N6 Financial Management Breakdown

This is the last part of your journey to getting your National Diploma in Financial Management. Once you have completed this certificate and your 18 months of practical experience, you will gain an edge when it comes to employment.

What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

Here’s what you can expect to learn with the N6 Financial Management Course:

Subject Description
Financial Accounting N6 This is your last mile in your journey to getting your qualification. Here you will learn all the extensive knowledge about accounting, creating ledger books and bank reconciliations.
Computerised Financial Systems N6 Here you will learn all about pastel accounting and pastel payroll. This will be added to your basic microsoft and other computer softwares you learnt about in N4 to N5.
Entrepreneurship N6 This module dives deeper into how to manage a business and drawing up business plans. You will learn all the necessary tools that will help you with business staffing.
Cost and Management Accounting N6 This subject goes deeper into teaching you about costs concepts and how to do contract costing, standard costing and cost control. You’ll also learn about how to determine if a certain product will be profitable in the future.
Financial Accounting N5 This dives in a little bit deeper into the world of financial accounting you were introduced into in N4 Financial Accounting. You will be introduced to things like partnerships, stock valuation and analysis of financial records.
Computerised Financial Systems N5 This will be a continuation of the computerised financial systems you learnt of in Computerised Financial Systems of N4. It is important that you cement the knowledge of how to use computers for financial upkeep.
Entrepreneurship N5 This provides you with more information on entrepreneurship and how to manage and run a business. You will learn things like how to staff our business and operations management. You will also learn ethics and social responsibility as well as labour relations.
Cost and Management Accounting N5 N5 Financial Accounting will introduce you to a new module. This module will teach you about costs concepts and how to do contract costing, standard costing and cost control. It basically introduces new concepts to financial accounting.
Financial Accounting N4 Here you will be introduced to finance. You will learn important things in Financial Management like the time value of money, interests and annuity.
Computerised Financial Systems N4 In this world of modern technology and computerised information system, is it important to gain an understanding of how to use computers. There are now computerised financial systems that financial managers use to balance their books and do their jobs properly.
Entrepreneurship N4 Studying this course provides you with the tools you need to not only manage finances but to also manage a business. This is why it introduces you to Entrepreneurship studies from early on.
Management Communication N4 This is where you will learn the role of a Financial Manager in a company and why it is important that they communicate effectively. This module will not only teach you communication skills, it will also teach you how to make managerial decisions for the betterment of the company.

Study Upgrade

The great thing about our NATED courses is that you can further your education. After completing the N4 you can advance to the N5 and N6 programmes. Once completed and with 18 months practical training, you can get your National Diploma.