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Have you never completed your Matric? Then choose our Adult Matric option. Now you can get the same matric certificate from Umalusi that matriculants get who do matric at school.

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Matric Upgrade

Disappointed with your matric results? Don’t count yourself out just yet. Enrol for Matric Upgrade and get the marks you know you deserve.

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Adult Matric

Getting your matric as an adult doesn’t have to be a long, difficult process. Our Adult Matric Courses aim to help you achieve your study goals, regardless of age.

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Wondered what your life could be like if you had matric? You wouldn’t have to live without restrictions and regret if you had that certificate. The labour market is competitive, and it is much more difficult if you never finished school or don’t have a qualification. A matric qualification might just change the game for you. 

Reasons to get Your Matric

Consider this your second chance. Go back to school and get your grade 12 certificate, without physically attending class. You can ace the exams and get your matric from the comfort of your home. But studying from home doesn’t mean you won’t get a good education. We have an amazing academic team and study materials to help you pass matric. 

Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired

You might have missed out on many job opportunities because you don’t have grade 12. For a lot of roles you need to at least have a matric to be even considered. It’s time for a change. Increase your chances of getting hired by getting your certificate. 

Further Your Studies

If you’ve always wanted to go to college and further your education, then the fact that you don’t have a high school qualification might have been your biggest hurdle. Eliminate that factor and take one step closer to your goal. Having a matric will give you more options when it comes to furthering your studies. 

Invest in Your Development

Live your life without regrets by going after what you want. Your biggest investment should be yourself and your development. One of the best things you can do is to get your matric, enrol for a course and upskill yourself. 

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Our Matric Courses

We at Skills Academy believe in second chances, and therefore we focus on making studying accessible to all. It’s rare to find a learning institution that allows you to get your grade 12 certificate from the comfort of your own home

Adult Matric

Never finished school because you had other responsibilities to take care of? No matter what the reason may be, you now have the opportunity to get your grade 12 certificate as an adult. You can enjoy flexible learning hours and take care of your duties while studying.

Matric Upgrade

Chances are you are not happy with your matric results. If you failed a subject, or don’t meet the college or university requirement, you can redo your matric to get the results you want. You can combine your old results with the subjects you rewrote. 

Entry Requirements for Matric

It’s never too late to enrol for a matric course. There is no age limit to success and our grade 12 courses are all aimed at adults who want to go back to school, without giving up their responsibilities. To enrol for our matric courses you need to:

  • Be at least 21 years or older
  • Understand the English language

Of course that’s not the only requirement you need to enrol for matric. But the academic requirements will depend on the course you enrol for. For adult matric you need to have a transcript of your grade 9 (standard 7) results. To do your matric upgrade you need a certified copy of your matric results. 

Study Without Matric – Other Options

If you’re not too keen on doing the subjects that you did in school, or don’t meet the requirements, you still have options. There are many courses you can enrol for without a matric. And just because you don’t have a grade 12 certificate, doesn’t mean you won’t receive quality education. Here are some of the courses you can enrol for without a matric:

Students from far and wide can enjoy our distance learning Matric Courses

The Tools you Need to Help you Pass Your Matric

A lot of pressure is placed on matriculants to do well. You will feel it too. But you can reduce the stress if you have the right tools to help you. 

A Good Support System

You need a good support system to help you ace the exams. Support can come in the form of an understanding household who motivates you to study, and will help you with chores around the house so that you can spend more time with your books. If you don’t have support at home, you can find some online. Our students get access to online study groups where they can chat with their peers. 

Helpful Tutors and Academic Support

You shouldn’t struggle on your own. You need to know if you are on the right track with your coursework. Get quick feedback on your assignments or help to explain your coursework. Our course experts and academic support team is one of the best in South Africa. They go above and beyond to answer students’ queries. 

Great Study Books

Your textbooks and study materials should be able to help explain different concepts to you. Quality books will simplify the most difficult concepts. And since you won’t be attending class every day, your books should act as a teacher. Your books should inspire you to learn more. 

How can I get my Matric?

Attending high school wasn’t your only shot at getting your certificate. What schools fail to address is that you will still have other chances to achieve your dreams. It will only take longer, and the road may me rockier, but it’s still manageable. Here’s how you can get your matric:

  • Going back to school 
  • Obtain one with distance learning
  • Apply for a Matric Upgrade
  • Get your Adult Matric

What is the Equivalent to Matric?

The alternative to your matric qualification is applying for vocational training. There is something called National Certificate Vocational, which is on NQF level 4 just like a grade 12 certificate. These courses aim to help you build technical skills, something you won’t be able to do with a traditional matric certificate. 

How can I get a Matric Fast?

Don’t fall for scammers who say you can buy your matric certificate. There is no quick and easy way you can get your certificate in 2 weeks. This is something you will have to study for and earn. Go the ethical and legal way, and apply to redo your matric. 

Earn Your Marks, Get Set, Go!

It’s never too late to go back to school, get your matric and get set for life. Trade traditional classrooms for distance learning and study from home. You will have more freedom and still enjoy a quality education. Speak to one of our course experts, who are always keen to assist, to help you. 

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Last Updated: August 24, 2020

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