps are essential for any student. They enable you to efficiently record and organise your notes during lectures or self-study sessions. Features like easy searchability and tagging make it simple to retrieve information when you need it.

How Do You Stay Motivated And Balance Your Commitments During Your NATED Diploma Studies?

Keeping your motivation high and balancing your commitments during your NATED Diploma studies can sometimes feel like a tightrope walk. With the right strategies and a bit of savvy planning, you can keep that motivational spark alive and juggle your responsibilities like a pro. 

In this section, we will dive into some practical tips and tricks to help you stay focused, energised, and on track throughout your educational journey. Let us turn those challenges into achievements and keep your study momentum going strong.

Are There Online Communities Or Forums For NATED Diploma Students?

Absolutely! Online communities act as virtual study groups. At Skills Academy we offer forums dedicated to NATED studies, these groups offer a space to discuss topics, share resources, and even seek guidance.

How Can You Set Personal Milestones And Rewards?

Setting milestones breaks your academic journey into smaller, more manageable segments. After completing each milestone, reward yourself. It could be a treat, a day off, or even a fun activity. These rewards act as incentives, driving you to achieve the next milestone.

What Are Some Resources Available To Help You With Your NATED Diploma Studies?

Exploring the resources available for your NATED Diploma studies can significantly boost your learning experience. 

Are There Online Tutorials Or Guides?

Yes, we offer online platforms and guides on a broad spectrum of subjects. They can be incredibly useful for reinforcing your understanding of key concepts and providing additional perspectives on the material you are studying.

People Also Ask

To verify if a NATED Diploma provider is accredited, check with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) in South Africa. Accredited institutions are listed on their official website. 

Additionally, reputable institutions often display their accreditation credentials on their websites and promotional materials. At Skills Academy, our NATED courses have SAQA ID numbers.

Studying for a NATED Diploma can be demanding. Challenges include balancing work and study commitments, staying motivated during self-paced learning, understanding complex modules, and managing time effectively for assignments and exam preparation.

To prepare for exams, start by creating a study schedule well in advance. Break down the syllabus into manageable sections, use active study techniques like summarising and quizzing, and regularly review past papers or mock exams. Ensure you understand the exam format and allocate time for revision.

If you fail a module in your NATED Diploma studies, most institutions offer a chance to retake the exam or module. There might be additional fees involved, and you will need to meet the institution’s criteria for retakes. It is essential to review what went wrong and seek additional resources or tutoring to improve.

Common mistakes include procrastinating on assignments, not seeking help when struggling with a topic, not actively participating in online forums, and neglecting to use available resources like tutors or study guides. Avoiding these pitfalls can enhance your learning experience.

A NATED Diploma can open doors to various job opportunities in your chosen field. It can also serve as a foundation for further studies. Networking with professionals, attending industry seminars, and seeking internships or job placements can further boost your career prospects with the diploma.

Absolutely! A NATED Diploma equips you with specialised knowledge in your field. With the right business idea, planning, and entrepreneurial spirit, you can leverage your diploma to start and run a successful business in sectors like finance, education, or management, among others.

It all depends on your NATED Diploma and the Degree programme you are interested in. Although your NATED Diploma is at an NQF level 06, it would be in your best interest to consult the university or college regarding the admission requirements.  

Most universities consider prior learning, which could apply to a completed NATED Diploma. NATED diplomas are only received after completing 18 months of work experience. 

Author: Angela Mouton
Editor: Caitlin Roux
Date Published: January 15, 2024

Last Updated: 20 February 2024



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