N5 Human Resource Management Course

The N5 Human Resource Management Courses will help teach you to coach, manage and bring out the best in the people around you who work at your company.

Course Summary

Award type:
National N Certificate
Accredited by:
12 Months
Entrance Requirement:
Matric or Equivalent


Learn the tricks of the trade of running and managing a business. This subject will teach you how to manage people and develop business strategies. You will also learn how to set up a business plan and what aspects are needed to get started. 

Learn more of what goes into hiring and managing staff. This subject overs topics such as job evaluation, performance appraisal, recruitment and selection, and more. It also introduces you to issues, such as motivation and communication. 

There are various factors that influence communication. Learn how to effectively get your message across with the Management Communication. You will learn how to write business documents and more.

Computer literacy is an essential skill to have that could help you in any industry. Learn the basics to become more confident working on a computer. Gain the skills needed to use the internet effectively and how to work your email. 

This subject goes in to more depth than that of the previous level. After completion, you will be well rounded with the recruitment and hiring process, as well as managing staff. Gain a better understanding of issues, such as management and leadership. 

This subject will teach you how to make sure your company or organisation have staff that are equipped to do the job. Here you will learn how to train adults to do their jobs and you may also go ahead and assess them. 

Become knowledgeable in labour relations. This subject is designed to make sure that keep the workplace free from conflict and dispute. Learn all about the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and the Labour Relations Act, and more. 

Improve your computer literacy to make sure you are ready to step into the workplace. Become proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and other MS Office features. Gain more confidence in you computer abilities with this next level.