Matric Upgrade

Disappointed with your matric results? Don’t count yourself out just yet. Enrol for Matric Upgrade and get the marks you know you deserve.

Did Matric not work out the way you wanted it to? There are many reasons people don’t get the marks they want in school. Stop beating yourself up about it, and try again with our Matric Upgrade option. Take a second chance on yourself and work towards the marks you know you deserve. 

Benefits of Doing a Matric Upgrade 

The facts are in today’s job market, having good matric results can really open doors for you. Employers are looking for skilled and educated people who can take their businesses to the next level. Here’s why you should consider getting your matric upgraded.

Study Opportunities 

Certain courses have very specific entry requirements. Colleges and Universities look at the marks you get in certain subject areas and make their decisions based on this. Your marks could be the one thing standing between you and your study goals. 

Contribute to a Culture of Learning

Learning never stops. Enrolling to improve your matric results shows that you value education and the role it plays within our society. Who knows, maybe once you’ve completed your matric upgrade you’ll be keen to try some of our other courses. 

Gain Transferable Skills 

Our distance learning experience not only gives you world class education, but also teaches you valuable skills you can apply in any career. You’ll learn how to manage your time well, organise and network with fellow students and tutors. These are all tools you can use in your career and personal life. 

Take a bet on Yourself

The biggest thing that upgrading your matric will do is give you that boost of confidence you need. School does not always work for everyone, but our distance learning option will show you that studying further is not just for an elite few. Prove not only to yourself, but everyone, that you are capable of obtaining great marks!

A student reading her study material at home. Get these benefits with our matric upgrade option via distance learning.

How our Matric Upgrade Works

Our Matric Upgrade course has a very simple approach. If you have your matric, but think you can do better in certain areas then this is your chance to prove it. All you do is register for the subjects you have failed or wish to improve on. We then register you for the exams and assist you in preparing for them. Your study material gets couriered to you, giving you the chance to study from home. You never have to attend class. Any help or questions you may have during your studies can be asked in the online platform we provide for you. 

Subjects Needed 

For your matric upgrade,  there is no set of compulsory subjects that are required. You simply enrol into the subjects you wish to improve on. Have a look at why you want to improve your marks. Perhaps you’re looking into studying in a specific direction? Base your subject choices with those goals in mind. 

Entry Requirements

This option is available for anyone with a matric certificate who is 21 or older. You must be able to write, read and understand English. This will make it easier to get through the course material. 

What are my Other Options?

Before enrolling into our matric upgrade course, you might want to have a look at some of the other options available to you. 

Remark or Recheck

If you think your results aren’t a true reflection of the work you put in, you can apply for a remark or recheck. This means that your original answer script will get marked a second time by a marker. A recheck is a further step to ensure all the answers were marked correctly. The costs for remarking is R112 and R27 for rechecking.

It is important to note that there is no guarantee that once your script has been remarked or rechecked that your marks will improve. The current deadline for remarking and rechecking applications was 22 January 2020. Have a look at the DBE’s remark and rechecking schedule for updates. 

Adult Matric

This option is for those that did not complete or perhaps failed their matric. All you need to apply is to be 21 years or older and have your Grade 9 certificate. We will enrol you into the exams that take place during June and help you prepare for these. 

Supplementary Exams 

A supplementary exam is an extra exam you can take to improve or complete outstanding matric exam results. You can apply to write these exams if you: 

  • Registered your subjects in the previous November exam 
  • Were absent with a valid reason, such as being medically unfit, experienced a death in your immediate family or any other special reason. Proof must be provided for each. 
  • Have your October/November exam results under investigation. You will only be able to write based on the outcome and on a provisional basis. 
  • Want to improve your overall performance or in a certain subject

Supplementary exams can be written at no extra cost. This service is offered by the Department of Basic Education.

Study Without Matric

We know how important furthering your studies is. Because of this we have options available to students without matric. Some of the courses you can enrol into without matric are:

This list is just a few of the many courses you can choose from.  Whether you have matric or not, you can further your studies with us. 

a student working on her laptop. Get the perks of studying from home when you enrol into our matric upgrade option.

Will Doing This Course Help my Career?

Your matric results may not have a direct effect on your career, but it certainly does limit the access you have to other study options. Most employers are looking for staff who are skilled beyond matric. 

If your marks are not up to par, you might not be able to further your education, which could ultimately affect your career choices and job progression.  We offer the following NATED courses that require you to have a matric certificate upon entry. They are:

These courses give you a higher quality of education and credibility. Once you have completed them, and 18 Months of practical experience, you will obtain your National Diploma. 

Choose a college that cares about your success. We offer the following benefits aimed at helping you in this journey:

  • Online support
  • Course material couriered fast right to your front door
  • No additional costs or hidden catches
  • 30-day-money-back guarantee if you unhappy with our services.   

Give Yourself a Shot at That Second Chance!

Education has no timeframe or age limit. Improve your marks and achieve the goals you’ve been waiting to reach. Let us help you on your journey towards success. Contact us today. Our course experts are ready to guide you through our easy process. 

Last updated: August 24, 2020

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