Courses That Fit Into Your Busy Schedule

Don’t give yourself a headache trying to find Courses That Fit Into Your Busy Schedule. Simply enrol with us. We offer you flexible learning on YOUR terms.

What’s that? Yet another thing you need to take care of?! With everything on your plate you might want to scream at the thought of trying to find Courses That Fit Into Your Busy Schedule. But, with us, this doesn’t have to be an issue. Set your clocks early and mark your calendars, because we’re bringing you courses that work for you!

Tips for Finding a Course That Fits Into Your Schedule

So you’ve made the choice of furthering your studies, but you have absolutely no idea on finding courses that will fit into your busy schedule. The first step is always to do some groundwork with a little bit of research. After that your needs will start becoming clearer. 

Do Research

Before deciding on a course, you need to spend quite a bit of time researching. If you are a working student, your set of needs will be different from a full-time student. Consider this and then narrow down your search to top 5 picks you might consider. 

Find out About the College’s Flexibility 

No college is the same. The courses on offer might be similar, but colleges vary in their learning styles. Some colleges offer you the chance to study on your terms and others will be a little bit more demanding with your time. 

Consider Exams 

Does the course you’re enrolling for offer  exams?  If it does, you’ll need time to prep, study and go write on the actual day. Ask yourself if you’ll be able to pull all this off with your current schedule. 

Are you Willing to Attend Class? 

Some colleges will expect you to come into class certain times. Sometimes, class attendance might even make up your final assessment mark. If you’re a working student, this might simply not work with your other demands. 

Will you be Supported?

Listen, studying while you’re working is a big challenge! When settling on a course, identify whether the service provider of your choice has student resources available to you. The last thing you want to feel is abandoned during this time. 

What Takes Priority? 

Ultimately, you must ask yourself what is important to you currently. If furthering your education is an absolute must, then certain things must be sacrificed. With the right college and the right support, this won’t be an issue. So choose wisely. 

A man and woman using their laptop to research Courses That Fit Into Your Busy Schedule. Study from anywhere once you enrol with us!

The Great Debate: Online Classes vs Distance Learning 

For students who work, it always seems to come down between two options: Online Courses vs Distance Learning. These two options are similar which makes the decision on what works best even more confusing. The two major differences between the two are location and interaction.




Distance Learning 

No classrooms. Learning takes place at home

No in person interaction. Engagement with lecturers and students through social media and other platforms.

Online Classes 

Learning takes place online, but there is an element of attending class 

Requirement to engage with lecturers and students through scheduled face-to-face meetings 

Some students need more support from their lecturers, and others do just fine working independently. But, if you are a working student distance learning has the most flexible schedule, which will work in your favour. 

The Value of Short Courses 

For many professionals, short courses are the way to go. They pack a punch and will fit into your busy schedule. 

The Name Says it All: The most obvious perk of short courses? They’re short! These courses typically take 3-9 months to complete. 

Get Qualified, Quick: You’ll get your certification within less than a year. This gives you enough time to focus on everything else on your to-do list. 

Flexible Learning: All our courses are catered to our students’ needs. You get to study at your pace without any pressure from us. 

Study Upgrade: Once you’ve completed a short course, you’ll be able to register for a more advanced course. Continue learning here at Skills Academy. 

Popular Short Courses for Working Students 

If you’re looking for ways to improve your CV, then doing one of the following short courses will do just that. Remember, no matter how flexible these courses are, finding the time to study will be your responsibility. You’ll have to create a study schedule and then stick to it.  

Computer Courses

All workplaces rely on computers. If you get trained in the basics, you’ll be able to work with software like Microsoft, Excel and WordPress. This will contribute to the efficiency of your organisation which is always a plus. 

First Aid 

A first aid course is not only handy for personal reasons. Businesses must adhere to health and safety guidelines which requires each organisation to have first aiders at hand. If you do a course you’ll be able to take on this responsibility within your workplace.  

Management Courses 

Doing a short course in management is always a good idea. You’ll learn leadership skills, how to manage finances and more. This is the perfect way to upgrade your skills and show your employers that you’re ready for that promotion.  


This is the perfect start for professionals who are looking to start their own business or just learn more about beauty. A beauty course is not only beneficial financially, but it is also loads of fun! Unleash the creative in you – you might have a knack for it. 

CIMA Courses

CIMA gives you the opportunity to learn about financial and business accounting. These courses are accredited and hold a lot of weight in the professional world. Obtaining a qualification from CIMA will give your career the boost it needs

Finding a College That Caters to Your Schedule in South Africa

When studying further, choosing a college that works for you will really impact your success. If you enrol into a college that caters to your needs, that is half the battle won. Here, at Skills Academy, we prioritise the success of our students. We allow you to study on your own time and give you free access to our online platform with Together we Pass. With us, finding Courses That Fit Into Your Busy Schedule will never be an issue. 

Get More for Less! Enrol Into a Short Course and get Qualified in NO Time. 

Ready to enrol for a course that works for you? Have a look at our courses and contact us today. Our process is quick and easy. You can reach us on:

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Last Updated: June 13, 2022


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