N4 Management Assistant Course

This course will teach you the basic skills you need to be successful as a Management Assistant. This course is the first stage to a fully accredited Management Assistant Diploma.

Course Summary

Award type:
National N Certificate
Accredited by:
Department of Higher Education and Training
24 Months
Entrance Requirement:
Matric or Equivalent


This subject teaches you the basic communication principles and the importance of effective communication. Learn how to use these written and verbal skills to communicate with others in various ways. 

Learn about the fundamentals of how you should manage an office. This subject also teaches you the importance of inter-personal relationships in an office setting and how to handle those relationships effectively. 

This subject covers the important ways to capture, process and record information. You will learn information recording techniques, such as identifying keywords. Gain a better understanding of how to use a computer successfully so an office can function well. 

Get an introduction to the the understanding of computers and their processing systems, such as Microsoft, pastel and others. This will also teach you fast typing techniques that can be used to improve your efficiency.