N4 Business Management Course

The N4 Business Management course gives you the basics of Business Management. This course includes a wide range of subjects with a wide range of skills.

Course Summary

Award type:
National N Certificate
Accredited by:
12 Months
Entrance Requirement:
Matric or Equivalent

It is unfortunate that the ICB Business Management diploma course will be phased out. But fear not, you can do this N4 Business Management Course and receive the same qualification. 


Don’t have matric? Not a problem, you can do an ICB Bridging course. More specifically you can do the ICB Small Business Management Course. All you need  to do this course is grade 11 and be able to read and write in English. 


Management Communication teaches you important concepts in business communication. This subject will help you improve you planning, writing and presentation skills. 

Every accountant needs to start somewhere. Learn the basics of accounting with this introductory subject. You will learn key accounting concepts and principles to prepare you for the more complex work that’s to come. 

Learn the essentials of both entrepreneurship and management. This subject will cover a broad range of topics varying from the role of entrepreneurs to how to draw up a business plan

This module will teach students how to define the concept computer and explain the input, processing, storing and output cycle. Students will also be able to name the fields of the application of computers and be able to explain and compare the different classes of computers.