NATED Business Management

This program is all about giving you the skills and knowledge you need to thrive in the business world.

Do you want to be an expert in business? The NATED Business Management Course is your ticket to success! The goal of this course is to prepare you to run businesses in the future. It is packed with both knowledge and hands-on experience.

What Is NATED Business Management?

This course is all about giving you the skills and knowledge you need to thrive in the business world. It is like a one-stop shop for everything you need to know. From understanding the basics of running a business to putting those skills into action.

Here is a quick glance at what you will learn:

Skill AreaDescription
Business fundamentalsGet a solid grasp of key aspects like marketing, finance, and human resources.
Leadership skillsDiscover how to encourage and inspire your team to reach their objectives.
Problem-solvingTackle business challenges head-on and find creative solutions.
Communication skillsMaster clear and effective communication, both written and verbal, to build strong relationships.

The NATED Business Management course has QCTO accreditation. The duration of these courses lasts 6–12 months, per course. You will need a Matric certificate or equivalent to get accepted. Instead of just textbook learning, you will dive into crucial business skills. 

You will also get hands-on with projects and work experience. This way, you are all set to shine in the business world right after graduating.

NATED Business Management Levels

The following courses need to be all completed, and an additional 18 months of practical experience to be awarded with a diploma:

This qualification is structured progressively. You will build your expertise step by step through three distinct NATED levels. Here are more details regarding each level you will cover to be eligible for the diploma: 

  • N4 Business Management Course: This foundational level lays the groundwork. It introduces you to core business concepts like marketing, finance, and human resources
  • N5 Business Management Course: Here, you will explore these key areas further. You will develop your skills in leadership, problem-solving, and communication
  • N6 Business Management Course: This is the final NATED level. You will refine your knowledge and skills:

    • You will become proficient in all aspects of business management
    • This level also incorporates practical experience. This happens through projects and internships to prepare you for the real world

How Is The NATED Business Management Course Structured?

Ready to go deeper into the NATED Business Management courses? First, explore how the curriculum is structured. Then, take a look at the core subjects you will do on your way to becoming a business expert. Consider this table:

Course StructureSubjects Covered
N4 Business Management Course
  • Management Communications N4
  • Introductory Accounting N4
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Management N4
  • Computer Practice N4
N5 Business Management Course
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Management N5
  • Public Relations N5
  • Sales Management N5
  • Computer Practice N5
N6 Business Management Course
  • Sales Management N6
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Management N6
  • Cost and Management Accounting N5
  • Public Relations N6

This course is designed so that each level builds on the previous one. It equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to become a well-rounded business professional.

What Kinds Of Other NATED Courses Are Offered?

Looking to upskill, switch careers, or simply expand your knowledge base? Skills Academy offers a diverse range of NATED qualifications. These are designed to equip you for success in various industries. Here is a glimpse into the exciting NATED courses we offer:

NATED Legal SecretaryBecome essential in the legal field, assisting lawyers and managing legal documents effectively.
NATED Management AssistantSupport executives and teams with administrative, communication, and organisational skills.
NATED Financial ManagementMaster what you need in finance, with skills in accounting, financial analysis, and budgeting. Prepare for roles in finance and investment.
NATED Human Resource ManagementDevelop human resources with skills in recruitment, training, and employee relations. Become key in talent management.
NATED EducareFocuses on early childhood development, and nurturing young minds in various educational settings.
NATED Marketing ManagementMaster strategic marketing, understanding consumer behaviour, and crafting effective campaigns. Opens doors in marketing and sales.

The NATED courses offer a diverse range of specialised courses. These are tailored to equip students with comprehensive skills and knowledge in their chosen fields.

NATED courses are all about practical learning, tailored for specific industries. This way, individuals are prepped for different roles and ready to tackle the challenges of today’s workplace.

What Are The Benefits Of Studying The NATED Business Management Courses?

Earning a NATED Business Management qualification? That is a game-changer! It arms you with many skills and unlocks cool job opportunities. 

Benefits Of Studying The NATED Business Management Course

Here are three reasons why pursuing this qualification is a smart choice:

  • Enhanced Employability
  • Increased Earning Potential
  • Increased Career Flexibility

Enhanced Employability

NATED Business Management graduates are highly sought after by employers across various industries. This qualification makes you a strong candidate for entry-level positions in the business world. It offers you an advantage over other candidates in the job market.

Increased Earning Potential

Individuals with NATED qualifications typically command higher salaries. This is compared to those without qualifications. Earning your NATED Business Management qualification can be a smart investment for your financial future. It can lead to better-paying jobs and career advancement opportunities.

Increased Career Flexibility

The diverse skill set from this course opens doors to various business careers. It expands your opportunities for professional growth and advancement. This qualification is a strong foundation regardless of your career goals. Many employment options become accessible as a result.

Are NATED Business Management Courses Recognised By Employers?

In the previous section, we explored three compelling reasons. These highlight why pursuing a NATED Business Management course is a smart choice. These include enhanced employability, increased earning potential, and increased career flexibility. Examine the first advantage in more detail – enhanced employability:

NATED qualifications are widely recognised and respected by employers across various industries. They serve as valuable credentials for career advancement and job opportunities. This recognition stems from several factors:

  • Developed In Collaboration With Industry Experts
  • Nationally Recognised Framework
  • Demonstration Of Skills And Knowledge

Developed In Collaboration With Industry Experts

These qualifications are created in partnership with industry professionals. They ensure alignment with current industry needs. They give graduates the skills and knowledge employers want.

Nationally Recognised Framework

NATED courses are recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). This guarantees its national validity and credibility. This assures employers that NATED qualifications meet national standards and learning outcomes.

Demonstration Of Skills And Knowledge

By earning a NATED qualification, you demonstrate your commitment to professional development. This shows employers your dedication to advancing in your career.  You also showcase your acquisition of valuable skills and knowledge relevant to the business world. This makes you a strong candidate for various job opportunities.

NATED Business Management qualifications are quite the hit. Employers across different sectors value them. And with the broad range of skills you pick up, you are pretty much gearing yourself up for better employment chances.

Which Sectors Value NATED Business Management The Most?

NATED Business Management graduates are valued across diverse sectors. However, some industries stand out. These industries have a particularly high demand for these skills. Take a look at the following examples: 

  • Retail And Wholesale Trade
  • Financial Services
  • Public Sector

Retail And Wholesale Trade

Businesses in this sector require individuals with strong marketing, sales, and customer service skills. All of these skills are developed in the NATED Business Management course.

Financial Services

Banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions seek individuals with a solid understanding of business principles and finance basics. Additionally, they value communication skills. All these areas are covered in the NATED Business Management curriculum.

Public Sector

Government departments and municipalities often look for individuals with strong administrative and organisational skills. These skills are emphasised in the NATED Business Management course. 

It is important to note that the skills and knowledge gained from our Business NATED courses are versatile. They can apply to a wide range of industries. This makes it a versatile qualification for various career aspirations.

How Long Does It Take To Complete A NATED Business Management Course?

The duration of a NATED Business Management course can vary. It depends on the learning mode you choose.

  • Full-time: Completing the qualification on a full-time basis typically takes 6 months per NATED level;

    • This includes N4, N5, and N6 levels
    • The total time to complete is usually 18 months
    • This option allows you to focus solely on your studies
    • You could potentially finish faster
  • Part-time: This allows you to balance your studies with other commitments;

    • The timeframe can vary based on your schedule
    • Usually, it takes between 12 and 24 months to complete each NATED level
    • This option extends the total duration from 36 to 72 months

Remember, you will also need to consider another important aspect. There are 18 months of practical experience required to obtain a National Diploma in Business Management.

What Are The Entry Requirements For NATED Business Management Courses?

NATED courses consist of both theoretical and practical lessons. They enhance skills and employability in the business sector. Structured from levels N4 to N6, each stage builds upon the knowledge and skills from the previous level.

Do Requirements Differ Between NATED Levels?

Yes, the entry requirements for NATED Business Management courses do differ between the various NATED levels:

  • N4 Level: To enrol in the N4 level, students typically need to have completed Matric (Grade 12) with a pass in English 
  • N5 Level: For entry into the N5 level, students are usually required to have completed the N4 level in the same field of study;

    • This guarantees that students possess the basic knowledge required
    • It helps them tackle the more advanced concepts introduced at the N5 level

  • N6 Level: Similarly, to progress to the N6 level, students must have completed the N5 level;

    • The N6 level is the highest in the NATED courses before moving on to practical work experience, which is required to obtain the National Diploma

It is important to acknowledge that these represent the basic criteria. Additional requirements could apply to particular universities. They could also provide different requirements for admission.

Are There Bridging Courses For Those Who Do Not Meet The Requirements?

NATED courses bring an exciting educational journey. However, we understand that entry requirements might seem like a hurdle. Do not let that discourage you! Skills Academy offers various options to help you bridge the gap.

Our NATED courses do not offer specific bridging courses. However, Skills Academy provides several alternative pathways. These pathways can help you meet the entry requirements and excel in your studies. We also provide other courses aside from our NATED courses: 

ICB Courses

Explore our diverse range of ICB (Bookkeeping) courses. These courses provide foundational accounting and business skills. They can potentially qualify you for similar career options our  NATED Business Management course provides.

Short Courses

Consider our business-related short courses. These bite-sized learning modules focus on specific skills like communication, customer service, or financial literacy. They do not directly qualify you for NATED courses. However, they can enhance your knowledge and make you a stronger candidate in the future.

Matric Courses

If you have not completed your Matric (Grade 12) do not worry. Our Matric Upgrade and Adult Matric courses can help you achieve that crucial qualification. These courses can open up new opportunities for you. This opens the door to Business NATED courses or other tertiary education options.

Remember, you are not alone in this journey! Our friendly team at Skills Academy is here to guide you. Contact us today. We will assess your background, goals, and any unique circumstances. This will help you find the perfect pathway towards a successful career in business.

How Is Distance Learning Structured For NATED Courses?

Traditional classroom settings provide valuable face-to-face interaction. However, the flexibility and convenience of distance learning are becoming increasingly popular. But what does distance learning involve? What support does Skills Academy offer remote learners? 

What Support Does Skills Academy Offer Distance Learners?

We understand that even with a structured program, questions may arise. At Skills Academy, you will receive dedicated support throughout your journey. Here are some support you will expect to receive:

  • Dedicated Student Support Team: Our friendly and knowledgeable team is readily available; 

    • They can answer your questions, address technical difficulties, and offer ongoing support

  • Lecturer/Tutor Communication: Communicate directly with your qualified tutors through various channels;

    • These include email, discussion forums, and scheduled appointments (availability may vary)

  • Online Learning Resources: Access a wealth of additional resources;

    • Find e-books and video tutorials
    • Explore industry articles

Are Exams And Assessments Conducted Online For Distance Learners?

Skills Academy offers NATED courses online. However, exams are not online. These evaluations check if you meet NATED learning outcomes. They happen in a controlled, physical space to keep standards high.

Skills Academy is committed to supporting and engaging with all students. Whether you study online or traditionally, we are here for you. We aim to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the fast-paced business world.

Are Skills Academy Courses More Affordable?

Affordability can vary based on the course and learning method chosen. Skills Academy strives to make quality education accessible. Here is what sets us apart:

  • We offer competitive tuition fees compared to some traditional institutions
  • We understand financial limitations. To lessen the financial strain, we provide various payment choices;
    • Monthly payments
    • Full payment (Possible discount)
    • Study fast, pay less

It is a wise decision to invest in your education. You are investing in your future by doing this. Skills Academy is committed to providing a cost-effective and valuable learning experience. This equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in your chosen business career.

What Are Some Of The Challenges That NATED Business Management Students Face?

important to know there could be challenges. Like any educational journey, there are obstacles to overcome. 

However, with the right support and strategies, you can successfully navigate these obstacles. Achieving your goals becomes a realistic and attainable outcome. Here are some common challenges students might encounter:

  • Balancing studies with work and personal commitments;

    • NATED courses require dedication and time management skills
    • Juggling studies with work, family, and other responsibilities can be demanding

  • Adapting to a new learning environment;

    • For newbies to distance learning, adjusting can be tough
    • It needs discipline and self-motivation in a self-paced, online setup

  • Difficulty with certain subjects;

    • Some students struggle with certain business subjects
    • Some topics might need more effort and extra support to understand

How Can You Overcome The Challenges Of Studying NATED Business Management?

Skills Academy is here to support you every step of the way! Here is how we can help you overcome these challenges:

  • Flexible learning options
  • Dedicated support team
  • Qualified instructors

Flexible Learning Options

We offer distance learning. Therefore, you are free to learn at your speed while studying from home. It allows you to balance studies with other commitments.

Dedicated Support Team

Our friendly student support team is readily available to answer your questions. They will address any difficulties, and provide ongoing guidance throughout your studies.

Qualified Instructors

You will have access to experienced and supportive instructors who are passionate about your success. They offer personalised guidance, answer your questions, and provide additional support when needed.

Remember, you are not alone in this journey! Skills Academy is committed to your success, and we will be there to support you every step of the way. So, do not let the challenges discourage you. Embrace the opportunity to learn, grow, and achieve your goals with the support of Skills Academy!

What Resources Are Available For Struggling Students?

Skills Academy provides a reliable support system to empower struggling students. You could use our comprehensive study guides. They offer extra explanations, practice questions, and exam tips.

Are There Tutor Programs Or Support Groups?

We offer a comprehensive curriculum and dedicated instructors will be available to assist you. Skills Academy offers several avenues to enhance your learning experience. You can also tackle challenges with our support.

We understand that individual learning styles and needs vary. Skills Academy provides diverse support options to cater to your specific requirements:

  • Access optional tutoring sessions online
  • Experienced tutors provide individualised support
  • Connect with fellow students and instructors. Ask questions, share experiences, and learn together. 
  • Connect with other students to form study groups
  • Join groups to collaborate on assignments, share resources, and motivate each other 

By combining the resources of our experienced instructors, personalised tutoring, interactive forums, and collaborative study groups, Skills Academy empowers you to thrive in your NATED course. Do not hesitate to explore these options and leverage the support available to achieve your academic goals and unlock a rewarding business career.

How Can Students Stay Motivated During Their NATED Studies?

Maintaining motivation is crucial for success in any educational endeavour. Skills Academy creates a supportive environment. This will keep you motivated in your NATED course.

  • Define clear, achievable short-term and long-term goals
  • Connect with your lecturers and classmates
  • Engage in discussions and ask questions
  • Remind yourself of the rewards and career opportunities that await upon successful completion of your NATED qualification
  • Visualise your future goals and allow them to fuel your motivation
  • Celebrate your milestones and achievements. No matter how big or small

By embracing these strategies, you can maintain a high level of motivation throughout your NATED studies. This will help you move closer to achieving your educational and career aspirations.

What Are The Career Opportunities For NATED Business Management Graduates?

Your qualification opens doors to diverse and exciting careers. Take this chance to explore high-demand sectors, potential starting salaries, and entry-level positions. They are all part of launching your fulfilling career journey.

Which Sectors Have The Highest Demand For NATED Graduates?

NATED graduates are in high demand across a multitude of sectors, including the following:

Finance and Banking
  • Contribute to the financial health of organisations
  • Manage accounts
  • Assist clients with financial products and services
Marketing and Sales
  • Develop effective marketing strategies
  • Promote products and services
  • Build strong working relationships with clients
Human Resources
  • anage employee relations
  • Handle recruitment and training
  • Ensure a positive and productive work environment
Retail and Wholesale Trade
  • Manage inventory
  • Oversee customer service
  • Contribute to the smooth operation of retail or wholesale establishments
Public Administration
  • Support government agencies in various administrative roles
  • Ensure efficient operations and public service delivery

Each of these fields offers unique opportunities to make an impact in the workplace and grow professionally in your chosen career path. Never forget that success is the result of a single step. 

So why not make that step today? Dive into the world of business management with confidence and enthusiasm. Your future is bright, and it all starts with our NATED Course at Skills Academy.

People Also Ask

With an N6 in Business Management, you can work as an office manager, project coordinator, or business consultant. You can also pursue further education and higher positions in the business sector.

At Skills Academy, you can finish a NATED Diploma in Business Management in 18 to 24 months. This includes three levels of study: N4, N5, and N6. Each level usually takes six months. After that, you need 18 months of practical work in the industry. Then you qualify for the full diploma.

Keep in mind that the duration of your studies depends on your payment plan and how much time you can dedicate yourself to your studies.

At Skills Academy, the Business Management courses for each NATED level (N4, N5, N6) typically consist of four subjects. Therefore, over the three levels, students would complete a total of twelve subjects.

Studying Business Management at a TVET college can take 18 months to 3 years. This time varies based on the type of qualification and study mode. Skills Academy is a private provider. We offer flexible study options with different durations.

N4 is your first step in Business Management. It is all about the basics of running a business, getting you ready for the next steps, N5 and N6. You will spend around six months on this. You will dive into subjects like Business Management, Financial Accounting, Computer Practice, and Management Communication. 

Yes, Skills Academy offers a variety of short business management courses. They cater to different needs and skill levels. The courses include a basic short course, a more comprehensive certificate course, and an advanced comprehensive course.

Author: Angela Mouton
Editor: Connor Bergsma
Date Published: March 4, 2024

Last Updated: 4 March 2024



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